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Exclusive Tour of Universal’s Aventura Hotel

Hi everyone, I’m Michelle with Universal
Orlando’s social media team and I’m Meghan with Universal Creative We’re here to give you a sneak peek of Universal’s Aventura Hotel. So we’re here at our registration desk
and then on either side of us is Universal’s Vacation Planning center and
luggage services we have all your check-in needs covered right here. Across the lobby, we have our guest elevators that will take you to your room and our rooftop bar, Bar 17 Bistro. And we have a Starbucks here too? Yeah. Just past registration we have the Universal Studios Store, Starbucks and our food hall, Urban Pantry. What kind of food will we have an Urban Pantry? Here at Urban Pantry we have five stations; Sushi, Custom Wok Station, Burger, Roast Kitchen and Pizza. That sounds so good! I also really can’t wait to go to the pool. Well it’s just out these doors, let’s go check it out. This pool is beautiful. I know, I love it. We also have a splash pad, a fire pit and a hot tub. And if you walk right past the hot tub, we have our walking path to Universal’s Volcano Bay. A quick five-minute walk and you’re at the theme park. On the pool deck we also feature our pool bar, Bar Sol. Where you can get beer, wine and specialty drinks. And if you want to cool down, we can head into the lobby and see Barventura, our lobby bar. I really like the feel of this bar, this
is a great place to unwind before heading back up to your room. So this is one of our Standard Rooms. This glass panel is very unique. So this is a cool touch we have… It separates the bedroom from the bathroom, gives a little privacy but still lets light through so the whole room is nice and bright. So each one of these rooms come equipped with one of these tablets? Yep, this is part of the high-tech design here at Aventura so from this tablet you can order pizza,
control your TV, your lights and your thermostat. That’s a very convenient. Honestly, the best part of this hotel are
these views. I know this is pretty amazing but it’s even better for the rooftop bar, Bar 17 Bistro. Wow, this rooftop our view is incredible. I know, this is our first rooftop bar at the destination and you can see the entire Universal Orlando Resort from here. We hope you guys enjoyed this sneak peek of Universal’s Aventura Hotel. Soon you’ll get to check out this view too.

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