100 Replies to “Filthy Section 8 Bad Tenants Caused $13,000 Damage to Rental Apartment”

  1. Heru- deshet says:

    I rent only to single professionals or couples that have references, the money for one month's rent deposit, first month's rent up front with a detailed signed contract permitting me to inspect the property every two months among other specifications.

  2. Heru- deshet says:

    People like this should be put to work cleaning highways, parks, maintenance, etc to earn their keep. Less tax payer money wasted.

  3. Capt Murf says:

    Want to get the easy money from the government, suffer the consequences.

  4. ryan foREVer says:

    Went in a rental house for a buddy of mine not sure if they where section 8 or not but they seemed they had money wrote down what i needed to repair on the house sent him what needed to be done he gave me the ok to do it went in and the hole house smelled like weed for the 3 hours i fixed it i got contact high from it but what needed to be repaired was the blinds needed fixed fire alarms where broken and all the knobs needed fixed and the closets came off no clue how

  5. Tara says:

    What a shame. When you get a nice home for next to nothing, the very least you could do is pay your rent and respect the property. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  6. Mark Evans says:

    Section 8 is a cancer on society.

  7. Rolyntria Collings says:

    Not all people just living off the government some people work all, their lives but just not making enough money to live on.

  8. Rolyntria Collings says:

    And to continue some are disabled, have to pay for medical . Not all Section 8 Tenants are bad.

  9. Rolyntria Collings says:

    You all just ran into some nasty people, who doesn't give a dam about other people property.

  10. iEden Roc says:

    This may sound strange, but have you looked at the slum tenements in places like India? The government won't house these people due to the personal choices they make.
    People choose or are born into a 'class'. The Section 8 class often have mental health issues, poor education, ect.. Often, they just 'play the system' with goals of Obamaphones & food stamps. Girls are encouraged to keep having children via the government welfare industry. More often than not, the 'entitled' is generational. They come from it. Many age out of government handouts ending up homeless or close to it.

    The US has 'entitled' the whole damn country by creating a society of super-consumers riddled with debt. Though not your common 'lowlife', this new class can't afford to rent and do not 'qualify' for anything. Many end up on the street. Most probably would make decent tenants.
    Take a look at educated homeless in San Francisco. New York. …

    We are fast becoming 'India'.

  11. m9078jk3 says:

    The worse part is the private property destroyed by section 8 tenants like vandalism to innocent nearby home owners and businesses.
    Section 8 housing should be outlawed and the people that created the program should be justly and humanely burned alive at the stake.

  12. Edith Ward says:

    I live on section 8 in ohio and have been in the same place for 4 years and would never think of doing something like this section 8 has nothing to do with bein nasty nasty people are everywhere not just section 8 people its all about respect period

  13. ZODIAC says:

    this is no way near 13 thousand dollars worth of damage what a bull shit video

  14. ZODIAC says:

    section 8 tenant gets his revenge oh yeah

  15. ZODIAC says:

    its about 500 dollars worth of damage big deal u have their security money

  16. ZODIAC says:

    what bull shit section 8 people able to live in a condo this guy is sick

  17. ZODIAC says:

    lay off the drugs pal u r halucinating

  18. Flanettia Reid says:

    Not all Section 8 renters are bad renters, I am on section 8 because I’m disabled with low income and I have a beautiful home, actually told that I have one of the cleanest in the complex. I fell the landlord should visit his property if feels iffy about the maintenance and upkeeps of the property. Good references are good things to do. This makes it hard for good renters like me to get a place nice. You can’t put all section 8 people in one basket and say BAD APPLES, I’m a Good one. I always give people there property back to them the way I get it . But the one that mess up people’s property should be kicked off the program permanently.

  19. MARY Beth Carney says:

    Question! When section 8 tenants destroy a place are they then denied Section 8 from then on?

  20. Richard Nixon says:

    This guy wants to feel sorry for his neighborhood-destroying ass. Screw him and his muh-dick tenants.

  21. becky andrze says:

    These people live like animals. Disgusting. Children were there too. Child protective services need to know of these living conditions. Gross people.

  22. 65MMREHP says:

    How much was your deposit?

  23. Peter Northrup says:

    You dont get it. They are animals. Got it. They dont know any better. Your brought up like an animal thats the way you will always live. Take a walk around walmart. A woman dragging 3 kids around the store Screaming like animals. I see it all the time. Those kids have a one way ticket to jail.

  24. Peter Northrup says:

    I see this all the time. Ive never rented 2 section 8. I get good tenents with out that. Hope you learned your lesson? Ive seen where the people wont even walk to the bathroom to pee. They just do it in what ever room there in. No joke. Crap and all.

  25. Michael 3:16 says:

    Like an animal kennel

  26. Carolyn Norton says:

    If you have children, you may as well have dogs in the house.

