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GALACTIC SUITE space resort. GSSR 2.0 model

Do you want to go to space? If the answer is yes you should know that. GALACTIC SUITE is promoting the first space hotel. This is the habitation module, the private room for the space tourist. Hi, my name is Xavier Claramunt, and I’m the founder and director of Galactic Suite. Let me show you the most spectacular feature of the room, the ‘EYE’. This can be considered the biggest window to watch earth planet from space. Through this area the space tourists enter their room coming from the service module, where the transport is docked. The interior is devised as an organic landscape to be extremely human friendly. A hilly perimeter creates a subtle division of the space to allow specific activities. The exterior is constructed with the different layers and materials to achieve the highest security standard against micrometeoroids and the space environment. Galactic Suite’s ultimate goal… Galactic Suite’s ultimate goal is to make space tourism accessible to the public, to people like you… Space tourism will revolutionize the way we live and work.

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