Ek Bar Mooskura Do (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Joy Mukherjee -Tanuja – Deb Mukherjee – 70’s Hit Movie

“Once you smile for me!” “Once you smile for me!” “Remember from where we’ve started.” “Remember the promise of love.” “Remember from where we’ve started.” “Remember the promise of love.” “Remember from where we’ve started.” “Once you smile for me!” “These ancient walls of temple.” “These ancient walls of temple.. ..will recite our love story.” “It will recite our love story.” “God of love dwells in it.” “God of love dwells in it.” “If you ever betray me..” “If you ever betray me.. ..mind it, I’ll commit suicide.” “Remember the promise of love.” “Mind it, I’ll commit suicide.” “Remember the promise of love.” “Once you smile for me!” “Once you smile for me!” “Once you smile for me!” My face brightens with her arrival. She thinks I’m not
crazy but it’s my pretense. Wow! – Wonderful! Rakesh, I don’t like this behaviour. So do you like Dilip
to flirt with Rita? You’re lying. – If you don’t
believe me, you can go and confirm. But on one condition. If I’m right, then you
must give me a special ice-cream. Looks sexy. Nice hairs. Hey, Mala! Mala! Mala! “When you peeped from the veil.” “Everybody said the moon has risen.” “I agree diamonds
are rare to obtain.” “Don’t make me yearn to my death.” “Let go off.. – No.” “These quarrels. – No!” “Let go off these quarrels.” “And once you smile for me.” “I’m lucky to obtain you.” “Everybody said the moon has risen.” “Actually, I completely trust you.” “But how can I forget
what I’ve seen?” “You make me irritate. – No.” “And break. – No.” “You make me irritate
and break my heart.” “And once you smile for me.” “You made me yearn so much
for such a small complain.” “Everybody said the moon has risen.” “When you peeped from the veil.” “Everybody said the moon has risen.” Welcome, Dr.
Ashok. – Thank you, doctor. How are you? – Fine. He’s Dr. S.
P. Sharma. – How do you do, doctor? Oh, glad to meet you, doctor.
– Thank you. He’s Sir Mahendra Pratap. Welcome home, Dr.
Ashok. – Thank you, sir. I thank you for accepting
the chief surgeon post.. ..in our hospital
and bring it an honour. No need to say thanks, Sir.
It’s an honour for me. She’s my daughter Mala. Hello! Rose! I like rose the most. Thank you. – Please come, doctor. Come, I’ll drop you home. – No, sir. Please, don’t bother.
I’m waiting for my friend. I’ll go with him.
– Okay. Bye, doctor. Dilip! Ashok! Dilip! – Ashok! I recalled that day. – I
too was thinking about it, Dilip. Ashok, once again
you’ve saved my life.. ..at the stake of yours. I can even die for you. No need to do all that.
For now this rose will do. Ashok, I think it’s
a familiar smell. Keep away from this rose. Doctor, artist like
me should have this rose.. ..and not the doctors.
Give it to me. – Never. I can give you anything
you ask for except this rose. What’s so special in this? It’s a long story.
I’ll tell you some other time. You tell me. How’s mother? Look, when I’m looking after her.. ..naturally she would be fine. Mother! Mother! – Ashok! Mother!
– My son! – I’m back, mother. Come, son.
– Now, I’ll never leave you. Never. I’ll always
stay with you, mother. I was eagerly waiting for this day.. ..when you’d obtain
the doctor’s degree.. ..and I’d celebrate it.
I’d celebrate it. Now I’ll sweeten your mouth.. Mother, take care.
Don’t give him my share. Dilip, what are you doing there? You too are my son. – Yes, mother. But I’m giving a chance
to this England return prince. He must have got everything there.. ..except sweets prepared by mother. I see, that means you
daily used to eat the food.. ..prepared by mother? I was lucky in that case. I’m sure you must have
brought something for me. Yes, I’ve. An Italian jacket. Try it. – And this tie too, right? Actually I had bought it for myself. But if you like it, you can keep it. Our choices are same, dude. You both love each other so much. Mother, this shawl for you. I want nothing. I’ve obtained
everything in your form. May you always be happy!
May you prosper in life! May you get married
and have sons and grandsons. Right, mother? Dilip, I want both of
us to marry on the same day. That’d be fantastic.
– That’s impossible. I’ve gone very far in love
and you just had a first meeting. By the time you’d get married.. ..I’ll have fathered many children. Such confidence? Dilip, want to bet?
What if I get married first? I’d accept any
punishment you give me. In my marriage.. In my marriage,
you must play a clarinet. Clarinet? Fine, I agree.
And what if I get married first? Anything you say. You’ll drive my car when
I’d leave for my honeymoon. It’d be my pleasure. Are you doing pastime? Idiot! Fool! Did you bring my tea? O hell! There’s a bee in it. What else do you expect
to drink on credit? Even the animals are
showing honesty towards me.. ..but you’ve still not changed. Just shut your mouth. How can I?
I came to you to become a comedian.. ..and you made me your servant. Oh you stupid. Just quit. My.. my..
beauty.. beauty.. duty.. duty.. Can I come in? Wow! What an office! There are so many photographs. But one thing is lacking here. Door. My photograph should
have been hanging here. Hello! Trunk call from London? Do you give chances
to become a heroine? Wait a minute.
We’ve received an overseas call. Okay. – Boss,
trunk call from London. Hello, London.
Yes, tell me. How are the kids? Oh! Hello, Rocky, how are you? Are you making a film?
About the production deal? Fooling me again? Okay, this time you really mean it?
Very good. You want an Indian heroine? One heroine is present
in my office right now. Yes. – What did you say? Elephant? Baby elephant? Yes, it is present in my office,
right now. Yes.. yes.. I’ll parcel it now. Okay! Okay! Look! Will you act in a film?
– I’m here for that. Very good. Listen!
We’re making a film on animals. Okay. – Co-production deal. Okay. – I’ve a nice role for you. So, next month, you’ll be
sent to the ‘Kalapani’ by the ship. Is any outdoor shooting
taking place there? Who are you? My step-daugther. – You keep quiet. You’re not talking anything. She speaks a lot
but only in her privacy. Very good. We’ve one such role. Secretary.
– Yes, sir. – Take her measurements. Go there.. go there.
You please sit there. Hurry up. Now don’t waste time.
– We too are in a hurry. We’ve to go to the
other film company too. Please, sit down. Okay, do you know dance steps? Yes, I know almost
every types of dance forms. Have a look. Hey, my chair is broken. C’mon, let’s go home.