  27. Carolyn Norton says:

    Who is insane enough to rent to Section 8 tenants? They live like pigs.

  28. Barbara Minchew says:


  29. John Schramm says:

    Very Common.

  30. J says:

    First of all, you're an ass. Second, it wasn't the fault of section 8, but the tenant. A tenant who was not granted section 8 could do just as much damage or more. Maybe you did not vet the tenant thoroughly enough? As for filters, in many states it is the landlords responsibility to change filters in equipment that comes with the house/apartment, and you are actually bitching about a dryer lint trap??? I think that tenants should steer clear of YOU. Is your lease thorough and signed by an attorney? Just some things to think about for future reference.

  31. Cbeezy Bear says:

    How do you calculate the hours it sopposedly took to clean up these properties? Either your crew is screwing you over or you have some slow ass workers. It wouldn't take more than 2-3 days to repaint that small condo and replace the carpet and do some cleaning. If you hate section 8 Tennant's so much then why did you rent to them anyways ?

  32. deandravr says:

    Savages!! These people should be given a section 8 move out assesment when moving out . If left in shambles their aid should be terminated.

  33. Keith Mikell says:

    Stop renting to ignorant niggas!

  34. jeffostroff says:

    We added a video DIY How to Install Laminate Flooring Hardwood Floors https://youtu.be/wtTyxH8wk3o to help you recover from situations like this when they destroy your floor.

  35. dej92 says:

    If I did this I’d first off not have any carpet. I’d have hard wood or tile throughout. I’d teach them about cleaning the dryer and changing the A/C filter. Maybe they didn’t know how. I’d have in my contract no pets, no painting of walls. I’d buy used washer/dryer on Craigslist not new. And I’d do 3 month inspections.

  36. Kimberly Graham says:

    They make their living on their backs breeding like rabbits, so they can get a free ride off our broken backs,that live paycheck to paycheck, and we still have to make ends meet. This is why I agree with section 8 being ended. If they can eagle spread every 9 months with any and every sperm donor,they can get up off their entitled asses and work like the rest of us.

  37. Steve Crow says:

    What else would you inspect

  38. v. w. says:

    That's a dam shame. How does this happen? People beg for a nice place to live on Section 8 then tear it apart. They are responsible for the cost of repairs and will loss their Section 8. A simple cleaning or asking the landlord to help them replace filters could have avoided that damage.

  39. Nancy Scott says:

    Who ever they were they should have not done that l that make other section 8 people that have section 8 that looking for housing look bad we are not like that

  40. Marshall Cruse says:

    How often do you inspect YOUR unit?

  41. Christina Jackson says:

    I don't know much about section 8 but anyone who has the help and do this kind of damage should automatically be shut off from help and this should be considered a crime. They should also do time for this due to the landlord having to pay for their mess and taking the time to fix everything. I am sure the person had children that were more than likely not properly taken care of. Also I bet if the photos were taken before they moved out. It must have been pure filth, disrespect. Just nasty. These types of people mess it up for those who need it. This is why many areas refuse to accept section 8.

  42. ragejinraver says:

    The only people that should be allowed on section 8 are the disabled and elderly that's it . Not these lazy degenerates and baby mothers with 10 kids with eight different fathers

  43. kim love says:

    Wtf it lived in fuck off

  44. Pamela K says:

    I find that window screens are the first to go. Hole in the bathroom door. All ways a broken recliner left behind. You wonder about the violet lives they lead that causes so much to a home.

  45. Yvonne Mckay says:

    This is disgusting these kind of people deserve to live on the street!

  46. Gamer2000 says:

    Who the fuck puts 100 dislikes ? Oh must be the people who are in section 8 and who do this kind of thing.

  47. Rebecca Bryant says:

    I don’t get it, Section 8 pays their rent, they should vouch for the people that put in there. Section 8 should be responsible for all damages. They could in turn, take that out of their assistance. Play, you pay.

  48. kb9vve says:

    I would rather burn my 2 rentals to the ground than rent to sect 8 slobs.

