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First Time Flight Guide, Tour and Tips – Flying to UAE information

Hi! Welcome to the Urdu Show. Today’s video is very important for those who are travelling for the first time internationally. And for those who travel regularly. There are going to be travel tips in this video related to airport, Flight, Airplane, luggage. Some ‘FREE’ things which many of you don’t know will be discussed here. Make sure to watch this video till end. Specially those who are visiting first time ever and they want to explore. This video will work as a guide for them. So now we’re going to start our journey and before that some important steps you should not miss. The Most Important things are your Passport and Ticket. You can keep your ticket in your mobile as a soft copy But its better to arrange it before time. Because sometimes battery or internet unavailability may create problem. So it’s better to keep hard copy. Talking about luggage. There are 3 different sizes for that. you can have a bigger one with 20,30 or 40 kg mentioned above ticket how much you can keep. One hand-carry which is allowed to have up-to 7 kg. And a laptop Bag or Backpack. And you can keep much stuff in these bags. but make sure the weight is not over the limit. you can keep things in laptop bag but do not make is extra ordinary heavy. Don’t keep any liquid in your hand-carry. By liquid we mean drinking water, perfumes, Lotions etc. It is impermissible in most flights so don’t keep any liquid with you to avoid inconvenience. One more tip before starting our journey that you dispatched your big bag in cargo and keep the hand-carry with you so here’s a tip which I’ve learnt from experience, that keep at-least 1 causal /formal suit with you in hand-carry It is possible that sometime your cargo-bag is missing or late or they left it on the same airport and they ask you to receive it after one day. So you better keep something nice to wear in hand-carry. Keep your mobile charger, currency in your hand-carry. Keep your primary basics with you in case your luggage is missing you have something to carry. It’s better not to keep prohibited stuff with you. There’s certain criteria for currency as well which you can keep during travel It will be mention to you on airport entrance or you can ask someone how much you can keep with you. It is calculated according to US Dollar. So Lets go towards boarding. We’ll try to record as much as we can to share everything with you guys, So Lets start this journey. There are some important guidelines for those who are travelling for the first time in a plane. You will be helped by the cabin crew for sure , but some people say because of language issue and they give instruction really fast they’re unable to understand it. There are some basic rules, as you can see this card. Most important thing during flight is “Seat Belt”, as you can see wearing us right now. During flight you can find this type of magazines provided by airline. Plus Vomit-bag is also available. One more important thing, we’re making this video for you guys but, it is better is that all your electronic devices are switched-off or at-least put them on air-plane mode. before take-off this instruction is also given by the cabin crew again and again. This button is to call the air-host if you need them. This is AC Walt for all three passengers. you can control your AC temperature from here. This is reading bulb/specific spot lights If you turn them on, they’ll light up your seat only and won’t disturb others. Many airlines provide you Blanket and Pillows as well. If you want to order something, you can ask cabin crew for that. I don’t know the reason but this is a normal Chocolate but you can see there’s air inside the pack. We’re in flight and sharing with you some important tips. We met a cabin once and they shared these tips with us they cannot reveal their identification, that’s why we’re sharing it with you. Mostly In-flight food is available. But there are some flights who do not provide in-flight food. In that case, you can buy food. if you want to buy then, you will find menu card and you can order food. if you don’t want to buy it but want to enjoy tea/coffee then here’s a trick. You can ask hot water from cabin crew, it’s freely available and they won’t mind you asking it, if you have tea-bag/ Nescafe and powder-milk with you, then you can easily make Tea/coffee in flight. There’s another facility as online-check-in now, when we were coming from Dubai, we Checked-in online. we did not have to wait. what you do is to go in fast-lane, you have to submit your luggage and go to clearance. If you’re going for a long flight, keep some warm clothes with you you feel cold as the temperature gets low by time it is another tip for long flights your body, legs or foot can be swelled up because of sitting longer wear socks for that. they’ll keep you warm and control swelling. cabin crew is there to help you. if you need anything or want something you can ask them. free blankets are available in some flights. if it is not available free then you can have them on rent. We talked to a flight attendant about hygiene he told us people usually don’t consider it but some places and some things we consider them clean. for example he said, your food tray is an unhygienic place. he said it is as unhygienic as the nob of a washroom door. so take care of your hygiene during travel to avoid illness. hand sanitizers are available outside the washrooms, you can use them. menu-cards are unhygienic as well, not only on board but anywhere in the world they’re consider unhygienic. he said, ‘ask everything’ during the flight if you want to ask there’s whole crew to serve you well. Here’s a tip for your seat you can see this seat has a large leg room as it is the exit door seat while boarding you can ask them to have an exit seat. normally it is paid but if you ask them as every boarding agent have one or two leg-space seats you can find good leg-space in exit row’s lane. other seats have short leg-room as compare to them. while boarding if you request the agent to have exit seat, it is paid normally but if you ask them nicely they’ll give it to you for free. so we’ve landed and we were lucky to visit the cockpit from inside we talked to cabin crew and they took permission from pilot and they let us see the inside view. it was possible for us so we asked. They don’t let everyone visit it. now we’re waiting for our luggage to come this was the journey, we hope you like it and it is helpful for you if you want to ask any question you can ask down below. we’ll make sure to answer your question and provide the information. like the video and subscribe the channel and if you find it useful share is with others. see you in the next video.

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