You must do our work. C’mon, child. What a headache! How are you? Hey, what’s wrong with you? Door is broken and
chairs are not in place. Actually, an earthquake struck
this place some time before. It shook up everything I had. Anyway, let go off it. You tell me where
had you disappeared? My dearest friend Ashok
has returned from London.. ..obtaining doctor’s degree.
I was with him. Your friend became a doctor. And what have you done
after obtaining master’s degree? What have you become? You
too should think about your career. I’m in search of job. Look at this.
I’ve made a new painting. Listen! There’s no
place in my office.. ..for such stupid paintings. What are you doing? Your old paintings are
already piled up in my office. Let it pile up.
somebody may like it in future. Look, your paintings
won’t satisfy our basic needs. Take my advice. Let’s go to Delhi. My greedy uncle stays there.
He owns a theatre. And your voice is really magical. I can’t leave this city.
And can’t stay away from Mala. My artist friend and true lover,
listen to me. Let’s go to Delhi. What if the atrocious destiny
play with the boat like a toy? I don’t believe it. One holds his destiny in his hand. He can either make it or spoil it.
Do you get it? Yes, but I don’t agree. Don’t worry, Romeo. Your Juliet will
take your boat ashore. Mala, you don’t know.. ..sometimes destiny plays
dangerous games with our life. I fear, it may not
shatter our dreams. Don’t say that, Dilip. Destiny will become
weak at our true love. Nobody can separate us. We both are one soul in tow bodies. Yes, but will your
father accept our alliance? Why not? My father can’t think
of hurting my feelings. And I’m ready to sacrifice
all the worldly pleasures for you. I know, Mala. Trust me.
I’ll always make you happy. I’ll work day and
night to make money. Then I’ll take you to the
beautiful place of the world.. ..known as Kashmir. And there, I’ll make your painting. It’ll make Kashmir jealous. Have you ever been to Kashmir? Why? It’s a very beautiful place, Dilip. I’ve been there many a time. When we’ll go over there.. ..I’ll show you a memento of love. People call it ‘Lovers Leap’. ‘Lovers Leap’? – Yes. Two lovers had jumped
down from that mountain.. ..when society didn’t
accept their alliance. It’s an ideal place for the lovers. I wish you to take
you there right away. Do you want to test me? Do you want me to jump down?
– Yes, why not? Oh, I see. If that’s the case,
I’ll sacrifice my life. No, never say that, Dilip. Never. This is a memento of my mother. It was her last wish.. ..that I should put this
ring into the finger of a girl.. ..who truly loves me. Today I’ve fulfilled
my mother’s wish. Daddy! – How come you’re here? We’ve an annual
function in the college. I’ve brought a ticket for you.
Give me Rs100. Saw that, Ashok? It’s a nice way to
empty a father’s pocket. Here it is. – Take this. Only one?
Dr. Ashok will also accompany me. I’ve brought one for him too. One for you and one for you wife. Wife? – Yes. – I’m still a bachelor. But tell me one thing.
Are you participating in the show? Oh, she’s our leader. – Really? Then I’ll buy two tickets. – Why? One for myself and
one for my dearest friend. Here they’re.
– Thank you. – Bye, daddy. – Bye! We want Dilip. We want Dilip.
– What’s going on? Call them. We want Rakesh. We want Dilip. Sir! – Why are you shouting?
What’s going on? Sir, it’s between Dilip and Rakesh. Sir, you know there’s
no better musician.. ..than Dilip in the college. So we want him to
lead our group on stage. Yes, sir. – Objection, sir. For what? Dilip gets a chance of
singing a song every year. Someone else should get a chance,
this year. What do you say, madam Sheela? There’s a point, sir. But is there any boy who
can compete with Mala’s dance? Yes, of course. I’m there. Silence! You must not laugh
at somebody like that. And listen, I announce Rakesh
as a leader of the boy’s group. “It’s an outcome of love.
Why do you cry?” “Keep watching, what happens next?” Oh, really? – Yes. You may go for now. – Wow! Yes, Mala,
tell me who’s your beloved? Wow, Rakesh! You’ll win hearts. Yes, I’ll. I’ll sing and dance with Mala.
I’ll sing the songs of love. You’re really wonderful, dude! Dilip is nothing compared to you. You’re a lion and he’s just a mouse. You’re right. He romances with Mala in privacy. But I’ll hug her in presence of all. She’ll be in my arms.
And I’ll get lost in her eyes. Hearts will unite. And Dilip
will feel jealous seeing us. But why would there be.. ..an intruder between the lovebirds? Destiny is favouring me. Let others feel jealous. Understood? C’mon, guys. – Let’s go. Hey, wish you best of luck. C’mon, move. This baldy has become a fan. And you’re silently
watching everything? Do you have an umbrella? Umbrella?
– Yes. Come with me. C’mon. “Your fan is here to
offer his love for you.” “Your fan is here to
offer his love for you.” “Sweetheart, don’t break my heart.” “Sweetheart, don’t break my heart.” “Love is like a deep ocean,
you’ve to go across.” “Love is like a deep ocean,
you’ve to go across.” “O beloved, go away.
Stop following me.” “O beloved, go away.
Stop following me.” “If lightning strikes,
it’d bring me luck.” “It’d bring me luck.” “It’d bring me luck.” “Gold brightens more after
getting heated in the fire.” “Brightens more..” “Brightens more..” Who do you explain about
winning and losing in love? “Sweetheart, don’t break my heart.” “Sweetheart, don’t break my heart.” “Love is like a deep ocean,
you’ve to go across.” “O beloved, go away.
Stop following me.” “O beloved, go away.
Stop following me.” “I heard your heart’s call,
beloved.” “Your heart’s call.” “Your heart’s call.” “You can come with the
wedding procession anytime.” “You can come with
the wedding procession..” “You can come with
the wedding procession..” “I’ll walk with
you being your bride.” “O beloved, don’t leave me alone.” “O beloved, don’t leave me alone.” “Your fan is here to
offer his love for you.” “Sweetheart, don’t break my heart.” “Sweetheart, don’t break my heart.” What’s your opinion about Ashok,
my child? He’s a nice person, daddy. Handsome and cultured too. Any girl would consider
herself fortunate to marry him. Any girl? Why not you? Actually.. What’s the matter, my child? I think you’re hiding
something from me. Actually.. Go ahead. I’ve selected someone else. Oh, I see. But you never told me about him. Who’s that guy? He’s my class mate, daddy.
