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EP02 Gustav’s Huge Runway Debut – Tokio Hotel TV 2019 Official

See, when I’m here with my boys I get a bigger room, usually I get a smaller one. Good morning, what may I get you? It just looks like — I’m 17 and I ride skateboard. It could be a “Billabong” piece. It looks like — “I’m gonna go camping and I wanna lose my virginity.” …with a pipe. -Hello! -Hi! Good morning! You’re so warm and I’m so cold! I guess I’m getting sick. I think I’m getting sick. My hands are so cold. -Oh, they’re really cold. -That’s what I’m saying! I feel cold all day long. Shit, I need a drink! Time to disinfect, right? We’ll open a nice champagne soon. Then we’ll talk better too. -More fluent, ha? -Gustav, you’ll get your whiskey, too. After the talk, you’ll get up from your seats over there and go to the music area. May I ask you to go over there now? Guys, you wanna join us? I’m pleased. -You’re pleased with the guys joining you? -You like them? -I really do. Put in the cable first. We’ll go upstairs. I think this one is much better. Everything sucks here. They don’t give a shit about the rules. Just wondering… …how all this is working, that’s very interesting to look at. You wonderful city. Look, I’m wearing a crop top today. Oh yeah! Now we have a few interviews first, and then we’ll go back to Markus. So I have to make myself pretty. We’ve got very different looks today. To the talk show “Markus Lanz” I’m wearing…a nice onesie. I’m wearing 70s style tonight. -Here we have the final fitting for tonight. -Nice. -Does it not look better with the trousers? -No, I like it this way. -Look at me! With or without? -Without. You could be Gianluca who likes mushrooms and plays guitar on a beach in Thailand. You think I should have some mushrooms on it? And you give some yoga sessions…You look like you’d love it. -And you’re also doing light therapy. -I really do. -I mean to others. Light therapy with some standing bells…-And you’re vegan. -What’s the therapy with standing bells? -I did it myself too. -Hey Bill, look at me! What should I wear? -Jeans. -I’d probably wear… -Don’t forget that I’ll sit the whole time. That’s why I’d chose jeans. Me too. Wear jeans and keep the shoes. Sure? Right. -Shoulders back. -Breast in, belly out. Less shoulders. With “contenance”. Yeah, and now strike the pose. Now turn around! Belly out! Jawohl! And now go back. Quickly! That’s too slowly. -Are you ready? We have to leave, right? -Yeah, let’s go! That wasn’t your best walk, agree? -Yeah. -Now go! -Let’s try again. You never cease to impress! Come on, hurry up! Do you have your stuff, Bill? -Everything’s already on the set, right? -I’m not sure. You’ve heard that “on the set”? I wanna cuddle now! -I have to leave. -Wow, what’s this? I’m impressed. -You say it, it’s hard as a rock. -Right. Power ranger power…activated! We’re ready. -What’s this? -My massage appointment. -With whom? -Ludmila. We weren’t set up. I just tried my best because I liked her right away. …and you said you’d just finished a complicated relationship, and if you’d stay alone for the rest of your life it doesn’t bother you much. …and it sounded so sad to me that I wished for the opposite for you. I’ve got a feeling I have to repeat it to get lucky: “If I’d stay alone for the rest of my life it doesn’t bother me much.” -Hello, superstar! -Why do I always open doors in a wrong direction? You liked it at Markus’? Yeah, it was very nice there! The show went well, the gig went well…so we’re happy. Now we can fall in bed and tomorrow we’ll continue with our day 4. A little bit promo… -Bye! -Bye!

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