Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers

When you go to a fast food joint, you’re not
asking for much: a fast, filling meal at a decent price, and… that’s about it. But sometimes you don’t even get that. So the next time you hit up your local drive-thru
for dinner, take a close look at your receipt. Here’s a look at some times that fast food
restaurants cheated customers. Burger King’s Croissan’wich Burger King ended 2017 by settling a class
action lawsuit claiming Maryland customers had been cheated for almost two years. The lawsuit was filed by Koleta Anderson of
Maryland, who claimed customers who used a Buy One, Get One coupon for BK’s Croissan’wich
were paying an inflated price. Anderson says when she used the coupon, she
was charged $3.19 for a single sandwich. Without the coupon, she was charged $2.16
for the same sandwich. And this wasn’t a one time thing: she claimed
that Burger King was intentionally hiking prices for people with the coupon, as she
and her lawyer were similarly overcharged at several other locations BK denied there was any funny business going
on…but they still settled the matter and agreed to hand out some $2 and $5 gift cards. That was nice of them. McDonald’s Extra Value Meals The whole point of ordering an Extra Value
Meal is that it’s convenient and it’s cheaper than ordering the components individually. But a lawsuit filed in Illinois in 2016 alleged
that’s not always the case. According to the Cook County Record, James
Gertie filed the complaint when he realized he was paying more for his Extra Value Meal
than the components would cost individually. The meal was $5.90, he said, while ordering
two cheeseburgers, a medium fries, and a medium soft drink came to $5.49. Gertie told the Daily Herald it wasn’t the
money that prompted the lawsuit. “It’s because of the principle, that’s the
whole point of a ‘value’ meal. I believe in the principle of true advertising. If a company advertises something to be a
value, then it should be.” As of early 2018, the case still hadn’t reached
a verdict. Chipotle’s calories Chipotle’s big bragging point is fresh ingredients,
as well as their claim that they’re a healthier dining choice than their competitors. But a class action lawsuit filed in California
challenges those claims, alleging that Chipotle was tricking customers with incomplete information. The confusion came when diners looked at a
menu board that showed a picture of the chorizo burrito, a summary of ingredients, and a note
that claimed simply, “300 calories.” Fortune reported that Chipotle’s nutrition
calculator actually gives you a total of 930 calories for just a chorizo burrito with white
rice and black beans. Turns out, the 300 calories on the menu was
just for the chorizo alone, with no other ingredients or fillings added. And that’s a problem for Chipotle, as California
law requires restaurants to make complete nutritional information available to customers. So far, no resolution has been reached, though
Chipotle has dropped chorizos in favor of queso. Dunkin’ Donuts’ imposter ingredients Everybody loves Dunkin Donuts, right? “Yeah I come to Dunkin everyday. Grab a ‘crolla, have an extra large, three
Parliaments, take a big dump – that’s kinda the routine.” Well, okay, not everyone. In fact, in 2017, the Dunks was hit with three
different lawsuits alleging bogus replacement ingredients. In April, a Massachusetts customer got a settlement
out of a lawsuit filed against the coffee and donut chain claiming customers at a group
of 20 locations were being served margarine or butter substitute, even if they asked for
butter. Then, in June, a lawsuit in New York accused
the company of using ground beef instead of steak in their steak-and-egg sandwiches. And in August, another class action lawsuit
was filed claiming products labeled as “blueberry” didn’t contain any actual blueberries, and
instead used sugary “flavored crystals.” “Time to make the donuts!” Sure, it might be time to make the donuts. The question is: make them with what? Hmm. “The best part of my day is when I’m at Dunkin. You think that’s sad?” “Yes, very.” “Real customers know, the holidays run on
Dunkin.” Jimmy Johns’ sprout fiasco In 2014, a disgruntled customer sued Jimmy
Johns because she didn’t get alfalfa sprouts — even though they were clearly listed on
the menu. It turns out there was a pretty good reason:
in 2012, there was an E. Coli outbreak traced to sprouts served at Jimmy Johns, among other
places. Jimmy Johns responded by removing the item
entirely from their meals, but didn’t alter their menus to reflect the change. Jimmy Johns denied any wrongdoing in the case
of the missing alfalfa sprouts, but still settled and agreed to give unhappy customers
a voucher for $1.40 that could be redeemed for any side item or soft drink… but not
a side of sprouts. McDonald’s fry cheat If you think you’ve been shortchanged on your
McDonald’s French fry order, there might be a good reason for that, according to McDonald’s
employees who posted on Reddit. “They say they would told to pinch the base
of the cardboard carton so it would take fewer fries to make it look full.” Other employees confirmed the practice — and
that customers occasionally called them out on it — but a McDonald’s representative
told the Huffington Post no such policy exists. We’ll let our stomachs be the judge of that. Subway’s great “footlong” debate Finally, there’s the infamous case of the
Subway Footlong. In 2013, a customer at a Subway in Australia
posted a photo of his footlong sub next to a tape measure that showed it was only 11
inches long. The internet was not about to stand for that
sort of thing, and a group filed a class action lawsuit against Subway. It turned out that the case of the disappearing
inch was a result of how the bread baked, and since all loaves start from the same amount
of dough, you’re guaranteed to get a particular amount of bread. In spite of that, the case was settled for
$525,000 and that should have ended it. One sub-loving plaintiff refused to settle,
however, and kept the case going. It wasn’t until August 2017 that the entire
case was thrown out because…the judged deemed it to be really stupid. So, while you might not be getting exactly
12 inches of bread, the courts say you’re still getting your money’s worth. Just think about that before you stick your
footlong in your mouth. Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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72 Replies to “Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers”

