ah there we go our floating restaurant alright guys first things first to make
our candy burger we need to start with a patty here that’s sizzling on the grill
more french fries what’s going on everyone it’s Pappa Jake and we are back
with a brand new video and today guys waiting but I guess you did bring over
the floaties which was bringing me to my next point
today’s video we are going to be building the world’s not only biggest
but the best floating restaurant it’s a best run a boat restaurant a restaurant
boat a rope look what are you doing man this does not lie down time we’re gonna
be using our floaties and combining them to build a massive box for restaurant
that we can sail around the ocean and serve customers all over the world I
mean we can go here we can go to Japan Logan can go to Hawaii I don’t know
where else is on the water but there’s a lot of places that we can go on the
water also if you do happen to be brand new to the Pappa Jake family there is
one thing that I need to remind you something so important that some of you
might have forgotten already come closer nope closer really close okay that’s a
little that’s a little – no we’re just for to close at the end of every video
we give a massive shout out to one of our amazing squad members and if you
guys want to enter into the squad all you guys need to do is hit that
subscribe button as well as the notification button and comment a little
phrase I call is really cold out that would be very cold but if we’re gonna be
building this restaurant guys serving food making it luxurious we need to
start on actually making the thing because it doesn’t look like a boat that
don’t flow to be longer we need to go bigger now that
get out the kitchen back there we can have the dining area here we can have a
drive-thru or anyone on their boat man they come up on their jet ski from
vroom-vroom I think that’s how they sound they come up they order
knock-knock halos and what can I get a krabby patty so the way that we’re gonna
do this is to make it so that we can actually stand on the boat and have like
tables and stuff we need to use wood the only problem is I kind of purchased some
wood that I thought would work really well but didn’t realize how heavy it is
this is a massively thick slab of wood I mean it is it like it saw me proof you
could use that as a door to a secret base that’s how heavy this piece of wood
is so the hope is that when we put these in the water this doesn’t just sink it
cause our entire restaurant to sink which would be really horrible
especially because then all the food will get soggy so we need to attach
these to the floaties and then we can start building the box for a restaurant
around it and then push it into the pool and see if it floats but honestly making
sure that this thing floats is gonna be our first and biggest challenge if you
guys think it’s gonna float comment down below hashtag volt like a boat if you
think it’s gonna sink comment hashtag sink because if it sinks then we ain’t
getting no restaurant here’s all our cooking supplies we have a strainer some
wooden sticks and I don’t really know why we have scuba gear I mean once we
build this thing it’s not like we’re going in the water we have to make
extreme repairs we need to be able to go underwater with our homemade DIY scuba
mask now we’ve got all the stuff for the interior loading but what we don’t have
what I don’t see is a massive awesome floating restaurant that’s what we need
to build right now on top of my extremely heavy probably way too heavy
and irrationally big wood blocks then we can put it in the water if it floats
we’ll be serving food to mermaids Logan so coming inside our box fort restaurant
it is looking pretty sweet we have the cooking station here over this the
captain’s desk this is this for me I’m the captain I got a compass but the
captain’s desperate I got this it’s a watch most importantly guys we need to
make a little a little window here to take orders so when people drive by the
boat they can ask for a root beer float check out this really awesome part of
the fort basically this is going to be the outside of the restaurant where you
can sit down you can have your food you know enjoy looking out into the ocean it
is completely covered in grass which makes it look so awesome I figure we
could put a table on here maybe even put some chairs and then it will connect to
the rest of the restaurant guys we’re putting the roof on top of the kitchen
area we’ve already added some of the awesome stuff we’re gonna be using to
cook with I think of some of these seafaring customers might want some
burgers some fries some chicken fingers you know we gotta have everything
possible because we’re gonna be traveling around the ocean we don’t know
what different people are gonna want to eat they might want really weird food so
once this thing is done though we will get it on top of the floating section
and then we will connect the two but first things first obviously we need to
see if this thing floats because I have no idea if it’s going to alright guys check it out our box fort
restaurant is officially complete dude this thing looks sweet it’s two
different floaties all put into one we’ve got a ton of different food for
you know any different place that we travel to there’s lots of different
cuisines that different people like and we’re gonna set sail on the ocean and
serve everyone in our floating restaurant but the first things first
Logan this ain’t a floating restaurant lists
in the water I know we kind of have to move it in Jake I’m a little worried
guys we use the heaviest fort we have ever done before and I’m really hoping
