Gamboa Panama Rainforest Resort And Aerial Tramway

I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips of Travellers
and in this video I’m going to show you the highlights of the Gamboa Rainforest
Resort in Panama. It’s an amazing resort with incredible things to do and see:
wildlife, you see orchids and you go up an amazing aerial tramway ride right up
into the height of the rainforest with great views of the Panama Canal. Let’s go
take a look! (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) And so I hope you enjoyed that trip
around the Gamboa Rainforest Resort in Panama. An amazing experience and if you can I’d really appreciate it if you “liked” the video and if you’re on YouTube
please subscribe to the channel Tips For Travellers.

8 Replies to “Gamboa Panama Rainforest Resort And Aerial Tramway”

  1. Brooke Vanderlaak says:

    I love the idea of the tram through the rainforest and being able to have a different view then u would get on foot.It looks really beautiful there and its lovely to see a video on a place i dont know very much about.Great video Gary!

  2. Tom McClean Positive Belfast says:

    Such a well documented/presented/filmed video,- so professionally done. You certainly get around T for T! – A bit like that old Beach Boy song -'I get around'. stay safe and best wishes.

  3. Petr Frizen says:

    Stupendously, astoundingly beautiful! Especially, the butterflies and the flowers!!! Considering, that KLM – Air France have some good seasonal deals for Moscow – Panama city route, this info can be quite helpful! Thank you very much, Gary!

  4. Petr Frizen says:

    And the soundtrack was inspirational, stress divesting (strengthening the nerves)!

  5. Petr Frizen says:

    When (about nine days before today) walking the streets of Mtsheta (ancient capital of Georgia) I saw some beautiful butterflies… And it was / is the persimmons season in most of Georgia!!! Those little yellow – gilded – golden suns look so fresh and beautiful! And they taste great!!!

  6. Petr Frizen says:

    Not so many butterflies, as in Gamboa, but there were…

  7. Petr Frizen says:

    Dear Gary! I hope, that you are fine and everything is going on well in your blogging endeavors. I don’t want to be an obnoxious nuisance, but still have decided to mention, that for me the foray into the insurance theme would be very interesting… Are you planning to make any reports on the insurance issue?.. Being based upon your personal experiences and the travel expertise. Some (very worrying) episodes of my personal journeying Odysseys make me wonder: all those loud insurance brands?.. Are they really trustworthy and reliable? Are they really what they claim to be, in theirs purposes and goals??? For example, I haven’t received any feedback from the Allianz insurance regarding my drug poisoning in Marrakech on January 17th, 2018 (Shvat 1st, 5778)… More than a week had passed since the moment I sent the letter to them… And the Zurich Insurance: had they conducted even the cursory investigation in regard with my reports on huge blisters (undoubtedly, the innuendo non lethal poisoning) which covered my body around two years before today, i.e. around March 2017… Of course, I am still a far cry away from the stand point of thinking, that there are Fattah – Hamas – Hezbollah administrative activists in Allianz Insurance and in Zurich Insurance, who destroy the insurance claims by the ethnic Jews… but experiencing all that obliviousness… strange thoughts and opinions start creeping into my overwrought brains…
    Dear Gary! If possible, please, make the narration on travel insurance and the negative reputations – experiences with some insurance companies.
    With the best regards, Petr

  8. Petr Frizen says:

    Of course, I want to live… But if I die, I want those magnificent butterflies hovering over my corpse amidst the clear crystally blue blue sky… Of which before the last sigh I’ll be catching the last glimpse of… Hopefully, it’ll be painless… Travelling is a bloody dangerous thing… And this marvelous soundtrack would be ringing its bell through my ears.

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