  1. Mashed says:

    Do you feel like you're getting hosed at fast food restaurants sometimes?

  2. Nice Norzeen says:

    CHIPOTLE!!! 😱😨😰😭😭😭😭

  3. TiTi B. says:

    500k wasn’t enough for a missing inch? Seriously? Dumb ass got the whole case dismissed #servesthemright

  4. Marky Mark says:

    McDonald's owns Chipotle's

  5. Shawn Singletary says:

    The subway in the pilot truck stop in Colby KS, you lose 1" every 6". Employees instructed by store manager to portion control. Ripping off mostly truckers.

  6. Izy Cananua says:

    I never understand why our local chain pizza sells two double loaded meat pizzas for a deal but won't sub a plain cheese as one….
    That seems silly

  7. Dark Eagle777777 says:

    I hate how if you're unsatisfied at Subway with the ring and a half of sliced green pepper, the jerk looks at you like he's being totally fair. You ask for a little extra (not meat, veggies) and he acts like u asked him for a kidney!

  8. Beautifulbajan86 says:

    Cook your own food

  9. David Royston says:

    The coupon said "Buy 1, Get 1 FREE" not "Buy 1, Get 1 HALF OFF" what a way to screw over the consumer BK.

  10. brian michaud says:

    Just think…all those subway people wldve gotten a settlement except for ONE greedy stupid cunt that thought they deserved the world forca fucking inch of bread….thats the american mentality these days

  11. David Richards says:

    Chipotle's gives Food poisoning with everything you order 😄😝😵

  12. Maria Redekop says:

    Just do what I do then no fast food can cheet you out of your money 💰 I just don’t go there more than maybe 5 times a year to McDonald’s and zero times a year to any other fast food shop 🥘 just go shopping at grocery stores allow them to rip you off repeatedly 😂

  13. Gin Blanco says:

    So the girl who was upset about the alfalfa sprouts should be grateful cuz she could’ve has E.Coli with her food. Granted, they should’ve taken it off the menu so stuff like that wouldn’t happen

  14. PRO Dude says:

    Mcdonalds or we u call it is the most garbage ever forget about going near there food even the smell is disgusting don't even smell there food they are simply yukkk yukkk

  15. Rafael Reyes says:

    Burger King large fries are more like medium fries especially compared to other stores

  16. FooBar Maximus says:

    All Fast Food Sucks. If you eat there, you get what you deserve.

  17. FooBar Maximus says:

    This channel sucks. Think of something original.

