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Oh, Ashley… Ohhhh! Ashley….. NOT! ÑET! Thsi is… Shut up, Ashley. I’m about to flirt with you So… My Boyfriend 300 Dollars! i’d say that’s enough for me to flirt with you Ashley So, Ashley… NO! You got any money in your wallet? No, you take… Angel: I need some green in my life, Ashley… Ashley: No, You taking it already Oh my Lord Give me all your money… Oh, Ashley… What? I have a friend who’s just dying to meet you… Oh God, i’m dying to, i love to meet them Are you dying? cuz i have a hotel for that Would you care to step into my office? Because we have Blow upgrade!, on all of the rooms of the Hazbin Hotel Opening with special idea! sounds good, thanks Alastor I normally don’t give a Shit About… how much money someone is willing to pay me Because i’m going to win it at a table anyway or if i don’t i was going to shake somebody and take it So, whatever Alastor: I MURER Yeah… But I will say this, okay?… I got a flirt with you so much as hell say you’re not a disgusting freak. Okay, I’ll give you that. I would… I don’t puke when I look at your face, okay? That’s the sweetest thing anybody… Husk: Shut up, Nobody cares what you think Ok, Goodbye And now we have to do the same to our mom, that is really fucked up I’m not going to flirt with my mom… I’m just going to ask here for more screen time in the pilot Ahm* Oh, Vivzie Oh… Vivzie… Draw me like one of you cartoon characters! i was expecting them I’m not go to flirt whit my mom… what are you fucking… weird?… But you got paid to do it I’m not going to flirt whit my mom You paid to… XD With you flirt with YOUR mom?? You fuck anything you get paid to fuck, do it! Not my mom or my dad or anybody I want you go total for you honor, do it Mommy…

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  1. Toffeefeathers says:

    “I’m not gonna flirt with my mom” wow Angel does have some dignity

  2. Alejandra Zaldivar says:

    2:35 which song?

  3. Ruski UwU says:

    Angel: "Not my mom or my dad or anybody,,
    Me: "Welp, I think Angel DON'T dare flirt with his Dad, as I read in the wiki, no one of his family like Angel, only his twin sister likes him. Soo… If Angel flirt with his Dad, he will be dead xD °^°

  4. *_KooKie_* says:

    Mommy hahhaha ajajajjajajankmfeiuendsmiuh XD

  5. Iron Cup says:

    Angel Dust Alastor why do want to flirt with Ashley

  6. grim reaper says:

    🤣🤣 died laughing

  7. Black Dahlia says:

    Kinda interesting that the Sex/Drug driven Maniac that is Angel Dust Respects only his Mom.and Dad maybe but he Hates Dad Jokes :/ i accept him saying "not her or anybody" as Canøn

  8. Løving Bītes says:

    I'm from germany xD

  9. villain shoto says:


  10. I'am a Redguard! says:

    Ashley is now my favorite character!

  11. FBI UIU says:

    I think I found my long lost German comrade… Well There in hell now and I can’t do anything about it.

    Slowly conquering the world in 1945

  12. Bearly Alive says:

    Video : 18+

    Title : Sweet Home Alabama

  13. Oleg Oleg says:

    isn't net actually russian?

  14. Oh SPY! says:

    Angel Dust needs more cash for some Angel Dust.

  15. aacsmiles says:

    Good to know Angel’s got a line he won’t cross.

  16. Lottepop owl says:

    I love your animations keep up the good work man!! One question, what is the outro theme it's catchy

  17. Todd Crim says:

    where was the adio from?

  18. ·Lux Gacha· says:

    M A M I

  19. Ilah Pena says:

    The mommy~ XD

  20. lisandro portela says:

    porque son tan CRUELES!!! quiero mas episodios!!! amo a angeldust

  21. Rubin says:

    "Mommy" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Innocent Bunny says:

    T O T A L F R E U D I A N

  23. Manzanilla says:


  24. Margherita Paracini says:

    Alastor is a natural ACE at flirting (i'll take flag and leave)

  25. Dream Sans Ralsei says:

    I watched this a couple of times and I can't help but die of laughter 😂

  26. An IKEA Lamp says:

    ᵐ ᵒ ᵐ ᵐ ʸ

  27. Ashley Johnson says:

    It’s even weirder once you realize your name is Ashley.

  28. Thelonliness TLL says:

    Angel talks like Swaggersouls in this

  29. Gold Byte says:



  30. Un-ironic Weeb says:

    【OH ASHLEY~】

  31. Scary ink Demon says:



    Hi my name is Ashley xDDD

  33. Galaxy lover06 says:


  34. sofiaxx xx says:

    "draw me like one of your cartoon characters"

    i died

  35. Tanya Wolf says:

    This is the best thing ever lmao!

  36. Melody Fox says:

    "Im gonna ask for more screen time in the pilot…" Wow angel breaking the 4th wall I see

  37. Midnight Rose says:

    I like Husk :>

  38. jaina marie says:


  39. IzaNeko Bop says:

    Ashley: NYAUHT IS IT?!

  40. Flora Thomas says:

    Angel saying mommy is my new ringtone

  41. The Deadly Sin Team says:

    What's the outro song called?

  42. gaster101 reacts says:

    angle: do you have money in your wallet
    Ashley: no you've taken it all!
    angle: I WANT MORE

  43. Sailor Darty says:

    "Oh, Mommy!"


