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[ENG] Trying food at my Thai friend’s restaurant / 태국 친구의 레스토랑에서 태국음식 먹방

Today I am going to “B’Chill Cafe & Restaurant” run by my Thai friend, Bank. (in BKK) The building is really big Really good Really nice from the entrance Oh, and He is the brother of “BamBam” And his family’s restaurant. Restaurant & Cafe & Bar Especially this day is Youngjae’s birthday, so many fans gathered to celebrate his birthday. there is a Soju Next to the restaurant was the Chao Phraya River, which was beautiful. Finally eat Thai traditional food That’s Lotus ‘Bank’ and ‘Jar’ prepared rare Thai traditional food for us. It looks like cucumber but when dip it in the sauce it was very sweet Wrapped up and eat coming in ~ delicious? Fried pork skin Thank you Mom It called “Khaep mu” The green source is “Nahm Prik Num” Yummy Yummy! *This food is made from this bug* – Is it like a cockroach?
– yes The taste is so unusual This is my first taste little sweet Yum She’s getting fire in her mouth It’s getting hotter Really Yummy But little Spicy I’m getting sweaty It’s delicious like Fried Dumplings Delicious Salmon Salad~ Fried crab legs Camellia soup rice What does it taste like? Is it delicious? Is it delicious? F***ing Delicious It’s so hard that my teeth hurt * It’s not a bite because it’s candy * It’s like ‘Taffy’ It tastes like really taffy It tastes like ‘ginkgo nut’ Let’s drink! Thank you so much to the families of Bank, Jar and Bank who have been serving us with such hearty food and drink for us.

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