FNX Now: MMIW Demonstration COP25 Madrid

[film reel clatters]♪ VO:On December 10, 2019over 75 Indigenous
activists and their allies
demonstrated in front of the
U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain
to demand justice for missing
and murdered Indigenous women
during the U.N.’s COP25 summit
on climate change.
VO:In 2016, the Urban
Indian Health Institute
found that only
116 out of 5,712 cases
of missing and murdered
Indigenous women and girls
reported in the United States
were recorded in the
Department of Justice’s federal
missing persons database.
VO:Many of these cases
have been the direct result
of extractive
fossil fuel industries
implanting “man camps” for
transient industry workers
located near
Native American communities.
This is especially
apparent for rural areas
in states such as
North Dakota and Montana,
which continue to
be the epicenter of
violence against
Indigenous women.
Additionally, according to the
Urban Indian Health Institute,
70% of Alaska Natives
live in urban areas,
where Indigenous women
not only go missing
but are underreported by
municipal police agencies
and all too often
ignored by local media.
VO:The delegation was
removed from the sidewalk
by Spain’s National Police
and followed for blocks
as they continued their
peaceful demonstrations.
[sirens wailing][sirens wailing]

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  1. Stephanie Manzanares says:

    💯❤The Survival is Real!!🙏 👑💪🌹👍

  2. 3STAR MUR says:

    Fake climate demonstrations

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