this thing goes a sink or else this video is gonna turn into an underwater
restaurant real quick there we go our floating restaurant this is our mobile
floating box for restaurant this thing is so sweet so we got the captains
quarters over here we’ve got two different preparation areas for all of
your food this actually fell over we kind of got to fix it while we’re moving
in it and then we’ve got the outside eating area which looks super sweet I
mean just look at this thing you also have our survival gear under here in
case anything goes wrong but you know we need to scuba dive underwater and fix
something all we got to do now is get Logan in here set course for our first
customer and hopefully we’ll be making a bunch of money serving all the different
people Oh Logan’s on board okay how is out there
ah a little wobbly Jake but it is very nice out here we got the sun shining
this is a perfect place to my lunch hi guys check it out over here
we’ve got our patty cooking station with all of the ingredients we need to build
some extremely satisfying yummy patties we also got our candy station over here
because you know different people like different types of foods behind me we
got our fries which are frying up getting all nice we got some more candy
I mean we’re ready to serve absolutely anyone so I think the first thing we
need to do is set course to our very first customers we also have a window
out here too in case they do drive up in a boat click our little order button
here and they can place their order while they’re floating around in their
boat all right captain’s watch is set the current year is 1939 it’s a great
year Logan I’m setting this do course north it’ll be quite a journey we’ll
have to pass the Krakens the mermaids sea monsters we don’t know what’s out
here not only that but the sea itself can be extremely treacherous large waves
heavy winds rains check out my extremely advanced map here we are here and we are
traveling north all the way to here this is a land known as canned Opia now the
canned opions like candy which is a good thing we stacked up on a lot of candy
their meals consist of well just just candy so Logan we’re gonna need to be
ready for our canned Opie and customers yeah what kind of candy is this they
sometimes like candy that looks like like eyeballs it’s not but it’s what the
canned opions like yeah that’s that’s canned opium food all right now we need
to do is wait as this boat sails over to canned Opia and we get our first
customer Jake I see it if canned Opia Wow we’ll get ready to dock look and use
our docking system we’re gonna have a lot of customers coming our way to our
floating box port when that wasn’t for paddling but okay I
guess you could use that as a paddle all right we have our dock here ready to
board can dope yeah well take you have to be inside the kitchen well you’ll be
both gotta get in there oh he’s coming this way Logan we got a customer slow
down there buddy all right you’re talking a little fast yes we have lots
of candy and and different food all right this is Papa Jake’s mobile
floating box 40 we came here specifically to serve you any food you
want candy bar gag mmm big candy bag Oh mostly candy a candy hamburger yeah yeah
we could we could definitely whip up a candy and below give me why I candy am
burger double patty with extra candy that will get that ready for you right
away then you can sit on their boat and enjoy your meal now you’re gonna have to
pay for it though okay we don’t do this for free aah paper bag I know no that’s
okay I don’t I don’t want your candy we accept money that that’s what we accept okay you you definitely want a lot of
candy all right give us two minutes and we’ll get your candy burger ready for
you all right guys first things first to make our candy burger we need to start
with a patty here that’s sizzling on the grill now that patty is getting nice and
cooked up you want to make sure that this meat is a top notch while I get the
burger cooked up I’m gonna work on the candy part of this now can’t Opium’s
love candy as you can see so what I’m gonna do is first start with a nice
layer of rockets all right now instead of cheese we’re gonna be
using these things here that on just like so I mean guys honestly I’m not
biggest fan of burgers mixed with candy but this is starting to look pretty good
let me know in the comments down below if you would eat this so I got to say I
think I’m doing a pretty good job all right guys looking pretty good if I
do say so myself now let’s add some traditional okay Jake you getting really
hungry man I’m working on it let’s get some traditional candle pan candy on
here put the patty on there we go nice and cooked all fresh or canned OPA
customer all right and a nice melt to finish all right guys now for a little
finishing touch we’ve got our burger completely ready now that doesn’t look
like the yummiest burger I don’t know what does grab some Popeyes sticks that
through to keep it all together and there we go we’ve got the perfect burger
all right Logan deliver that bad boy to him right now this kind of looks disgust
it’s super yummy Neil’s gonna love it now go get it to him go go go Andy looks really gross well I think
that guy really enjoyed his burger alright well that’s our fruit customer
down we got some money we’re in business man we’re actually making great food now
let’s get the grill going cuz I’m sure gonna have more customers very soon
looks like we got another customer sir I hear you got the best burgers in town
oh okay it’s a real pirate just like from the movies I can make a real burger
for the real life I want the biggest patty burger combo ya got all right mr.
