83 Replies to “Freddie Highmore on Bates Motel, The Good Doctor & Living in Spain”

  1. builaikhai c says:

    Jimmy u clown

  2. Callum Fraser says:

    I’ll never see this guy the same after Bates Motel 😂

  3. Less Is More says:

    Cant believe he was that little kid from Chocolate factory! Come a long way.

  4. LondonASMR says:

    I’m i the only person who is shocked to hear him without him having autism? No hate tho, I have a friend with autism

  5. Matias Vera says:

    tremendo actor!!

  6. kep 19 says:

    from charlie and chocolate factory, to bates motel, to good doctor: and now ended up here

    he is Charlie Bates Murphy!

  7. Michiel Valentijn says:


  8. jennifer tran says:

    Omg i still rember him as 11 year old Guy named Evan in August Rush even though that movie 🍿 🎥 was14 years ago🤯🤦🏻‍♀️😆

  9. We are live! says:

    Normen!! Yes Mother…

  10. Isthatsheldon _ says:

    He make me wanna be a surgeon 😑

  11. ste says:

    I love it when he say's 'Mother' in bates motel,I have started calling my mum Mother now and it's creeping her right out.

  12. Sister Shook says:

    Ain’t this the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate factory?

  13. Niyam Nishanta bharadwaj says:

    One of the finest actor
    Aftr watchng the good doctor
    No words for him
    He is just fab ❤

  14. chris McDonagh says:

    He sounds like an American putting on an british accent

  15. Lilmisskandi says:

    I'm obsessed with Norman… S5 broke me…

  16. Mawusi Gadasu says:

    I just admire him

  17. IONS LEGACY says:

    He didn't even say that he went to Cambridge. Humble man.

  18. kevin waag says:

    I still hear his autistic accent in his shyness. It's weird I just can't picture him without autisim.

  19. Mindy Jordan says:

    Hi I love you 💛💜💚❤️💝💕💛💜💚

  20. Adriana Santos says:

    nao entendir nada mais so vim ver ele 😍😍😍

  21. Breazy A says:

    It’s always so weird hearing him speak without the American accent

  22. Ajay Chaudhary says:

    The good Doctor

  23. Chelsea -3- says:

    he's so pure i love it

  24. fernanda blogueirinha says:

    Muito lindo

  25. helen parkin says:

    Amazing actor!! He played Norman Bates so well..

  26. Ivett Castellanos says:

    Cute ❤

  27. Nadia Franklin says:

    Came for the Zapateira story after he said he got in trouble for it in Spain

  28. el from space says:

    what? he studied arabic and spanish? he worked at a law firm? he lives in madrid? jesus

  29. Jordan Vox says:

    Perfect actor

  30. ahmet ve zeynep kids says:

    He is one of the greatests

  31. Daysha Jones says:

    Omfggggg I didn’t realize how connected we were . I loved him since Spiderwick Chronicles & I also took Arabic and Spanish in high school aaaaaahhhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💘💘💘💘💘

  32. Georgina Way says:

    I only want to see this video to see how he behave without autism.

  33. Jewel says:

    To see how he is off of these shows, he's truly such an amazing actor

  34. Ranja Ranja says:

    I would love to practice Arabic with you Freddie…among other things XD

  35. Zeetana1 says:

    He's such a good actor and played a perfect young Norman Bates! 😀

  36. Marian Oprica says:

    Great actor

  37. Flash Five says:

    wait… why doesn't he sound like he's from london on the show

  38. Mike Lowry says:

    He would make a perfect Sherlock Holmes

  39. Sierra S says:


  40. Ruvilyn Kan Yek says:

    A very brilliant actor , I really enjoyed Watching Bates Motel

  41. Paul Mohr says:

    I love that they bring up his education and he doesn't say he went to Cambridge. He just says he studied languages in school. When in reality he went to Cambridge law school AND studied Arabic and Spanish lol. That is pretty classy I think.

  42. Emma Cat says:

    Oh. Yo hablo español, también. <3

  43. Emma Cat says:

    Freddie Highmore puede estar en las telanovelas. <3 <3 <3 <3

  44. David Badillo says:

    Zapateira… Zapatería!

  45. bonamin says:

    I started watching "The Good Doctor" a few days ago.
    I have NEVER seen a show where I end up in tears in the first f*cking episode.