His name is Dilip. He’s poor but a very
nice person by heart. He loves me a lot. You’ll be very happy to meet him. Why not? I’ll definitely see him.
Call him tomorrow. Really? – Yes. Mala, you? – Yes, I’ve to talk
something very important with you. With me? – Yes. When will you talk
to me so lovingly? Five months’ rent is due. If you still don’t pay me,
I’ll throw you out. Uncle Chhagan let my destiny favour
me. I’ll pay you all your dues. What did you say? – Yes. Destiny. Destiny? Okay, Mala.
Tell me what will you have? You know I like coffee
prepared by you. Right away, madam. Mala! You don’t come here. When you come here,
people stare at you. Let them stare. I’ll definitely come
to the place where you stay. I don’t care about anybody. What nonsense is this?! Why are you shutting the window? What will people think? Let them think. I don’t care. You’ve become bold now. I forget everything when I see you. And right now I
feel I’m in a palace. Oh yes, I forgot.
– What? – Daddy wants to meet you. Why are you recalling
daddy in this romantic mood? But it’s important to meet daddy. Wonder why,
I feel afraid of meeting him. No need to fear him. You’re his would-be son-in-law. And he wants to see you. Seeing my condition,
if he’d mock my poverty.. ..it’d break my heart. No, Dilip. He’s not like that.
He’s a nice person. You’d be really happy to see him. Stop! Where are you going?
– I want to see Sir. Daddy, it seems you’re
going to make a big deal today. Yes, child.
If this deal is a success.. ..our life would be a success. Really? I wish you
the best of luck, daddy. Thank you. Sir, Mr. Dilip is here. Has he come? Come, Dilip. Come. Why did you stop? Don’t know why.. I’m afraid
of walking on this precious carpet. I’m with you. Come. Daddy! – Hello! – Hello! I was very anxious to see you.. ..ever since Mala
has told me about you. My pleasure, sir. Mala, I want to speak
to him in private. Okay, daddy.
Dilip, do meet me before leaving. Sit down, please. Where do you stay?
– In a guest house. And your parents? – I’m an orphan. What’s your occupation? I’m an artist. – Very nice. Please don’t mind but
I need to ask this question. How much do you earn? – I.. Nearly Rs200 to Rs300 a month. 300? Mala spends this much on her dogs. It’s true that in your house.. ..dogs’ status is higher than human. But, sir..
– Try to understand me, son. I spend thousands of rupees
for Mala’s ordinary demands. My daughter is like
a tenderly flower. Sir, I agree I’m poor. But trust me.
I’ll always make Mala happy. Do you really love Mala? Do you doubt my love? In fact, I’m confident about it. When Mala won’t be able to
carry on a tough life with you.. ..her love would come to an end. Our love is not a bubble
that would break up with time. Everything ends without money. What do you have?
Neither food nor house. If you’re in luxury,
you can dream about the palace. But not, when your pocket is empty. Don’t test my patience, sir. Otherwise, I fear that my answer.. ..may shake up your entire being. And if you want a
millionaire for Mala.. ..then I’ll become
a millionaire too. This is what I wish.
I want you to be a rich man. I want you to be
recognized in the society.. ..so that I’d feel proud of.. ..handing over my daughter to you. And I can even be your help. What are you thinking? Take it. Consider it a dowry. What’s this? An artist never starts
his business on loan. But I’ll definitely take
away this bag as a memento. So that, the day.. ..when I’d fill this bag
with wealth, name and fame.. ..you’ll remember this day.
Don’t forget. Dilip, meet Mala before leaving. No! Daddy! Why did Dilip
leave like that? What happened? Why did he leave with your bag? Child, if he truly loves you,
he’ll definitely come back. I didn’t get you. Sir Mahendra Pratap’s
daughter should be intelligent. Sir, it was a cheap deal. Otherwise, these people
generally trap rich girls.. ..and claim right
on the entire property. Keep quiet.
Don’t always give your opinions. Pyare, I want to speak something.. ..very important with you. Lucky man! Fortune struck your door. Good that you came. Had you not come,
I’d have sent you a money order. Money? – A foreigner
had come yesterday. I don’t know by which
cinemascope angle.. ..did he watch your paintings. He just asked me the
price and paid me instantly. And I’m paying to you now.
Here are Rs500. – Thanks. What’s the matter?
You look very sad. My love is on a testing period now. And I want to earn wealth,
name and fame.. ..for making it a success. That’s a good boy. That’s why I was suggesting
you to go my uncle in Delhi. We’ll work in his
theatrical company. That’s why I came to you. Then what are you waiting for?
Pack your bags. Train is scheduled
to depart at 11 PM. Meet me on the station.
Please now. Hurry up now. Very good. Secretary. – Yes, sir. – Come soon. Listen, change your clothes.. ..and reach Delhi
by the goods train. Why, sir? Don’t you know the financial
condition of our company? Go! Fool! That’s a lovely girl. Girl, I’m going
to meet you in Delhi. You sweet cat! What is the background
of this derby mare? It’s mother has never
reached 2400 meters. And it’s father ran till
only 1200 meters in its life. Understood?
– Then this mare can never win. Wait! Look at this. This mare will definitely win. Sell everything and bat on it.
Mortgage things and bat. Understood? 10% you can bat on it. C’mon, let’s sell everything and
bat on it. – Fine, let’s bat on it. You too are going to the race,
don’t you? No! I’m leaving the city. What about my rent? This is your rent. Has your destiny
started favouring you? From where did you
obtain so many rupees? That’s none of your business.
– Yes, that’s not my concern. Whether you gamble or bat.
That’s not my concern. I should be concerned with my money. Taxi. Hello, Dilip. Hello, Rakesh? Where are you going?
– I’m leaving this city. Come, I’ll drop you. Come in. What are you looking for?
– Where’s Dilip? He has vacated the room and escaped. What do you mean? – Earlier
he used to take loans from me. Suddenly he has got so many rupees.. ..that he paid five month’s
rent and vacated the room. God knows where he gambled. Can you tell me how
he obtained so many rupees? You didn’t tell anything to Mala? She doesn’t know anything. Okay, I’ll take your leave now. Hello, mother. – Hello, son. What’s the matter, Dilip?
Where are you going? I’m leaving this city. Why? What happened?
You seem disturbed. Yes, you’re right. Come, Ashok. What’s the matter, Dilip? The girl I’m in love with,
I had gone to her house today. I had never imagined
that my poverty.. ..will obstruct the path of my love. Do you know what
her father said? – What? He wants money.