  44. Gavin Guy says:

    Only if animating was this fun 😖

  45. Zamira Arts says:

    Can you make an animation of Alastor moaning Charlie's name 3 times? xD

  46. Лиза Тавостина says:

    Ha Ha Ha

  47. Nothing but A load of nothing says:

    Wait is the voice actor for angel really vivz son or was he just in character?

  48. Freya French-cain says:

    Omg this was so funny 😂😂😂😂

  49. MasterPenJui says:

    Just amazing art and such great voice actors xD
    I love every second of watching this lol

  50. Chris O. says:

    Who the hell is Ashley and why haven't we seen her in any of Vivziepop's works

  51. Neko yui Singer says:


  52. Live with Fact says:

    Hahaha I can't stop laughing hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Deer Toast :3 says:

    I saw people getting a TON of likes by saying one word….so….


  54. AnimeV AngelWolf says:

    Ashley's reaction is always the same as mine. I swear to God I wish that I had friends like these. They laugh all the time.

  55. Natalie Schaible says:


  56. Swat Kidd says:

    This is so freaking hilarious XD.

  57. Charles Saint says:

    You ever get so flustered that you turn into another country?

  58. Preston Normile says:

    Does anyone know what the outro music is?

  59. JustGaming Studios says:

    literally nobody:
    Angel Dust: mommy

  60. Cynthia Clason says:

    Alistor and angel should have a interacton with some helava boss charictors!

  61. Kanna Kamui 『 カンナカムイ 』 says:

    Angel: "I'm not gonna flirt with my mom!"

    Alastor to Vivzie, at the speed of l i g h t: "Draw me like one of your cartoon characters"

  62. gearfox7 says:

    Angel dust: "I'm not going to flirt with my mom"

    Me: record scratch to a stop angel dust got standards!?! O.O

  63. Johnny Wilkins says:

    Ashley, Napoleon Bonaparte is the worst character in hazbin hotel!

  64. Damien Druscilla says:

    “NOT! NYET!” That was pretty hilarious

  65. The Reptilian Overlord says:


  66. Мэри Миллер says:


  67. mya p says:

    Draw me like one of your cartoon characters best line

  68. Professional Milkboi says:



    Absolutely nobody:

    Angel: MoMmY

  69. Владимир Дубровский says:

    Что здесь блять происходит?

    Почему это настолько смешно??

  70. Clover Godfrey says:

    Me watching this

    Also me: YES GENTLEMAN

  71. MoonlightStrider says:

    2:00 That sound your chair makes when you move it that sounds like you farted.

  72. aacsmiles says:

    Huskser’s flirting comes of as very Grunkle Stan.

  73. dark side44 says:

    Angel: longest best insult in pilot
    Angel on streams: what are you fucking………

  74. *-Candi Gacha-* says:


  75. BlueRaven 666 says:

    "You're not a disgusting freak, okay? I don't wanna puke when I look at your face."

    If someone chose to flirt with me like that… I'll take it

  76. Dey Call Me Dark Chocolate says:


    B L O W O U T R A T E S

  77. Juliette Rain says:

    Do you just use the characters and there voices and make your own small things?😂😂 I found this one pretty funny lmao I just staRtees watching your videos “oh mommy” 😂

  78. cupcake87 says:

    Husk is like .Just let me drink my cheap booze in peace

  79. Victor Hernandez says:

    Hearing Ashley laugh brings joy to my heart!

  80. pomegranate says:


  81. Jakexsamurai says:

    Ohhh Ashleeeyyy
    Ohhh Asleeeeeyy

  82. TGGD!!! says:

    Nobody at all:
    Alastor: AH MURDER!

  83. BizzareYapper27 says:

    "I'm not gonna flirt with my mom."


  84. Flower Fox says:

    I love!!! Hahahaha XD

  85. Maeuu says:

    Mommy best filmed moment

  86. Midnight Madness says:

    I’m dying lmao

  87. Glory Flarea says:

    When Angel says "I want more" the captions says "Oh my Lord".

  88. Thomas oc says:

    I remember this hahaha

  89. L.I.N.C says:

    This is EPIC! I love your short animation about their streams =D.
    Did you plan to do an animatic about their "HH the musical" streaming? Like Angel who plays synthetizer or another parts?

  90. Kenzy Rosenburgh says:

    at least he has limits😂

  91. ThE PoLiCe says:

    May I get a list of the rooms that are free?

  92. • Wy1Nyra • says:

    I will pay 100 dollars daily just for Alastor to say “Oh sweat heart” to me every day

  93. KURAMA Master says:

    Interesante que algunos videos en ingles esten en españolini >w<

  94. Familia Pereira says:

    Me: Angel, do you have daddy issues?
    Angel: Well I think is pretty f*cking hot!
    Me: And what about you mot-
    Angel: NO

  95. Leafeonishere - says:

    “Oh Ashley shut up I’m gonna flirt with u”

    Ashley- …

  96. _sandzart_ says:

    Husk is me literally 😂😂

  97. no_view_squad #1 says:

    😆 😆

  98. Jane The Drawer says:

    Mommy 😩💦😩💦😩💦😩💦

  99. Astrid Doodles says:

    angel sounds like a sassy spongebob when he says "oh ashleeeeeeyyyyyyyyy" lmao

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