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F18 training flight landing in a civilian airport

September 26, 2019 No Comments

Its 2000 miles from Cold Lake to LA the students and the instructors in the back seat its a long ride With none of the fun stuff Its like asking race car drivers to start hauling freight on the freeway They cross the border and do the tourist thing A little sight seeing A few holiday snaps For the moment there’s time to relax But not to much Because in a few hours they hit the kind of traffic jam that raddles even the pros Los Angeles Airport is whats know as high density airspace 80 million people fly in and out of here year It is busy its confusing and everybody is impatient (Radio Chatter) The students had hoped to make L.A. before sunset, but they’re late So now they have to land in all that traffic in the dark (Radio Chatter) (Radio Chatter) And when you are trying to squeeze a fighter plane into a stack of airliners landing at a rate of one (1) a minute Losing contact with air traffic control is the last thing you need Great And when the radio does come back Riel’s a little slow to bark it out Shes a bit too shy for L.A. In Cold Lake an F-18 coming in to land is top priority, but here you are just another plane in a long queue (Radio Chatter) They’re down but the trip is not over yet This place is so big its a 30 minute trip just getting from the runway to the parking spot That was just way like intense there was no time to mess up and I did lots so I never been so happy to be on the ground

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