– How much money does he want? I’ll give him as much as he wants. But Dilip, the love that’s
evaluated with money.. ..isn’t a love, but a business. Rather that girl should
have gone against her father. I don’t want her to
go against her father. Who’s that girl?
Where does she stay? Whose daughter is she?
– What’s her name? Tell me, son. I’ll convince
her and bring her here. Take me to her. Now it’s of no use
going there, mother. Why? What’s the matter? I’ve vowed to toil hard
and earn money based on my art. I want to become something. Bless me, mother. Are you searching for Dilip? Yes, do you know where he’s? He must be somewhere
in the train at this time.. ..calculating money. – What? Yes, rupees.
I’ve dropped him at the station. He has left permanently Mumbai. These poor people are
not worth for your love. They only want money. Now forget him, Mala. One should always love
someone of his equal status. Like me. Come,
let’s have a cup of coffee. Come. ‘Earlier he used
to take loans from me.’ ‘Suddenly he has
got so many rupees.. ..that he paid five month’s
rent and vacated the room.’ ‘God knows where he gambled.’ ‘Can you tell me how
he obtained so many rupees?’ ‘Sir Mahendra Pratap’s
daughter should be intelligent.’ Sir! Sir! – What happened? Ms. Mala fell unconscious. Sir, Dilip’s letter for Mala. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Where’s Mr.
Khan? We want to hear a song. Hey, son of a fool! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! O God! Curtain! You too are flopped? Sir, this is my first chance.
I think audience is drunk. They’re up to the battle now. Sir, people clap on my songs. Shut up!
– And money flows in.. Shut up! Where is my advance?
Give it back. Where’s Mr.
Khan? – He’s sick. He won’t come. Mr. Khan won’t come? If Khan won’t come,
my death is final today. Uncle, don’t worry. I won’t
give that chance to the public. You just leave this place.
Why did you come again? Give me another chance.
I’ve brought a new artist. I’ve given you four chances. All your four artists are
occupying beds in the hospital. And it’s my turn now. There the chair is broken. Uncle, don’t worry.
Look at my magic. Public will be happy to see me. And start singing
devotional hymns with me. They’ll kill me. You don’t worry.
I’ll cast my spell. Right away. Bring him out. Bring him out. Silence! Silence please. My dear brothers, sisters and wives. But nobody’s wife is here. It seems,
like me, all of you are bachelor. Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Is this a bachelor too?
Throw another. I’ll get a pair. Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Oh! Egg! But it’s uncooked.
Had you thrown a boiled egg.. ..I’d have used it in my breakfast. Call the owner of the theatre.
Call the owner. Listen to me, brothers. I’m going to present a very
talented artist in front of you. He has come from Mumbai. – Mumbai? Yes, that’s right. He’s Mr. Kumar. Which Kumar? Which Kumar? Our Kumar. That’s
his name. Dilip.. Dilip Kumar. Where’s he?
– Call him. Call him on stage. Call him.
– Wait! Wait, I’ll present him now. Calm down. I’ll bring him now. They’re throwing shoes and eggs. We can easily open a co-operative
society using these items. Uncle, let him go now. Otherwise,
next turn will be of the furniture. Otherwise, you’ll have to.. ..go and sell it
to the trash collector. You too give it a try. – Yes. Go and get your bones
break and save my chairs. Take God’s name and proceed. You call yourself Dilip Kumar?
You think you can fool us? Hit him! – He’s an imposter.
Cunning! Fraud! Hit him! I’m not singing. “Whom you give a hateful
look and kick away. “Once you try getting injured.. ..and experience
what they go through.” “Society has always seen..” “This scene is commonly seen
by every eyes in the society.” “Sometimes,
they’ve honoured them with flowers.” “Sometimes,
they’ve honoured them with flowers.. ..whom they’d pelted stones once.” “This scene is commonly seen
by every eyes in the society.” “Henna never gives it’s colour
unless it’s finely crushed.” “Smile never appears on a face.. ..until it goes through
many ups and downs in life.” “Nobody can obtain heaven
without meeting death..” “Nobody can obtain heaven
without meeting death.” “Nobody has made a remarkable life.. ..without enduring sorrows.” “Society has always seen..” “The boat that fears
the swirl and moves back.. ..tides have always made it sank.” “Tides have always made it sank.” “Those who have fronted
the storms and moved ahead..” “Those who have fronted
the storms and moved ahead.. ..without a sailor.” “Somewhere at some point..” “Somewhere at some point.. ..they’ve always found a shore.” “Society has always seen..” “One, who taught the
lesson of friendship.. ..and shed his blood.. ..became a messiah and Gandhi.” “He dwelled in thousands of hearts.” “Their mementos are fixed here..” “Their mementos are fixed here.. ..only they’ve
brightened the world.” “Society has always seen..” Mother, she’s Mala. Mr. Mahendra Pratap’s daughter. I had told you about her. Hello! – Ashok always
praise about you. I’m glad that you came home today. Please, sit. You wait here, son.
I’ll bring something for Mala. What are you thinking? Since when is your mother
living in this condition? When I was 15 years old. My father died in a car
accident and mother crippled. We must believe in
a destiny at such times. Science may advance a lot.. ..but it’s always
helpless at nature. No matter how much one would try.. ..but destiny always wins. You’re right. What’s written here?
I can’t understand. What’s this? I’d like to present this
artist Kumar in five TV programs. Why do you curse Mr.
Kumar to have TB? You didn’t understand.
He means television. What is that? Television is seen along
with the radio at home. Oh, I see.
Cinema along with the radio? You English people
really do wonders. He wants to present
your artist Mr. Kumar.. ..in the television program. Yes, sure.
You can do it. I don’t mind. You can present Mr. Kumar on TV. But what about my charges? – Water? Does he want water? He needs money. – Money, oh! Tell him 60 thousand. Rupees 60 thousand. 60 thousand?! 70 thousand. – Rupees 70 thousand. What? Alright. 80 thousand. – 80 thousand. What?! – Please, sit down. Tell him a lac. Rupees one lac. – One lac? Water! water..
– Water?! Does he want money? Money? – Yes, water. money. – Money. Here’s 20 thousand for signing. 20 thousand rupees as a token. That’s great! It seems the notes are very new. Have you printed it yourself? Sign here. – Let me count it first. Why are you after signing it?
Okay, that’s perfect. Pen! Does he know what he’s doing? Do you know what you’re doing? I know I’m putting
a thumb impression. Not here. – Then? – Here. Fine as you say. Tell him that the first program
is on the 25th of this month. Your first program will
be on the 25th of this month. My? How can I? It means your artist Mr. Kumar. Yes, I agree.