  49. Naughty by nature says:

    That sounds more like welfare people section 8 people usually take care of places for fear if they mess up property they will loose their housing voucher it’s a damn shame hope you didn’t give them their security back and you should report them and they will be kicked off good luck

  50. Connie Clark says:

    We have rental properties. In the beginning we had a section 8 renter. Never had her small portion on time. As far as the damage is concerned, these are the people who throw trash out the windows of ther cars. If you are the city don't provide them with a trash can they will put out trash bags. Their children will play swing with the storm door or put rolls of toilet paper down the toilet.
    I have worked for housing authority in the late 70's and was promoted to Section 8 in the early 80's. Back then you had to be referred to get on the section 8 program. Also you had to have a job take home management classes. But when the city decided to do away with public housing that group was force upon neighborhoods that were middle-class bringing their social ills with them

  51. Tammy Baker says:

    My question would be, how often do you check on your properties? Mine, well, come on in. Get comfy. ANYTIME! No, i dont have a landlord looking over my shoulder, but i should have! This house, for 3 years mind you, the previous renters were never checked on.
    This place was a dog house for hoarders….3 dogs, allowed to run in 2 rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 eat & play room. We helped remove 3 years of hoarding a 3 bedroom, full basement, & the 2 car garage.
    This should never have happen to this poor old soul of a house. Lazy landlords contribute to this problem & its easily solved. LANDLORDS! CHECK UP ON YOUR PROPERTIES!

  52. Terri Troutner says:

    Older video but had to comment!! How do people live like this!!!!????
    I hope you came out ok!!

  53. Nola Francis says:

    My god how can you put pigs in house to live

  54. Sally Clay says:

    I could live in a studio. I could live in a big house. My home would be clean and organized.

  55. Lisa Bay says:

    People like them who rent and destroy makes it harder for us other renters I'm very clean that makes me sick

  56. Jamie hollis says:

    I've seen places with people not on section 8,that did a lot more damage then that. Don't blame everyone on section 8 because of a few bad apples.

  57. S. Riley says:

    As an owner or manager of an apartment complex you must inspect the units twice a year. To insure this kind of thing never happens. If there are violations, you document it early. If it continues, they should be asked to leave.

  58. STEVE P says:

    Someone else has to clean and fix it.

  59. ctjk1982 says:

    And cities keep wondering why as years go on. why less and less landlords want to be part of the section 8 program.

  60. Carl Roberts says:

    Just tell the truth you did not come once every six months and expect inspect the apartment

  61. Carl Roberts says:

    All you did was quite your money and your rent and plus you got a damage deposit what you are going to keep

  62. Carl Roberts says:

    Because you did not do your job as a landlord you ended up with a mess

  63. Melissa Stugis says:

    I'm a section 8 voucher holder and I would never do something like this to my apartment I rent. I know that I could loose my voucher if I destroy the unit that I rent. Sorry for what your tenants done to your place.

  64. Kim Cook says:

    It’s section 8. What do u expect

  65. Sally Clay says:

    U wonder where these folks come from.most people, whether in a studio , or expansive dwelling, always clean their homes.

  66. Veronica Key says:

    There's no neec of complaining because this is the dura ration of business your in .dis you do a background check on your tenats before ypu allowed them to rent your property

  67. Veronica Key says:

    What your owners end up doing us using the same old white paint re buffing the floors some times y'all take all things out of your units to mske them look new we kniw the games y'all play.

  68. Urban Pioneer 814 says:

    After seeing that lint filter on that dryer, I'm surprised your property didn't go up in flames.

    I hate to be a dick, but most of this is self-inflicted on your part. I'm sorry they trashed your property, but as a landlord you should have been more diligent. Like many others, you probably thought that renting to Section 8 tenants was easy money with little effort. Boy, were you wrong. I have a friend who is a landlord for multiple properties as well as flips houses in Erie PA, and I have been in and helped clean up much worse than what you have. It's all a part of being in the business.

    Hopefully you learned something from this. By the way, you did do a good job fixing your properties.

  69. Eunice Estrada says:


  70. Dave richardson says:

    This is when you start breaking knee caps,never ever rent to welfare

  71. cc cav says:

    That doesn't look like 13,000 worth of damage. Your just digging in pockets….and besides, did you ever look at the property from time to time? It's been needing work done for a long time…

  72. d q says:

    Fucking trashy ass free loading ghetto mitherruckers. End section 8 altogether.

  73. fresh B says:

    If the landlord was properly overlooking his property this would not happen. Yes people are filthy pigs but all this in two years seens excessive. I.e. when you renewed thier lease, nobody walked through the house prior????

  74. cobainzlady says:

    lol, towel bar anchors look super cheap, no wonder they came off…
    probably fell off from normal use. Actually , this looks like a drug
    den, metal missing? desperate for cash.

