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hi everyone TERRI: it’s Terri and Mike with Mike’s Road Trip
and we’re here today in the iconic area of Pinnacle Peak in North
Scottsdale. MIKE: Yeah we’re staying at the spectacular Four Seasons Resort, which is nestled among a hilly sea of giant
granite boulders painted in a natural desert landscape
reminiscent of a Sonoran botanical garden. TERRI: so why don’t
you come along with us and we’ll show you around. MIKE: The Four
Seasons True North property occupies forty acres on an elevated parcel,
resulting in some cooler temperatures. A much-needed reprieve in the summer
months. TERRI:The resort is surrounded by Adobe start the Cedars offering a number lodging levels. We
stayed in a Desert Garden Casita room which provided ample room at nearly 500 square feet. We
found our accommodations to be smartly decorated with high-end furnishings and a pallet highlighting materials the desert might
provide. And then there was the teak furnished
patio… offering this stunning view. The pool area is just one of many
sanctuaries you’ll find at the resort. There are a
number peaceful spots to enjoy some R&R… day or night. MIKE: You’ll really enjoy walking around the
grounds just taking in all the unique desert plants, including the forest of centuries old saguaro cacti, and these ocotillo. At the Four Seasons Scottsdale, you’ll find the architecture blends in
beautifully with the landscape while taking advantage of the Valley views below. TERRI: The resort has a few restaurant options the first night we chose to dine at
Talavera, which typifies fine dining with
seasonally inspired dishes that will make any food lover rejoice. The next evening we ate it PROOF…a family friendly and more casual dining atmosphere. The decor is themed after the old Route
66, complete with a soda fountain and
shuffleboard. Obviously I haven’t played in a while. 🙂 You have your choice of dining inside or
out on the terrace patio. With signature cocktails and some tasty appies like shrimp and
crab lettuce wraps it’s no surprise that proof is the most
successful restaurant in the Four Seasons US system. Well that’s it here from the Four
Seasons in Scottsdale Arizona. Until next time, we’ll see on the road Out-takes… MIKE:When we saw hold these chairs in the lobby we’re inspired to take a break from class with some Benny Hill has comedy.

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  1. Alona Ballard says:

    Great video. Looks like a nice resort.

  2. jimbo462nd says:

    Looks amazing. Think I will take my parents when they come next month

  3. MilkyCereal says:

    Aside from Mikes cheesy voice…..

  4. Kristina Washington says:

    I enjoyed the video. 🙂

  5. YourMarketingCoach says:

    Another nice looking Scottsdale resort. OMG, I hope people are watching to the very end…so funny! Well done you two!

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