I won’t forget. Don’t worry. Thank you very much. – Thanks. Thank you very much. Bye! – Bye! Bye! – Bye! Listen to me. Hey what about the
rest of the money? You’ll get it. Trust me. I’ll give you commission.
Don’t let this white man go. Oh, sure. After a long time
I’ve laughed so much. Then my price.
– Price? You should get a gift. Tell me what do you want. A gift that can bring a
same smile on my mother’s face. If you care about
your mother so much.. ..why don’t you fulfill her wish? I didn’t find a right girl yet. People give such excuses
when they don’t want to marry. No, Mala. I’m not making excuse. Of course, you’re. Otherwise, there can’t be a shortage
of girls for a man like you. I think you do think
about the marriage.. ..but can’t take a decision. Right? You must have come
across some girl in life. You must have liked one in life. I’ve liked one.
But, I fear she may not refuse. Possible, that she won’t
refuse and give her consent. Tell her. Don’t delay. Sometimes, if you delay.. ..your near ones
go far away from you. You never know about one’s mind.
It can change anytime. And, it doesn’t take
a time to change our mind. If you delay,
you may lose that girl. Mala, I don’t want to lose you. How’s it possible? – Why? You know nothing about my past. I don’t want to know. But I want to tell you. I don’t want to listen to anything. You don’t know but my
past was like a dark night. Rising sun never
thinks about the night. Night is always dark.. ..and that’s why morning
seems so pleasant. You’re like an idol of truth for me. And your past has
added to your beauty. I can’t take away these
blessings of mother. Mother! Mother! – What? I’ve good news for you, mother.
– Really? You’ll be very happy to hear that.
– What’s that? Soon, you’ll have a
daughter-in-law in this house. Daughter-in-law? – Yes. My daughter-in-law? – Yes, mother. May your mouth be sweeten! Thank you, Lord. Now, I have good news for you.
– One more? Yes, Dilip has sent a letter.
– Where’s he? In Delhi! – What’s he doing? He has become a
famous musician now.. ..and is known as Mr. Kumar. I see, so he has adopted
a name Mr. Kumar.. ..and became a famous musician. I’ll write to him and call him here. You know what, mother? We had a
challenge that if I get married first.. ..he’ll have to play clarinet. Then call him immediately.
– I’ll call him now. Lovely! What will you have?
Champaign? Soda or some other drink? Boy! Boy! Hey.. Why are you dancing like a monkey? Come here. Meet me at 2 o’clock
in the night. – Sure. And you meet me at 4 o’clock
in the morning. – Sure. Very co-operative girl. Go. Uncle, I’m sorry I came late. Few girls had come from
the orphanage seeking funds. I was trying to keep
them away from you. Fool! You’re busy after girls. But you don’t know
that your friend Dilip.. ..has started laying golden eggs. Hen? When? Why? Where? I’m very sorry to hear it. But just some times before
I left him in the human form. How could he become a hen? Idiot, I used an idiom. I’ve signed an agreement
worth one lac for him. Uncle, I hope you’re not drunk. If you don’t believe me.
Then see this. See.. Hey.. uncle, I must get some share.. ..otherwise I’ll call income-tax. Keep quiet. And take this.. this.. What’s this?
It’s just Rs100. Give me more. After all I’m your nephew.
– Then be in your limit. Why are you trying to dominate me?
– Give me more. – More. Okay, fine. And remember.
Don’t let Dilip go away. If he’ll go away,
we’ll be left empty handed. Uncle, I’ll neither let him go,
nor you. My dear uncle. Where’s it? Yes.. What’s this? – What? Hey, come here. What’s this? Come here. Come, show me. What’s the matter? Whose letter? It’s for Mr.
Kumar. I’ll give him now. – Kumar? No! No need to tell him. What
I other parties are offering him? What’s there? – Read it. Kumar, happy to hear
about your success. And you too will be happy to hear.. ..that I’m getting married on 25th. And I’m sure you’d
reach Mumbai on that day. Yours Ashok. – Who’s this Ashok? He’s Dilip’s best friend. But our programs
is scheduled on 25th.. ..and I’ve taken the advance. This letter won’t reach him.
– Fine, I’ll tell him orally. No, you must keep your mouth shut. Fine, I’ll shut my mouth.
But I need something. Yes, nephew. Here it is. That’s like my uncle.
Do you have more? Please give me more. I can have some snacks too. Hello, Dilip? How are you, son? Fine, thank you. Look, I’ve decided to get
your photo advertised on Radio. Now you’ll be a famous
artist moving in cities. I had heard about a circus
moving across the city. But this moving artist..
– Just keep quiet. Son, see this.
I’ve signed an agreement for you. It’s very small, it’s just
signed for one.. – You shut up. 15 thousand, See, Dilip is trapped now.
Uncle made me a joker. Just how you made me a servant. Shut up! You’re always complaining. See how uncle is
trapping Dilip. – Yes. How much will you pay me?
– 15 thousand. 3 thousand for each program. 3 thousands are very less for me. You’ve become very greedy. You’re an artist. And artist
should love his art not money. I became homeless and separated
from my love for this money. Money is everything in the world. My only aim is to make money. And I’ll buy my love with it. Why are you getting angry?
Have patience. I’ll pay you. I’ll definitely pay you more. Then give him 50,
you’ll still have 50 in hand. You’ll definitely make me broke. C’mon, Dilip. Sign here. Uncle, I won’t charge
anything less than 50 thousand. Fine, I’ll pay you 50 thousand.
10 thousand for each program. First program is on 25th.
Don’t forget. C’mon, I’ve put a thumb impression. But you’re educated, right? Did you see this, nephew?
Dilip is so sincere. He’s so concerned about the program. He got ready on time. Uncle! When I used
to perform in a program. I used to shave and
fix my tie a week before. Really? Hello! Sir, a trunk call from Bombay. Hello! Ashok? Kumar, you idiot!
– Ashok? – Are you still there? Do you remember the date today? It’s 25th.
But why? – It’s my wedding date. Wedding? What are you saying? It’s your marriage today
and you’re inviting me now? I had sent you and also
sent you an invitation card. Letter and invitation card?
But I didn’t receive anything. But I’ll definitely
attend your marriage. Don’t forget to bring the clarinet. Do you remember the challenge? Yes, I remember.
I’ll definitely play the clarinet. I’m taking a plane now. – Come soon. What about my program? – Cancel it. How’s that possible? How can you cancel the
program at the last moment? I’ve already taken advance.
