Fairfield Inn by Marriott Room Tour & Review – Disneyland, Anaheim

Hey everyone this is Julia with Honest Hotel
Reviews and today I’m at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott at the Disneyland Resort giving
you an Honest Room Tour & Review. This video is not sponsored So if you find
it helpful we’d love your support, Give us a like, leave a comment, or subscribe and
let our conscience be your guide. The Fairfield inn is Classified as a moderate
resort on the Disneyland Good Neighbour hotel list, and is right across the street from
the park offering up a lot of bang for your buck. It’s so close to the park that you can even
see the freaking matterhorn and of course, the Disneyland Fireworks. How magical is that? Come join us as we check out one of their
standard King Rooms and stick around to find out how they score on our Honest Hotel Room
Rating. We were stoked to be in a room on the Eighth
floor of the building. Even though we were facing away from the park
towards the freeway and construction site, we could easily walk around to the other side
of the building to watch the fireworks or get an awesome view of the park. For a higher price, you can get a Disney themed
room with a view of the park. We decided against this for two reasons, first,
as a motel style building, having a view of the park also means any guests that are walking
by your room can see in when you have your blinds open, and secondly, we didn’t think
the extra price worth it, given the only other upgrade appeared to be the fun disney themed
wallpaper. The first thing we noticed when we entered
our room was that it is quite small. With one king bed and one small pull out couch,
there is a max occupancy of 3 people. But with only two of us in the room, we found
it suited our needs and never felt too small. It was clear that they have done some recent
updates to the room like the new hardwood floors, updated furnishings, some fresh paint. The King Bed was clean and had four pillows
but was definitely an older bed and made a lot of noise so it was impossible to move
in bed without waking the other person up, but it’s important to note that good beds
are hard to come by in the hotels that are right across the street from the park. There are outlets on the nightstands for charging
your devices, plus lots of other outlets around the room and at the desk area. It was nice to have the couch and coffee tables
for a place to sit and hang out, but to be honest, we barely used it because most of
our waking hours were spent at Disneyland. One of our favourite things about this hotel
is that the flat screen tv allows you to log in and stream your shows from some of your
favorite streaming platforms like Netflix or hey YouTube Moving on to the vanity and bathroom area,
it was clear they had done more updates here as well. Notably, the vanity area, the closet set up,
the shower surround and our personal favourite, the sliding door to separate the hotel room
from the vanity area. They had a standard hotel room coffee maker,
an in-room safe that easily holds a laptop, an older fridge that wasn’t very cold, an
Iron, ironing board, luggage holder, Paul Mitchell toiletries and a full sized hair
dryer. There were also four drawers and nine hangers
for our clothing. Before I reveal our honest rating on this
room, let’s take a look at how our reviews work:
We rate each room on the same four categories which are Cleanliness & condition, comfort
& security, In-room amenities and Value. Keep in mind these ratings are for the room
only but we do a full review of the entire hotel in another video. We’ve also adjusted our rating scale to
reflect the Disneyland area hotels. Many of these hotels are from Walt’s Era
so we’re a little more generous with our ratings for all of the Disneyland area hotels
than we would be at any other resort. First up is cleanliness & condition. Our Room at the Fairfield Inn was nicely updated
compared to other hotels right across the street from the park at this price point. That said, we can only give it a 3.75 in this
category because it is an older hotel and it shows. As mentioned before, the bed was not great. If you stay here, be prepared that this is
a very noisy hotel. you will hear constant traffic noise from
the busy freeway, but to be honest, I don’t mind it because it helps drown out the sound
of the other guests. The noise that did disturb our sleep was the
construction that started at 6 am in the morning, on the property beside the hotel. Also, The AC unit sounded like an airplane
taking off every time it kicked in and we could hear toilets from other rooms being
flushed. That said, I have found it hard to find a
quiet hotel in the area unless you’re prepared to pay twice as much each night. All in all, we landed on a 3/5 The Fairfield inn gets a 3.5 out of 5 for
in room amenities. They are better than average as not every
hotel has an in room safe or a full sized hair dryer, plus we loved being able to sign
in to our Netflix account to watch a little tv before bed. If you want a hotel that is less than a 5
minute walk to Disneyland, this is one of our top picks. Even though the bed was uncomfortable and
the room was small and noisy, trust me when I say this room is better than many, most
of the hotels across the street from Disneyland are in need of some TLC. This hotel had no bugs, no mould, was clean
and best of all, is one of the most reasonably priced. In the end, we gave the Fairfield inn a 4
out of 5 for value which is a great score. That said, if you don’t mind staying a little
further, there are other hotels with more comfortable rooms for about the same price. This gives the King room at the Fairfield
Inn by Marriott an overall rating of 3.6/5. We recommend this hotel to die hard disney
fans who are looking for a budget friendly hotel as close to the magic as possible but
are only here for a shorter stay. For more information on the Fairfield inn,
check out our Honest hotel review video and our real time video of the walk from the hotel
to Disneyland park. If you’re considering other hotels in the
area, we post new hotel reviews every week. Head over to our youtube channel or check
us out at honest hotel reviews .com for more hotel recommendations and travel tips. I’m Julia and this has been another honest
hotel review.

4 Replies to “Fairfield Inn by Marriott Room Tour & Review – Disneyland, Anaheim”

  1. Honest Hotel Reviews says:

    The Fairfield Inn by Marriott is a great option for people looking for a decently priced hotel that is right across the street from Disneyland. Have you stayed at a hotel across from Disneyland before? Which hotel was it and would you stay there again? Let us know in the comments below 😃

  2. Mark Way Up says:

    love the intro Julia! 🙂 we have one rule for hotels at disneyland….we only sleep there so we don't really care if they have pics of disneyland on the wall…DL is just across the street 🙂 great to see these older hotels are doing updates…especially for electronics…..we've always had our best deals at the best western park place…..the noise is a downside of any hotel close to the park…..our ac unit did sound like an airport too 🙁 we are so tired each day….we don't even turn the tv on 🙂 very thorough review again!!!!

  3. cathy life says:

    Super good review Julia! You totally can't beat this location, and I am totally blown away by the upgrades since we last stayed there in 2009 lol. I remember the beds were comfy, but honestly, they are probably the same lol. We stayed facing the park but the last room on the right which was nice! I also like that Panera is now out front lol.

  4. Christine Porraz says:

    could you ask for a microwave for the room?

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