    He is the PERFECT actor for the role in that show.

  46. hyungwonho soonhoon says:

    …… I didn't know he was British….. This is weird

  47. Sanchita Gurung says:

    What a acting at the good doctor

  48. Dave Porteous says:

    love this show

  49. Animation Lynx says:

    Soo cringy .. intelligent young man being humiliated by an uneducated american .

  50. Tunaan360 says:

    "The only part I know is London"

    Really? If Americans knew their history they would know that 90% of American cities (esp in New England) are named after UK cities/places, e.g. Essex, Richmond, Boston (Yes, Boston), Birmingham, Suffolk, Plymouth etc

  51. Betsabe Maldonado says:

    The Mayor of Galicia gave Freddy a certificate of adopted son of Galicia! His Spanish is just perfect, he could pass as a native speaker. Very talented actor with broad culture!

  52. arkar myowin says:

    so cute so so cute never knew lol

  53. Jessie Layagan says:

    He looks like Adam B go look his yt channel

  54. Titi S. says:

    Me encanta como flipan con el nombre de Zapateira 😂 si conociesen solo un tercio de los nombres de los pueblos de Galicia fliparían aún más JAJA (me encanta ser gallega en este momento)

  55. Бек Саидов77 says:

    Как фильм называется ребята

  56. Boss Tyga says:

    Even though he dosent have autisum he still look slow

  57. Christian Burkart says:

    After seeing this I realized what a great actor he is.

  58. Dana Hansen says:

    I love this young man! Max talent, beautiful personality, and modesty!

  59. YouThoob says:

    What a work he did in' The Good Doctor'……

  60. DJ_Playz says:

    He doesent sound like the one I know……

  61. morgan andrea says:

    Imagine him as a young alternative universe doctor strange

  62. Rani Martinez says:

    He was good in Bates Motel made me cry uncontrollably at the end, poor soul. At first when my husband watching was angry and annoyed with him. But he touched my heart for bad at end 😢 his mothers fault on how she raised him. Too much love and pampering and the trouble she went tru the boy grow up seeing all that. I felt so real at the end poor soul…. 😢 😢 😢

  63. Niasha Sawyers says:

    He’s so gentle… 💜

  64. Aryanush Kids Channel Pp says:

    I knew him from Bates motel, he is a real actor and so cute and lovely looks.

  65. Dekok Show says:

    Subs my chanek

  66. curt wall says:

    Your very young srsly his 25 hows that a young doctor anericans act same way to tom holland just because he looks young

  67. Guruprasad Sahoo says:

    Seldon Cooper and Shaun Murphy … The character you wanna see again and again

  68. The Feathers Family Funhouse says:

    Omg!!! It’s so extremely spooky how much Freddie looks JUST like my nephew!!!!! I was scrolling through YouTube and seen this and thought “What the heck is Josh doing on Jimmys show????”

  69. Carlina Van Helsing says:

    I can relate to Freddie looking younger that 25.

    I'm 19 and people say I look very younger.

  70. Ibrahim Muhd says:

    I am still seeing him with autism

  71. gabriel rouseff says:

    Psycho to autistism, next show drag queen, best actor on his generation

  72. Chris Thompson says:

    Why is he faking that accent?

  73. David Martinez says:

    I'm smitten with Freddie…so smart and totally adorable…A true gentleman .. I would love a boyfriend just like him.

  74. Banself says:


  75. Linda Inês Gonçalves says:

    He is so talented and cute af.

  76. ML G says:

    He looks like the kid from 6th sense, and he can see dead people as well

  77. M Naidoo says:

    Im curious to know how many people know the good doctor is based of or rather is a remake of the 2013 south Korean tv drama "the good doctor" ?

  78. Eric The Bro Bean! says:

    I just came to realize, Freddie Highmore would be the perfect 007

  79. Emma Nutella26 says:

    He's charming

  80. Mohammed Alhoshen says:

    طبعا المذيع ناصب عليه 😂

  81. Shahin Sainu says:

    I learn more from him than my med school…😬

  82. Brian Tanui says:

    All the way from Kenya 🇰🇪

    Big fan of you

  83. Ghostwarrior 1111 says:

    God. His face reminds me of Troy from High School Musical

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