  18. epicdriver4g says:

    No cheatin me,….i haven't bought toilet paper in 3 years,….thankyou,….Mcdonalds, Burger King, Chipotle, KFC, Wendy's etc.😂😂

  19. Al Saed Industrial Kitchen Company says:

    Please watch this video and write your idea about it

  20. Ambria Daniels-Dovolis says:

    Has anyone seen the Fillet 'O Fish slider MickeyD's has now?  Sad! Really.

  21. Rusty Shackleford says:

    A double cheeseburger is a McDouble with two slices of cheese, a medium fry is a small fry and half a small fry, the number 9 (2 cheeseburger meal) is the same price as if you got a double cheese burger medium fry and drink separately. It’s cheaper to get a cheeseburger than a hamburger. Managers get mad if we fill the fry container all the way. We also get chewed out for giving more sauces than they paid for. You still have to pay for a large water because you’re not paying for the drink itself you’re paying for the cup. If you want a buttermilk crispy sandwich but don’t wanna pay 5 bucks get the biscuit and sub it for a bun. We are told specifically not to fill your ice cream Sunday all they way and don’t think asking for no ice for your mccafe drink will get you more coffee. The machine only puts the same amount for every size.

  22. Ant McKenna says:

    Jimmy Johns and Sprouts – Americans Sued because they wouldnt sell an item that made them sick, and didnt spend millions changing advert posters


  23. MBFLA45 says:

    My salad at Chik-Fil-A left a LOT of empty space in the box so I had them exchange it one of the others (which was packed). After a few more exchanged they refused to exchange any more insisting they were weighed and equal. I took their "kitchen tour." Sure enough… no scales. Then the broccoli disappeared. Then the croutons. Then most salad dressings. Even the TOOTHPICKS. The salads got consistent though… ALL half-filled boxes. Price did go up though. I used to have lunch there 3-5 times a week but I haven't eaten there in over 2 years now.

  24. Bill Quarter says:

    The “jimmy john” one is dumb .

  25. that's mY OPINION says:

    i was cheated into watching this nonsense

  26. Damian Reyes Avila says:

    Amazing food in 2019/2020.🍔

  27. Mitt Layton says:

    I am in absolute shock. Anybody that goes as far as to hire a lawyer and take these restaurants to court over these petty little bullshit reasons has no fucking life! No wonder a couple of them are still in trial, because the judge is still in shock over how pathetic the case and the person is for even bringing it to them. Get a life people! Some of those lawsuits were for petty amounts of change, under a dollar! Like I said, board people with no fucking life… Wow.

  28. DeeJay Cee says:

    I hate your voice its worse than someone chewing or crunching with their mouth open

  29. Hybrid Mind says:

    Geez so many fkn whiners lmao

  30. radicalvans _ says:

    Break open that hamburger or chicken sandwich it doesn't look like any hamburger or chicken I've ever seen

  31. David Burke says:

    Don't believe a word they say.
    Job done.

  32. Meredith Benjamin says:

    I went to a Subway and ordered a meatball sub with extra meatballs. They guy told me we can give extra meatballs. So I said ok and when I paid him after leaving I noticed I was charged an extra $3.00. I went back to complain and he said he can't give you a it back and called his super on the phone. She said come back tomorrow. When I went back she gave me $1.00 I showed her I was due $3.00 I never got my money back. I called the 800 number and still no help. K found out that you can get extra stuff but will be charged. Meantime I hate subaay!

  33. Steve Soma says:

    For a fry that cost $1 and free fry Fri at my McDonalds, they can pinch the bottom if they want, I just get two. Still worth it. I still get the same thing I have ever got at McDonald's for 50 years, small fry and a small hamburger

  34. A A says:

    What is it with Americans and lawsuits

  35. Paul Valley says:

    Stopped eating out years ago

  36. GVMexican says:

    Gringos…can I fart in public or will you sue me too 😂😂😂😂

  37. Courtney B says:

    And this is why i dont eat out its been almoat year. Cheaters pumpkin eaters

  38. robinette moody says:

    One thing I really despise is, how Subway don't give you a full slice of cheese

  39. Chuck says:

    People in Africa: starving and poor
    People in America: sue subway for 500,000 dollars cause their sub was an inch too short

  40. aliasdyln33 says:

    Regarding the first point that Burger King overcharged for a buy-one get-one free, at an overprice. Why the lawsuit? Just do what I would do – EVERYTIME! Bring the overcharge to the Manager's attention right that moment! Yes, just before I hand ANY money over. What is the problem here??