pirate I’m sure you’re very hungry for plundering and doing pirate stuff
whatever you Pirates do won’t you bring your boat around and enjoy our nice
outdoor luxury sitting area and I’ll get you the biggest burger you’ve ever had
ah guys looks like he wants the biggest burger he’s ever had we gotta get these
burgers sizzling hot and ready for us I don’t want to disappoint this pirate all
right Logan make sure our guest is entertained yeah all right there we go
guys let me send you one of the biggest burger we’ve ever made so gonna have the
fun here followed by a patty followed by some french fries that’s always a good
thing to have in a burger my hands go pirates over the care about
that there we go all right looking really yummy already let’s add another
patty on top of there some more french fries Jake is everything okay uh yeah no
your burger is is perfectly fine just give me a second okay
another patty maybe more french fries oh no guys this is falling apart really
quick okay all right I think that’s good enough all right Logan world’s biggest
hamburger coming up right now for our pie right oh that’s a big burger I hope
he likes it looks like a good that’ll be $10 $10 how’s this for tonight Jake we
got a problem and all the money you got in your register Jake do something yeah
yeah okay mr. pirate just just calm down I got all our money right here just
gonna go under to the cash register and grab my big thing of money try this on
for size logan if we’re gonna be having a
floating restaurant you got to be prepared for pirates yeah we got a free
burger now that we handled that pirate it’s off to our next location as you can
see based on my to my map here we’ve headed to the land of canned Opia and
while moving back we ran into our pirate which was really not a great area but
now we’re heading due south to another unknown land with new people that will
have to cook for Logan how’s the boat looking that’s good because we’re about
to hit some rocky waters coming up here but once we get there we should have
some real hungry new customers all right charting course french fries are looking
good watch is set to the right time we’re good to go
all sails ahead o ships get a little rough Logan
Jean heading in some rough waters the waves get real rap out in these parts
Logan according to my cabins watch though the land should just be right
ahead that’s it land land oh ho okay ready
Logan we’re gonna be serving these people up some fresh food in no time
you’re ready to dock floated for it is working guys we’re serving customers
like we could never serve them before I’m even though normally when we’re in a
box but we’re constraints are just our basement but now we can go anywhere it
looks like we’ve made it to our next destination and I think that’s a
customer let me just dock our ship and we are
docked on land I don’t know if this guy’s hungry or
he’s just looking at me what what would you like to eat sir
slime slime you want to eat slime I don’t know if we have any time Jake do
we have any slime yellow can we got slime working on it right now okay looks
like we got slime jakey wants a slime burger one slime burger coming right up
not to adverse in cooking with slime but I know a thing or two lion burger coming
right up all right order for you to get your slime burger sir you’re gonna have
to pay us some money looks like whoever these people are they prefer slime over
meat which is kind of gross but anyway let’s make this thing all right guys
we’ve got our slime cooking up here on the stove Ken and all mixed up this is
looking pretty good if I do say so myself don’t know too much about the
slime cooking like I said but that’s gonna look good people a little sizzle
on here for that that is yummy looking slime slime burger is coming up go
if that isn’t the yummiest burger you’ve ever seen I don’t know what is let me
know down below in the comments if you think that looks extra yummy oh that
looks delicious okay hopefully he likes it I don’t know I mean yeah I guess he
wants a sign burger but this just looks this just looks gross mom I don’t want
to keep it paying customer waiting Jake use the money these are rocks this isn’t
money how we supposed to make a business you accepted rocks for the DJ I gotta
give it so this is gross through the pirate in the sky oh we’ve made money
off of this a candy guy we should just eat it can topia have you sign burger I guess that’s how he eats hi well I
think this wraps up our amazing floating box for grabs your hand is kind of
covered in slime now that is a little bit gross but guys if you like it’s
making box for restaurants and you have an awesome idea be sure to leave it down
below in the comment section this has been a ton of fun floating around
serving customers other than that pirate who kind of scared me but other than
that it’s been a pretty good day but before I forget though guys we have to
announce our amazing hashtag squad member of this video guys here so –
Matthew for being an amazing squad member of course if you guys want to
enter in for a shout out all you have to do is hit that subscribe button as well
as the Bell button and comment a little phrase oh just comment hashtag squad
squad okay not just squad squad thank you so very much Matthew if you see him
down below give a big comment and a big thumbs-up but guys this has been Papa
Jake and Logan we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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