  75. ZODIAC says:

    90 percent of the time teh sick in the head white middle class landlords victimize teh section 8 people and rent them very health hazard apartments that cause extreme health problems and many secttion 8 people who get victmized by the sick in the head white middle class landlrods who rent them severly bedbug infested apartments loose thousands of dollars worth of their belonging that they have to leave behind its nice to see a section 8 tenant victmizing a landlrod for a change god bles this tenant he is my hero the crooked law system dont do nothing to landlrods who victmize teh poor so im glad to see a section 8 tenant victimize a landlrod for a change

  76. ZODIAC says:

    what the sick in the head white middle class landlords do to the poor and disabled is one thousand times worse then waht section 8 peopel do to the landlords your not going to bs me im not a kid i know better i lived in usa all my life im 55 i know how sick in the head and evil the white middle class people are im a white disabled american they proved it to me all my life hwo sick in the head and evil they are

  77. ZODIAC says:

    there is no proof the tenants did all this damage adn there is no proof the damage cost 13 thousand i am not a lwo life crooked white middle calss judge u r not going to bs me

  78. Ashley Nicole says:

    That clicking stole my focus

  79. anthony pucci says:

    may be the slum load dont fix and people lving got mad

  80. anthony pucci says:

    may be they deserve this

  81. Traveler Family says:

    Some people are disgusting. My god how can people think living like this is normal. WTF

  82. T Rex says:

    I am sorry this had happened to your condo.the u.s. government need to get rid of section 8 & welfare

  83. Jim Dandy says:

    Now they probably.living on the street.because section 8 is done with them.as they should be

  84. Jim Dandy says:

    Sometimes they don't screen people who get section 8.that would help a lot.some people have a history of this.

  85. Jim Dandy says:

    I have seen this all too many times.when I worked for public housing.that was lowest of the low

  86. Jim Dandy says:

    You don't miss your water.until the well.runs dry.now you have.nowhere to stay

  87. UniqueLifter205# says:

    I do repairs on houses after Section 8 Spades have fucked them up six ways from Sunday. I've seen A/C filters so covered with dust and filth that they are sucked into the blower because no air would flow through it.

  88. Keesh Mason says:

    Wtf😣😣. Who lives like this? What stained that carpet like so? Why was the a/c leaking a pool of water? How did the glass get broken in the bathroom? Wtf happened? N how many kids lives there? Eww man!

  89. Evets Ikswonorg says:

    Hate section 8

  90. Soso Sanchez says:

    They just nasty & filthy .they didn't take pride in themselves so they're not going to take care of other people's shit..
    I don't care about the person situation I want references
    It has nothing to do with source of income.. not to mention keep tabs on your property..

  91. Soso Sanchez says:

    I don't condone this I would never leave my property unattended because I'm getting rent..
    This type of damage isn't done in a day 2 days or two months…why didn't evict them before it got this far..

  92. Nathan SP says:

    Apparently these people never had parents that actually taught them about self property care. Crazy.

  93. Diana Mccall says:

    Now I see why the rent is so high cuz they trashing apartments and now they're not accepting Section 8 anymore because you're trashing the apartments and that's why the rent is getting higher and higher cuz they don't want you in the apartments thrashing them that's why landlords are not accepting Section 8 I see why

  94. Sally Clay says:

    People that live off the system continuacly, and have no respect for others, should have their vouchers cut off forever.

  95. Eric Alaspa says:

    You know it's usually portrayed as black people living like this and doing this sort of damage but in the video when they said the liquid damage smelled like PET URINE, I instantly knew that these tenants were WHITE!😌# NOT US, NOT THIS TIME

  96. Carlos Bright says:

    Here in Washington, D.C., the District Government is moving homeless and Section 8 people into nice D.C. neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many of these people have a ghetto mentality coming from bad neighborhoods in Southeast and Northeast Washington. The D.C. Human Rights Act of 19977 is one of the strongest laws in the United States. D.C. landlords cannot discriminate against anyone using a housing voucher. My landlord is moving in Veterans and D.C. Housing Authority tenants into the property where I live. There is 1 woman that display ghetto behavior talking extremely loud and using profanity that can be heard inside my apartment. She lacks etiquette and decorum. You can move people out of the ghetto, however, you can't remove their ghetto behavior. 😥 Please read the Washington Post article below. I am sick of bleeding heart Democratic politicians believing in giving out handouts.


  97. rebecca williams says:

    why do landlords just blame the tenants? LAND LORD YOUR JOB IS TO PROVIDE DECENT PLACES TO RENT ALONG WITH COLLECTING RENT YOU SHOULD BE DOING INSPECTIONS MONTHLY OR EVERY OTHER MONTH! are the tenants nasty and destructive yes but you cant put all the blame on them you have a job to do other than collecting rent you should be doing inspections of all tenants! and i notice in your little fancy before and after pics and detailed list of repairs you didnt deduct the deposit you collected at move in lol thats what deposits are for damages etc. i can not feel sorry for any landlord who doesnt do their job admit you got lazy and it cost you if you did monthly inspections you would have caught this way before anything got serious! it would be cheaper for you to pay someone to do inspections since you cant find the time to take care of your rentals.

  98. ZODIAC says:

    did u get new section 8 tenants to move in yet

  99. David Thao says:

    So does section 8 pay for the damages?

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