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Flight Attendants Share Their Horror Stories

September 28, 2019 No Comments

it was literally the scariest moment that I’ve ever had flying hi I’m Megan I’m a flight attendant with a major commercial airline I’ve been a flight attendant for about four and a half years my name is Ruby says I’ve been a flight attendant for two years our company basically deals with charter flights most of the time just one flight I was flying from JFK to the Bahamas and I picked up this trip because it’s only an hour half flight an hour and half back I thought I’d be home in time no big deal it’s gonna be a quick and easy flight there was some kind of like thunderstorm season the pilots will warn us if there’s gonna be a lot of bumpiness you know and there are briefing this time is they said yeah it’s gonna be a lot of turbulence but we’ll tell you when to stay seated turbulence is always kind of scary for most people flying for flight attendants it’s really nice because it usually means that we have to cancel the service early and we can just and hardtops t so we’re going through the flight we did our service no problem basically right after we pull our carts back the captain comes on the PA I’m just like fly tents immediately gets your seats and fasten your seat belts and when that happens you know it’s serious we ran to our seats put our seat belts on kind of frantically started closing all the bins and immediately the plane drops five hundred feet from the sky to put this into perspective typically it would take a plane that descends fifteen thousand feet in about ten to twenty minutes so if you can think about that we descended five hundred feet in about three seconds we’re airborne like I’m still in my jump seat and my seat belts on but I’m like this it was literally the scariest moment that I’ve ever had flying everyone started screaming and I genuinely thought that like something bad had happened passengers don’t know what’s going on they were freaking out a lot of them are screaming it was a good thing that we were in the back alley because if we were sitting in what we call the princess seat is the jump seat that’s facing the passengers it’s kind of hard to control that kind of fear so I’m glad that no one was sitting there is no one who would see us when it was safe enough to get up we got off of our seats and walked down the aisle just making sure everyone was okay this is what smile because we’re supposed to be cool under pressure if anything crazy happens we’re still smiling so the passengers know that everything’s okay we just walked around and make sure everyone is ok you know what guys we’re gonna get through this together everything’s gonna be fine we had to land in the Bahamas we’re petrified we have to check the plane for like external damage and stuff before we go so it was like a three-hour delay but it turns out it was just like a normal air pocket that sometimes happens but still it was so scary due to the nature of I was only having 30 passengers we are the only flight attendants of each particular flight and we are also in charge of making a stock and leaving the aircraft spotless there is this one time where I was cleaning the aircraft and all the other girl flight attendants they put their gloves on to check the seat back pockets I usually don’t because I like to be pretty quick and get things done quickly pretty normal procedure I scoop into the bags and you know take out whatever trash is in there on this particular one and scooped it in and I felt something poking me but it wasn’t hard enough for me to like be alarmed so I continue to feel what it was and I scooped it all out you serve little pretzel bags and people usually rip off the corner so I thought it was like a bunch of those you know at first so I was like whatever as it turns out the customer bit off his nails and left they collection of every single foot for me to clean up he took the time to put them in the seat bag pocket but even with my disgust I took the time to count the nails and there was it’s exactly terrible I bite my nails every now and then which is a grossest thing in the world so like you know I understand you know I don’t understand still I don’t know it was more gross so the fact that like I just kind of had him in my hand and I took my time to count them or the fact that you know I’m not wearing gloves and I still don’t wear gloves and I still decided clean the aircraft like that I’m flying a trip from JFK to Las Vegas it’s a really notoriously terrible flight because everyone’s pretty drunk and ready to party on the plane it’s fine we got our game faces on we’re ready for the flight so these two guys come on board they’re friends they’ve had a great time last night and they’re pretty hungover probably still a little bit drying but we let him on the plane anyway and they sit down one of them is asking for a drink after drink after drink and finally I had to cut him off because people don’t realize this but if you drink one drink in the air it’s worth two on the ground so he was basically drinking like six drinks and it only been like maybe two or three hours into the flight at this point so I cut him off give him some water um expect you know the normal like okay you know that’s fine and then he looks at me he’s like what No like I mean I’m not drunk it’s fine and he was obviously really wasted and I just have to like give him the water ignore him I’m gonna go back to the galley the flight continues and he’s pretty drunk so he just passes out on his friends lap he just like takes over the entire row maybe 20 minutes passed and the flight attendant that I was working with drew and I we both smell vomit before so we’re sniffing around we’re searching we’re like is it was it on us like he’s in the bathroom the bathroom was clean and we finally realized it’s coming from that row we appear over and it’s actually like everywhere it’s kind of on the seat but it’s mostly on the floor and you know I can had like trickled back because we’re kind of on an incline it was everywhere it was so gross and so we kind of like wake him up I’m like are you guys okay like do you want some water and then he freaks out he’s like way there’s a vomit like what oh my god no good no that wasn’t me like um you need to clean up this mom and someone threw up like on the floor man it stinks they’re like yeah it was you that’s why it stinks he’s like no bro I wasn’t me like are you kidding me right now like are you saying that I threw up and I didn’t know it like way and so this continues the entire flight he’s denying that he threw up even though there’s clear evidence that he was the only person that could have done it finally we have proof the guy behind him is complaining because there’s throw-up on his bag and literally the only person that could have done it was the person in front of him I gently tell him I was like sir this guy’s complaining he threw up on his bag there’s nothing more you can say at this point and he just stares at me for the longest time it was like oh oh man that sucks but he never admitted that he was the one that threw about I felt so bad for there the guy so we did what all flight attendants do for any kind of cleanup situation we just put seltzer water on it and hope for the best and when we landed we called clean up and they did their thing to clean up the throw-up but I will never that day it was so crazy I had just initiated my service I was taking drink orders shortly after you know this lady comes up to me she asked if the bathroom was locked in any way shape or form I simply was like no you know it must be occupied about five minutes after she comes back to me she’s like can you double check again then I go and I finally knock this time this gentleman was like I’ll be right out he sounded annoyed so we left him alone the gentleman finally comes out as soon as I passed by him I didn’t notice an order I kind of looked at him notice he was a bit stained I didn’t know how to approach it so the first thing I did I just go to the restroom see what in the world happened that you know he kind of ended up messy so when I walked back to the restroom I closed the lab door behind me to my left I see clumsy on the lid more clumsy on the handle and just like the walls were smeared in a very oddly way like he didn’t even try to you know remotely clean it luckily in our little restrooms we had like Clorox we have spray the whole package to clean it up I quickly going to the drawer grab my gloves and the Clorox wipe ease and just start kind of clumping away they it I kind of had to like grab it with the Y piece throw it away after the third time I’m switching my gloves I finally got rid of all the gooey poop on the wall I thought I could handle it because you know I’ve dealt with gross stuff before and once I got to the lid it was game over it was such a big clump of poop that I couldn’t handle it I got weak I just still fall over the sink to the point where I stained myself and that created a whole nother issue before I was able to come out the restroom I was pretty proud of myself you know I managed to contain all that poopy stuff cleaned the restroom there was spotless as far as I was concerned once I was done cleaning I go back to the galley because I did have like extra white bees and I also had a tide pan I approached the gentleman with the Clorox white piece I asked him if he needed to clean up he can go back in the restroom because I had finally cleaned it up while walking ahead of the jet he was like thank you appreciate your service yeah I was pretty nothing okay [Music]

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