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Geheime Codes im Hotel – Ladykracher

Hi, I’m Mandy, you ordered a prostitute? Ehm, excuse me, you must
have got the wrong room. This is room 182, isn’t it? Yes, but I ordered a second duvet
from the lobby reception. Oh, I see, but in better hotels, a second duvet is
the code word for a prostitute. Well, I didn’t know that,
I really just wanted a second duvet. Fabulous, and who’ll pay for my taxi? No idea, not me! But everyone knows if you want
a hooker, you order a second duvet. I didn’t know that. What do I have to say
if I just want a second duvet? Oh, well, then you say you’d like a big bottle
of Norwegian glacier water. Aha, and if I want a big bottle
of Norwegian glacier water? Then you order a hooker. This is a respectable hotel, they have nothing
to do with such sordid things. What a load of twaddle! So, for a coffee, I go, “Ding, ding,
a big bottle of fries or something!? In principle, yes. But if you said, “Ding, ding,
I’d like a big bottle of fries,” you’d get a latte macchiato. Since you’re here … How much for oral? 150, but if you want oral,
you’ll need to order sauna. And that costs 200. Okay, okay. I think we can do business.

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