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First Day at ASTORIA PALAWAN RESORT WATERPARK, Puerto Princesa | Philippines Travel | vlog #43

We’ve arrived and this our Figgy Life! There’s papa. Hi papa! We just arrived at Astoria. Oh wow! So blue! This is the lobby I think so They gave us welcome necklace. This is my lucky charm. refreshment towels They also gave us welcome refreshments. We have more. They gave us more. They said it’s a smaller version
of bibingka. They gave us a whole plate. Tada! Assisting papa. This is the first villa. It’s the deluxe villa. Thank you sir!
Thank you po! You’re welcome! This one’s deluxe. It has a kitchenette. This looks like their showroom at
Boracay right? Their showroom at Boracay looks like this. Yes. Nice. It’s a sliding door. I’m done peeing. He said he’s done peeing. He’s asking us to open the door. Open the door. Open the door. One more. Stronger. Just pray. It’s gonna open.
One, two, three go! Oh they also have a mini boat. Oh very big. and there’s bath tub Han you can finally try a bath tub. Oo yeah. I didn’t realize we’ll experience it here. Nice. That’s the playground. That’s an open closet. Hi! one two three four five six, seven, eight nine, ten! Game! Sophie! Your counting is short. Let’s go to the other villa. They reserved two villas. Let’s check out the other one. Wow! There’s another lobby here. and it’s so cute Nice architecture. Nice Let’s go up. Nice. Are you ok papa? This is it?
Wow! Ma’m/Sir you have your own kitchen here. you have these pots and pans. You have access to everything in here. rice cooker Kuya (older brother) was asking about
this earlier. We can cook! Ok, thank you! You’re welcome ma’am! Nice bed. There’s a daybed. Why don’t we all stay here? Wow! Nice the beds! Nice! There’s also a kitchen in here. We can all cook our own dishes. This is the toilet and bath. Nice! It has a bath tub. The soap smells good. The soap smells good. It’s smells like orange or is that me?
(Babaung orange o akung mamau?) Nice! It even has a hamper. Is it big? That is bigger.
Oh it’s glass. That’s bigger. Oh yeah. But this one doesn’t have a bath tub. We can cook! We’re here at the waterpark. That’s a nice view.
You can see the mountains. There aren’t much people around. It doesn’t look like a holiday. We’re done at the waterpark. It’s getting dark but we’re just gonna walk. The sandbar is really big. there There’s a big island there. Astoria’s property here is huge. Yeah. Super. like hectares Because you need a golf cart just to go to the other side. Yeah. But you can walk. It’s just a bit far. That’s the kayak area during high tide. Then there’s the swimming area. You can walk here. It’s not white sand. But the landscape is unique.

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