What will I tell them? Say anything. Say that I’m
sick or have met with an accident. But I’ll definitely
attend my friend’s wedding. Nobody can stop me. I don’t have that right? – No. Can’t I order you? – No. Even my agreement
can’t stop you? – No. But this will definitely stop you. You left your home for this. You’re separated from
your love because of this. C’mon, pick it up
and buy your love. C’mon. Everybody runs after it.
You too run. Pick it up. Forget your friendship. Pick up as many as you can.
This is the chance. Till date you’ve bought
everything with money. And today,
you want to buy my friendship? Listen, even if you put
the entire world’s wealth.. ..in front of me today,
I’ll kick away and go. I want a ticket for Bombay. I’m sorry.
The plane is just leaving. Is there any other
plane tonight? – No. Please do something to stop
this plane. It’s very important. I’m ready to pay any amount. I’m sorry. I can’t help you. This is an All India Radio Delhi. Now listen to an
important announcement. In a special program,
at 8 PM tonight.. ..Mr. Kumar will sing a song.. ..on the occasion
of his friend’s wedding. Is it possible that I
can hear this radio program.. ..during the wedding ceremony? If you want, I’ll put
loud speakers on every corner. Thank you. My fans,
it’s my friend’s wedding today. And I regret that I
couldn’t attend his wedding. I’m sure my friend’s life
partner would be like a moon. She would be a prettiest
woman on the earth.. ..who won my friend’s heart. The title of my song
today is ‘imagination’. It’s my imagination
for that fortunate girl. “Some one will win,
only when someone would lose.” “This is the norm of this world,
my friend.” “Accept my best wishes for you.” “Even the mirror
can’t hold your beauty.” “Even the mirror
can’t hold your beauty.” “Even the garden can’t
hold your fragrance.” “I’m so happy..” “I’m so happy,
my heart can’t hold this happiness.” “Let me close my eyes.
I fear tears may not spill over.” “Even the mirror
can’t hold your beauty.” “Even the garden can’t
hold your fragrance.” “I’m so happy..” “I’m so happy,
my heart can’t hold this happiness.” “Let me close my eyes.
I fear tears may not spill over.” “Even the mirror
can’t hold your beauty.” “Even the garden can’t
hold your fragrance.” “You’ve obtained the
happiness that I missed.” “My friend, accept these
lovely tunes of clarinet from me.” “You’ve obtained the
happiness that I missed.” “My friend, accept these
lovely tunes of clarinet from me.” “My hearty wishes..” “I’ve no words to express
my hearty wishes.” “May you get so much love.. ..that your life would
be unable to hold it.” “I’m so happy..” “I’m so happy,
my heart can’t hold this happiness.” “Let me close my eyes.
I fear tears may not spill over.” “Even the mirror
can’t hold your beauty.” “Even the garden can’t
hold your fragrance.” “You’ve snatched
away my best friend.” “You’ve snatched away
my best friend by your gait.” “Now always give him
the first priority in life.” “Give so much of happiness
that his life can’t hold it.” “Fill his house with love.” “I’m so happy..” “I’m so happy,
my heart can’t hold this happiness.” “Let me close my eyes.
I fear tears may not spill over.” “Even the mirror
can’t hold your beauty.” “Even the garden can’t
hold your fragrance.” “I’m so happy..” “I’m so happy,
my heart can’t hold this happiness.” “Let me close my eyes.
I fear tears may not spill over.” “Let me close my eyes.
I fear tears may not spill over.” “Let me close my eyes.
I fear tears may not spill over.” “Let me close my eyes.” Sir! Sir! – What? Mr. Kumar has come.
– Kumar? Who Kumar? Sir, a famous singer of India. Music lover Mr.
Kumar has come to see you. Oh! You make the arrangements.. ..for his refreshments. – Okay. It’s really a matter of
proud that India’s famous singer.. ..is at my home today. Who? Dilip. Everybody knows me
with the name Mr. Kumar. Kumar? You look confused to see me. No.. please come. Sit. Sir, I’ve come to end
the days of separation.. ..between Mala and me. Do you remember this? – Yes. You wanted this, right? Money, name and fame.
I had vowed to fulfill your dreams. I kept my promise.
Now, you keep your promise. Call Mala. Why don’t you call her? Where’s she? Why are you silent? I hope nothing is wrong with Mala. Forget her, Dilip. Mala is married. Marriage? What are you saying? Mala is married? No! That’s impossible.
Mala can’t marry anybody else. You’re lying. For God’s sake, tell me
that you lied to me. It’s wrong. Take away my name,
fame and these money. Return my Mala to you. I fold my hands at you.
Please give my life back to me. Pity me, sir. Pity me. I beg for my love. I beg for my love. Return my Mala. Mala, you’ve a place in
my heart and not at my feet. Did you get it?
– Yes, but the tea is getting cold. Mala, I’m so fortunate.. ..that I entered your life,
I saw you and won you. But when I recall one
face in those happy moments.. ..I become sad. Whose face? – Of my friend. He was madly in love with one girl. But she turned back from
her promise and didn’t marry him. Because he was poor. I can’t even imagine,
how can anybody refuse.. ..after falling in love? Mala, if you’d be at her place,
would you have done that? Never. Impossible. Mala, see this. My friend’s photo. Hello! Hello! Trunk call from Bombay? Yes, Dr. Ashok speaking. Hello, Dr. Ashok. Good morning. Dr. Anand here.
– Good morning, Dr. Anand. What made you call me up today? Sir Harry Plight
is coming from London.. ..to attend All India Conference. What? Sir Harry Plight
is coming to Bombay? Then our surgical conference
would definitely be a success. Yes, you must come. Yes! Mala, it’s very important
for me to leave for Bombay. You can go. – Doctor,
I’ll leave today. Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s a special program
of Hotel Flamingo. Today we’re happy to present
your favourite, heartthrob.. ..and famous singer
of India Mr. Kumar. Mr. Kumar. Now Mr. Kumar will
present you a song of love. “Today, you must tell
me about your helplessness.” “Instead of sharing life,
you distanced yourself.” “Your decisions were firm.
Recall your promises.” “You had promised
to love me forever.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You were mine.
You were more than my life.” “I had adorned my life for you.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You never wished for
love but money in life.” “How could you live in a hut.. ..when you had dreamt for palace?” “You had dreamt for palace?” “Your conscience would never
let you rest for this betray.” “Your beautiful world
is surrounded by fire today.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You were mine.