  41. MultiChaga says:

    No wonder you people, junk food addicks all have overweight and diabetic problems!

  42. Seamas O Coigligh says:

    Yee feel cheated when you go to mcdonalds cos the food is shite.

  43. Hudson Graham YouTube says:

    You guys are wrong guys Steak and stake is not closing

  44. Gerardo Salas says:

    When I worked at McDonald's they made do that when I was on Fry's

  45. J.D. J.D. says:

    The Great and only President Donald Trump 2020!!!

  46. J.D. J.D. says:

    McDonald's home of the abortion Burger!!! Remember it was in the news!!!

  47. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Great video. Thanks for posting this. Have a nice day.

  48. Bill Beliakoff says:

    I got a Whopper at Burger King that had a regular burger patty on it.

  49. Ty bright says:

    McDonald's still does that to their fries I call them out every time only one manager refused to add more to it 20 years ago when I worked at McDonald's you're supposed to scoop it up three times and shake as you do it . they don't do that anymore

  50. Gotta Go says:

    People will put a lawsuit against anything or anyone fucken crazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  51. Gerald Miller says:

    Fake food makes fake President

  52. Andrew Sauber says:

    Notice all the law suits are from free loader states

  53. RhodesLehner says:

    What’s a quepon?

  54. B_To_The_B says:

    I love McDonald’s

  55. countdown2xstacy says:

    Bunch of big babies.
    The dumbing down of America in full swing here.

  56. Meera N says:

    People shouldn’t be eating this fast food crap anyway it’s very unhealthy.

  57. itz ok says:

    Imagine bitching over a inch

  58. La&dave Ednas says:

    Anyone else notice McDonald’s and almost all burger joints fries taste like gas because they don’t change the oil
    Like they should…..

  59. tdan5811 says:

    I’m going to sue hot dog. Where is my dog meat

  60. Jon Cammon says:

    This is absolutely hilarious, people sueing over cheap cancer food Bahahahhaa 😂

  61. Victorianne Castle says:

    Coffee Bean is filling a cup the size smaller than your thumbnail for milk when you order an Americano

  62. Paul Leepoy says:

    1980s McDonald's was 399, for a big Mac meal😢

  63. Virginia Shoemaker says:

    When you order thighs at KFC. Bojangles ect look at that thigh carefully if it has little spine bones it s the back. A thigh has a large bone in middle not a smaller bone with spinebones n less meat than a real thigh

  64. Eric Spencer says:

    Dunkin Blows

  65. Robert Severson says:

    She's right on burger king crosandwhich their chicken sandwhich is bigger taco bell been cheating people for years with their hamburger shortage in their tacos and shortage of beans and beef in the burritos

  66. ew filthy says:

    Working at McDonald’s I would stuff the fries in the bags. I was the MVP. I quit like a week later lol.

  67. MyNameIsA Secret says:

    I worked at McDonald's and I was never taught to pinch the bottom of the fries container. However I worked at McDonald's in Times Sq in the late 90s before self serving drink machines were in every store popular and the manager saw me making a drink for a customer. After I made the drink and was about to take it the customer she took the drink from me, told me I was making the drinks wrong. She dumped out the drink, filled the cup nearly to the top with ice and then put the drink in, then told me from that point on I was to make the drinks the way she just showed me unless the customer request otherwise. So basically I was told to give customers a full cup of ice with little beverage when they ask for a drink. I didn't follow how she "taught" me to make the drinks because I figured customers were paying for the beverage they could get a cup of ice for free. So based on my experience with McDonalds I don't put the theory that they pinch the fries container to give lesser fries past some of the managers telling their employees to do that, they all have different ways of trying to rip off customers.

  68. I Think We All Make It Shine says:

    tbh none of these bother me

  69. Laszlo Chiriac says:

    Of course they cheat but not me.

  70. Awesome Thomas says:

    I just saw Croissan’wich and as a French i’m very angry

  71. ADF 10 says:

    Took them 2 years to realise it 😂

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