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Today on Logan the adventures my boyfriend Arun and I are staying in a private pool villa for six hundred and sixty dollars pure night at the luxurious and a man retreat in a previous video We showed you our villa and now it’s all about exploring the grounds mistress. We just want to stay in bed all day and You know private pool I’m just gonna show you guys actually we haven’t been around the campus or at the resort either so I’m gonna walk around and explore a bit cuz it’s beautiful we believe that architecture tells us the story about a place inter woven through that density and even more special with heritage and sustainability built into the DNA Skinner Of course and she is the sauna and the jacuzzi The man retreat is designed by Vietnamese architect votre yam as a modern But peaceful tropical green resort complex using bamboo Actually, did you know that bamboo is a significant symbol and source of building material in Vietnam use centuries for its Natural strength and can withstand very high winds and storms as well as providing a cool environment from Viet Nam’s tropical heat with endless near deserted beaches and Countless historic treasures and cos’è vietnam so feels like a well-kept secret Still kept its heritage feeling Like is that modern to the point of that it doesn’t have a character so Literally Food dinner Right on the water. I mean this like this is the definition of on the water But you just got our private villa and heading to breakfast by the sea You white He’s copying which Who has condensed milk agency Like a black coffee on top with iced Coffee is usually served with ice and Vietnam Shake that black avocado – he have different a bell pepper cheese We just have breakfast at the amazing ala carte restaurants now facing the sea and now we’re back into the hey in a restaurant, which is also Lobbies way over there and this is where the buffet breakfast is. We just want to check our buffet breakfast is also We love the interior of this place The VA in today’s duel real cool Which is this really a place? Soon as you can see, but wow So my mom used to make this when I was well She always made us but really I remember this one house little with like tofu, or as they call and tomato paste As a really nice product leave an extra yeah, of course you throw in herbs as well in this We’re just chillin by the main pool the infinity pool right after breakfast now and Honestly is so hard but the difference between central Vietnam during the season and I guess anywhere else in Southeast Asia is that you really don’t feel the humidity. Maybe it’s because we’re right by the sea. I don’t know you get the Seaview Breeze and at the same time you get the nice Fresh air is just there’s no humidity. I’m not sweating. It’s hot, but it’s just the right temperature How describe it to you like you can breathe and your skin is a melting away It’s just the sun is shining the skies clear blue this man I never knew like is this possible? This is just making Vietnam. So I Came in with not knowing what to expect because I Haven’t been to be anon since I was 6 or 7 years old I was born in Vietnam, but we never came back like came back except for a family vacation. Well, six or seven and You know The only memory that I had was petting a tiger back then in another region of Vietnam and so to be here with your room and It’s just very special and then all this banana man resort and Being in Danang and it’s weather and the food and the design and architecture And this little lovely smiles all around just really really is a cadastral mark Thank you Nice eucalyptus towel We’re back at our own private resort where it’s quiet He’s not an infinity pool, but it’s just some poor just for us Me both fools are amazing. So not gonna Fly sunscreen their pastime onto my favorite person It’s a such a great state nom and restore look at our place or a little fella Private pal. No we have to go but you keep out so By What they brought the cart for us Hit subscribe If you haven’t already give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below Sending you lots of love from the central coast of Vietnam

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