Freddie Highmore on Bates Motel, Playing Norman Bates

December 21, 2019 1 Comment

Interviewer: So, how does it feel playing
Norman Bates? Freddie Highmore: Norman Bates, it’s not such
a bad gig is it? Interviewer: No, it’s not. You’re doing a
great job. Freddie: Thank you. You know people seem to
like it. Interviewer: Two killed men. Freddie: Who knows how many left. I’ll still
be there until the end. That’s the nice thing about playing Norman
Bates, isn’t it? Everyone else I think at some point will start looking behind
and wondering, “When is he going to do me in?” But unless it’s a big
surprise I’ll be there for as long as the show goes on. Interviewer: Good point. When do you think,
what’s the age he’s going to kill Norma? Freddie: Well, I don’t know. It’s so sad to
kill off all these people that you really enjoy working with. Interviewer: But that’s where it’s heading
isn’t it? Freddie: I mean she doesn’t look so good at
the end of Psycho in the basement does she? Interviewer: No. What are your hopes for season
two? Freddie: What’s funny is people always think
that we know exactly what’s going to happen in season two. Of course now,
we’ll be starting up this week and we’ll have more ideas when we’ve
see the first two scripts and stuff. I think it will be interesting to see Norman
as well as his transformation and becoming psycho also developing
a certain self-awareness of his condition and he doesn’t remember certain
events but why doesn’t he remember those and him kind of going on that
journey of self discovery. But I don’t really know that’s just what I
think might be interesting.

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  1. Natasha Douglas says:

    Bit of eye candy in the back to with max!!!

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