You were more than my life.” “I had adorned my life for you.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “Will these worldly pleasures
help you forget me?” “When my memories
would make you restless.. ..will it give you a sound sleep?” Will it give you a sound sleep?” “Furniture never give happiness.” “Happiness is an art of life.” “Not only me,
you’ve betrayed yourself too.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You were mine.
You were more than my life.” “I had adorned my life for you.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “I brought spring in your life.
I put my life at risk for you.” “You didn’t even wait
for me and left me alone.” “You left me alone.” “Separation from you
is as good as a death for me.” “My life is filled with sorrows.” My heart is experiencing solitude. “I’m dying day by day.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You were mine.
You were more than my life.” “I had adorned my life for you.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “Why did you marry someone else?” “Why did you marry someone else?” Why this drama? I want an answer to the
drama you played with my life. I don’t think I need
to answer a person like you. Don’t cross your limits. I’m married. If you’re married.. ..that doesn’t mean you
can’t answer my question. My love is as true as your marriage. Thing you loved,
you took it from daddy. What did your daddy give me? Money! – That’s a lie. I had seen you carrying
daddy’s bag and it had.. It had nothing but the insult. Your daddy wanted
money and I went away.. ..to earn that money
so that I can obtain you. Then why didn’t you
meet me before leaving? I had promised your father
that I’ll see you on the day.. ..when I’ll earn
name fame and money. If that was the case,
why didn’t you write to me? I kept sending letters
to you but you never replied. You wrote me letters? Yes, I had.
– But I never received any? I agree you didn’t
receive any letter.. ..but you could have waited for me. You could have trusted your love. Now it’s useless
talking to a person.. ..who can forget all
the promises of love. Dilip! Dilip! Why are you calling me now?
What do you want from me? Believe me, Dilip. Things were presented
to me in the wrong manner. It’s so strange. One who was close to me yesterday
has become a stranger today. We had so many dreams. I wanted to make your
painting in Kashmir. But today..
today our ways are different. Mala, before going away
from your life, I’ve a last wish. I hope you won’t refuse. I want to make your painting.
A remarkable painting. Dilip! Dilip, I think it’s going
to be a storm. We must leave. Storm has already struck. It started raining.
Come inside, Mala. No, I’ll go home. You’re drenching, Mala.
Go after the rain stops. C’mon, come inside. Come inside, Mala.
I’ll bring a towel. Dilip, I’m happy
to see your success. Yes, today, I’ve everything. But in those days,
when I had nothing.. ..I was the happiest person.
Because you were with me. ‘Yes, Mala.
Tell me what will you have?’ ‘You know I like
coffee prepared by you.’ ‘Right away.’ ‘Why are you closing the window?’ ‘What will people think?’ ‘Let them think as they want.
I don’t care.’ ‘You’ve become very bold.’ Dilip, is the coffee ready? Lightening has struck somewhere. I hope you’re not afraid. When a friend is with me.
Why should I fear? You really make a nice coffee. Dilip! What are you thinking? Nothing. I recalled past days. You tell me.
How are you? Are you happy? My husband loves me a lot. And you? – He’s my God. I too was your God once. I’ve turned that
relation in a friendship. So easily you forgot our love? And I kept loving you all my life. Human is always helpless at destiny. You’re hiding your
weakness with that excuse. If you really believe in destiny. If you really think so
then why don’t you accept.. ..that once again destiny
has brought us together? Sometimes, destiny tests humans. Why are you trying to hide
your crime under this pretext? I know you still love me. – Dilip! Mala, how long will
we fear the world? Let’s break all the bonding
and go far away from here? Go away? – Yes, Mala. What are you saying? What madness is this? Till now I was in
my complete sense.. ..but I got nothing from this world. Today if I can obtain
you by such madness.. ..then I’m ready to be mad. It’s a sin to think
like that, Dilip. Love is not a sin
and I’ve loved you. No force of this world
can snatch you from me. Forget everything, Mala.
Forget everything. I can’t live without you. Mala, break all the bonding. I never knew you’d stoop so low. Stop, Mala. Stop. Stop, otherwise,
I’ll commit suicide. Dilip! Dilip! – Leave it, Mala. Leave It. No, Dilip, what are you doing? I want to commit suicide. Leave it. Leave it. – No! Mala, leave it.
Leave it. Leave it I said. What are you doing, Dilip? I don’t want to remain alive. Come to your senses, Dilip.
– I want to die. Leave it. Let me die, Mala.
– What are you doing, Dilip? Leave it.
I don’t want to remain alive. – No. What have you done, Dilip?
What have you done? ‘I want to die. Leave it.’ ‘What are you doing, Dilip?’ ‘Move away.
Move away. – Leave that gun.’ ‘What have you done, Dilip?
What have you done?’ Madam, your scarf. Inspector Kaur.
I’m investigating a murder case. But why are you here? Why had you gone there? – Where? Near the bungalow on the hill. I was going to the market. By such a slanting route? And perhaps you had stopped there. My scarf had fallen down. Or you had purposely thrown it? And what were you looking
for on the way back? Nothing. – You saw a
lot and tried to search a lot. And your eyes were constantly
looking at somebody’s house. Please, inspector.
Why are you questioning me? Do you know him?
– Why do you ask me this? I want to know whether
you know him or not. No. – Surprising! You answered me
without looking at it. That means you know him. And trying to hide something. I told you I don’t know him. Madam, this is a
criminal psychology.. ..that a criminal always
visits the crime place.. ..on the next day of crime. Even the innocent can go there. But that girl isn’t innocent.
She stayed there entire night. She had fired gun.
She’s a murderess. No, she’s not a murderess.
She didn’t fire the gun. She’s innocent. She.. Oh, so you know that girl? – No. No. Please , tell me where
were you yesterday night? Please, inspector.
I’m not feeling well. You may go. – Madam. Criminal is in my sight
and handcuff in my pocket. See you soon. Your scarf. Goodbye! It seems you too
have missed me a lot. Excuse me. Are you Dr. Ashok? – Yes. I want to speak to you. – Tell me. In private.
Please. – I’ll just be back. Mala, you please go home.
I’ll come soon. Come. How long will you sit in darkness? You took a lot of time. I took time to identify you. – What? Till now you kept me in dark. You were pretending
to be a chaste wife.. ..and were hiding the sin. – No. I didn’t commit any sin. Then why did you go
to his house that night? I was helpless. Helpless? Helpless to
set in your lover’s arms? Helpless to satisfy your desires? You enjoyed the entire night.. ..and with the fear of
your expose you killed him? No! – Yes.
