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Extended Search options on Flightradar24 – Flight tracker

Hi everyone it’s Gaelan from Flightradar24
support. Today I’m going to be talking about extended search features inside our Android
app. If I select the search box at the top at the very top here and if I hide the keyboard,
we can see that we’ve got 4 shortcuts to find down there, “Nearby flights”, “Flights by
airline”, “Airport by country” and “Flight by route”, I’m going to select the Nearby
flights, now this shows us a list of flights calculated by proximity to us and you can
see kilometres away in the top right corner. You can select one of these flights if you
like and you’re taken to that flight and I’m going to close it. Now I’m going to show you
the other features, if I select back up the top and now Flight by airline. You can scroll
up and down normally here or you can scroll with your finger on the side to quickly navigate
to another area, if I scroll down here and I’ searching for an airline, say Royal Brunei
and there we go there are 4 flights currently in the air with them and that’s the proximity
of those in the top right hand corner again. If I select the back and back again, I can
show you the third one. This is Airport by country, again you can scroll up and down
and on the side.Today I’m going to search in Australia, for Australian airports and
if I scroll down, I shall select Cairns airport. Here you can see “Go to on map”, you can also
go to the Arrival or Departure boards, you can also click “Show delay stats” as well,
down the bottom. This is a handy quick way to search for airports. The last one is Flight
by route, if you select this and then type in a departure airport, say if I want it to
be London, just type in “LOND” and I’ve got a pre-selection list there and I can also
type in just the IATA code as well. I’ve got London selected and I’m going to select New
York and select JFK there and click search. Now it should load a list of flights travelling
between there, Unfortunately none of them are currently tracked by Flightradar24, but
you can see the list of flights there. I hope this helps today guys, if you’ve got any questions
let us know and have a great day!

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