Exploring the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville Tennessee 2018

I’m in Nashville Tennessee today I’m
about to go into the Opryland Hotel this is really uh not today – so these
awnings uh well on the walk really help if you were hunting the Sun man feed
bacon today better ceiling fans in it extra cooling yeah some really big guitar photo op props in
the lobby maybe and they don’t want you touching it
anyway it was very personal dome that you walk
into race Camilla it’s called the Cascades restaurants and stuff in American for
didn’t want to know cool with the movers
sighs that goldfish or there’s some wrong so look this is kind of coolest thing about this hotel is if you
got one of the inside these domes the false bar dollars a drink for person you stay there you come out at night and
walk around these streets inside here that’s just sick
without experience yeah the congregation of full fish down there
okay and maybe they’re fired
it’s beautiful spread of most unique hotel I’ve seen from above into the next
section the garden conservatory section entering the garden conservatory yeah
there’s a shot at the top of a giant gazebo I think that’s all it’s called
it’s got a little pump inside because even I make my way down there and check
it out it was easy well it’s called the crystal kizhi bow
now I’m gonna get down and take a closer look at it if you don’t look straight up
and look at the ceiling or whatever you feel like you’re outside now until you
see through the trees you can spin a little hotel room balconies people
staring at you and we have beat crystal gazebo when I saw up on top of the
Skywalk floor and take a look at this fountain lights the crystallis people are
actually on so that’s cool it’s been another little stream running through
this place if you’re ever in Nashville oh you have
to stop here you have to stop and come then it’s free to come in it’s well
worth your time it’s a hidden moss bunny just one of the many little hidden gems
you can find inside here this tree I wish I knew what these were called
that’s the one thing I wish that kind of had was like Willis signs it’s the same
with the plants were so I found it hidden in moss bunny and there’s a
hidden lost monkey it’s a cool little waterfall there’s a bench under there
too should be a fun little place to kind of sit we’re significant you know
they’re all by yourself we’re even with somebody who really
hated it wouldn’t change the fact that it’s a cool place to sit
spitting away there’s some change in there keeping people diver in there take
the change or I guess it could be that maybe the rooms are very expensive
nobody has any spare change to throw in the fountains take this path right here
to get to the next area down these little steps pass the moss monkey past
naked people’s statue that’s what I’m gonna call a lovers bench pass the
garbage can and finally pass this crazy little which tree is this tree anyway
that kinds a little plants and decorations in it
kind of cool counter creepy here we go stairs to the next place Magnolia I thought I was entering the
next dome but I was wrong looks like I’m in earnest we’ve got a
shopping mall or something instead they could do shoe shows but not today I
don’t know take a good shine these suckers up though
well this sucks but I’m lost I figure out how and the Hat dude out here I’m
into the Delta Adrian and then the Summerfest at least that’s what this has
lead me to believe crap tavern oh man I wish this place is open
alas it is not went over the last time I was there either
really we’re going to have a beer with the hours of this place on if it’s not
open now it’s about evening but this particular area is by far the largest
area in there through that little arch or maybe it’s a trellis I think it’s a
trellis rolling through the Delta here and spy on this little steakhouse oh hey it’s open now you know what I
think I was wrong I don’t like it is open right now we go
get this out restaurant down there
there as part of this Rover Evoque to how much that cost and there’s the town
like thing my head near another little section that
that’ll blow to her goes through an eighth that bridge goes color
a little bit better shot of that perspective and it looks like it’s like right
underneath there a little horse playing it’s our ticket
female horse maybe singing it’s got like a little hootenanny hoedown earlier this year at Cedar Point
absolutely or something like that
or if this is like that I doubt it I think I found the riverboat entrance
let’s go down there and see if they’re running how much this oh man I wish I
was hungry let’s go : what who
playing on Fridays and Saturdays like that’s not happening besides those
cowboy boots man by those so it’s kind of like a Music
Archive a little what maybe definite that some
scouting I’ve learned 10:54 adults for children today under many people with needed
start funneling my little Capri land hotel adventures in the day gotta start
heading now I really like the architecture a little
doing inside it only makes me wish I was staying here
to eat Isana pie like this maybe this already
oh damn thing let’s see little stage over there gonna go oh
all right this guy’s gonna do so for the yeah and I say that I could doing a bunch of stuff dinnertime it’s not sent into a
restaurant spill up now he’s getting ready that out run you later down yeah restaurants are walk away
walk away for this trip we come back again guitar freak
here we go whoo stepping back outside to eat I
wasn’t expecting that after being inside there this is pretty climate controlled
my time to head back to the car that’s the uber lyft line I don’t seen
anything like that before where cost $30 to park here however you can’t just park
at the mall for free and they’ve got a nice little walkway that you can take so
right up to the top anyway in hotel so there you go this is what I did
parked over here and just walked there you go there’s the afternoon hotel it’s
one of my favorite places to go and see it’s definitely worth going to I kind of
rushed through it today but you could spend you know significant amount of
time and then if you were staying the night I man it would just be it just be
awesome walking around there so all right take care

23 Replies to “Exploring the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville Tennessee 2018”

  1. Katie Dukes says:

    Me an my family stay here every Thanksgiving you should see it at night an when they set up everything for Christmas its amazing

  2. Adventure Mode Traveling says:

    You can check out my 2019 Gaylord Palms Hotel visit here! https://youtu.be/yt7pIkzjluU

  3. Armylizer Mangos says:

    I just found out about this hotel today,and the grandson of the ex-owners of the hotel goes to school with me,wowzers

  4. MidwestMom MaBear says:

    The indoor riverboat looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to see the indoor water park in vids. I may take my family!

  5. Harpreet Dhaliwal says:

    Me and my family stayed there it’s awsome we stayed there for a week and we never got to see it all that’s how big it is must go and see during Christmas and night it’s awsome

  6. Jason Yang says:

    Can u go fishing in those ponds

  7. Claire Grostefon says:

    Thanks for taking and sharing that video. I booked a room and wanted to have an idea of what the place would be like before I go.

  8. ThatOneSaltyBean says:

    Currently staying here. It is AMAZING and pretty overwhelming.

  9. Juan Franco says:

    Definitely considering on staying here. Thanks man!!

  10. Michelle Carey says:

    I’m here right now!

  11. Val Vino says:

    Koi fish not gold fish ha ha nice video can’t wait to visit.

  12. Sunny Potatoe says:

    My dad is going for a buisness trip and Im so exited to come along!

  13. Rick D. Horton says:

    Thanksgiving/Christmas Time is the best time to go the the GayLord Hotel. ❤Love this place.

  14. The TRUTH Seeker says:

    I tell people its like a city under a dome. Love it at Christmas time.

  15. Joanna Isabelle says:

    Great video! Thanks so much for making and sharing. The commentary was fun too.

  16. Epic Titanic Girl says:

    We stayed here and it is super cool

  17. Takis Fuego says:

    Why name it Gaylord

  18. im a man duh👌 says:

    Me and my best friend will visit this place at Nashville when we meet up again 👌🏼

  19. Charity Alvarado says:

    Do you have to stay there to tour the place?

  20. mightysun89 says:

    We were just there. It's so beautiful

  21. Marty Southernwood says:

    Thanks for this .really didn’t realise that I could look around all that without staying at the hotel .

  22. 16bitakira says:

    Great video, : ) would like to see more hotel exploration

  23. SAnDee SAnDee says:

    Is there parking for visitors it does one need to stay

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