– I didn’t do that. – Yes, you’ve. I didn’t commit any murder.
I’m innocent. Lowly! Betrayer!
Murderer! You’ve killed Dilip. I’ll never forgive you. – No! No! No! Mala! Mala! Mala! Mala! Look, who’s there with me? Why did you stop? Come down. He isn’t a stranger but
my childhood friend Dilip. Come, Mala. Come down. One girl tried to
kill him but the bullet.. ..just hit a side of
his head and passed away. His life is saved.
But what’s more regretting is that.. ..Dilip has lost his
memory after that incident. Now he doesn’t remember
anything about his past. But I’ll bring his memory back. And find that girl and
get her the sever punishment. Oh, I’m sorry, inspector.
My wife Mala. Inspector Kaur. How do you do, ma’am? He’s investing this case. I hope soon I’ll find the
culprit with your co-operation. Inspector Kaur,
can I see the incidence spot? Yes, why not? You can come tomorrow. You too please come, Mrs. Ashok. What? What will I do there? Yes, Mala,
you too will come with me. That’s fine.
Let me take your leave now. How are you, Dilip? There must be something here.. ..which can bring his memory back. Look at the game of destiny! Dilip didn’t paint her face.
– Exactly. Had he made her face,
we’d have arrested the girl by now. Your duty was at Mr.
Kumar’s house, right? Yes. – Then? I’m coming from there. I’ve arrested two men.. ..who were trying to enter into Mr.
Kumar’s room. Oh! Okay. Go back on your duty. What do we do, sir? I’ll release you if sir tells me.
Otherwise I’ll lock you in jail. What? Uncle, it’s not a bad idea.
This way we’ll save hotel expenses. And spend a night for free. C’mon, fast. – What happened? Sir, these girls were thieving
walnuts from Mr. Tariq’s garden. Sir, please pardon us.
We won’t do it again. Sir! – What? I’ve a complaint. She has robbed my heart. I didn’t rob anything.
You can check. I have nothing. Then she must be having it. Keep quiet. Constable! – Yes, sir. Lock these girls. – C’mon. – Stop! Sir, I’ve one more request. You can have discussion with uncle. And lock me in the
jail with these two. I’ll never forget the night in jail. Hello, beauty! You’re very beautiful.
You too have robbed something? You are very misbehaved. Don’t you know that you
should never ask a girl.. ..about the secret of her beauty? Sit properly. Can’t you
see inspector is staring at you? Tell me why did you enter
the room through window? Because the door was locked. Tell me the truth.
Why you went inside? Kuldeep? – Yes, sir. He’ll give us all the information.
Serve him nicely. Okay. Excuse me.
What do they mean by serve nicely? Repair. – My God. Take this. Will it do?
– What’s this? You want to bribe me? I was asking for a change.
Do you have the change? You think we’re running a shop here?
Put it in the pocket. Not here. There. In your pocket. Nephew, honest police
officers never accept bribe. Sir, we’re not thieves.
I own a theatre company. And Mr. Kumar is my artist. And he’s my best friend. Why didn’t you tell us before?
– You didn’t give a chance, sir. Please, sit.
Please.. – Thank you. Thank you. If Mr. Kumar is your close friend.. ..you must know about
his love affairs. Yes, I was the eyewitness of it. Their dancing and singing,
and love scene, bed scene. All scenes used to
take place in my office. You’d be sad to know.. ..that your friends
has lost his memory. What? He lost memory? God! I’m ruined! I’m doomed.
I’ll incur such a big loss. What about the TV program now? I’ll have to pay the compensation. He lost memory.
– Uncle, he hasn’t lost his voice. All the lovers have
always sang sweet songs.. ..in his lover’s memory. Like me.
“Laila, Laila, I call you..” Stop your nonsense.
Kuldeep, take them away. Inspector Kaur. Please, come here. See this. Hello, Dr. Ashok. If the girl whom Mr.
Kumar was in love with.. ..can you recognize her
if she comes in front of you? Yes, I’ll definitely recognize her. And I’ll kill that disloyal girl. Nephew. – My friend loved
her from the bottom of his heart. Both were madly in love. Do you have their photograph?
– Yes, I’ve. Show me. My friend lives in my heart. I just bend my head
and see him whenever I wish. See there. Oh! He’s Dilip. My friend. Who’s that girl? – Girl? Which girl? The one with him. Girl? – Yes, tell me. Girl? – Yes, try to recognize her. Tell me who she’s. Shall I tell you? – Yes. Shall I? – C’mon, tell me quickly. Why are you taking time? Oh, that reminds me of a poem. ‘Formality is the sign of decency.’ ‘Those who don’t be
formal are shameless.’ Stop your nonsense
and answer my question. Who’s that girl? I’ve recognized her. Then tell him.
Right now he’s our God. We’ll benefit something.
Tell him. C’mon. Inspector, seeing the
vermillion in her partition.. ..I think she’s somebody’s wife. Oh! You wasted my time. Thank you very much. Oh! I’m sorry. Dilip is waiting for me.
I’ll go and meet him. Excuse me! Excuse me! Hello, Dilip, how are you? I’m sorry I kept you waiting. I kept you waiting. Shake hands.
– I’m sorry but I don’t know you. I’m your friend Pyarelal.
– I don’t know any Pyarelal. You don’t know? Strange!
Uncle, today I experienced.. ..how people change
when they become rich? But he has lost his memory.
How can he recognize you? So what? Friendship is still there. Now keep quiet and sit down. God knows why they’ve
brought us here. See there. “You sang for us and
why did you forget now?” “Recollect that story.” “We had heard this story from you.” “Your decisions were firm.
Recall your promises.” “You had promised
to love me forever.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You were mine.
You were more than my life.” “I had adorned my life for you.” You.. Why did you marry someone else? “You never wished for
love but money in life.” “How could you live in a hut.. ..when you had dreamt for palace?” “You had dreamt for palace?” “Your conscience would never
let you rest for this betray.” “Your beautiful world
is surrounded by fire today.” “Why did you marry someone else?” You were mine.
You were more than my life. I had adorned my life for you. “Why did you marry someone else?” “Will these worldly pleasures..
– Help you forget me?” “When my memories
would make you restless.. Will it give you a sound sleep?” “Furniture never give happiness.” “Happiness is an art of life.” “Not only me..
– You’ve betrayed yourself too.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You were mine.
You were more than my life.” “I had adorned my life for you.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “I brought spring in your life.
I put my life at risk for you.” “You didn’t even wait
for me and left me alone.” “You left me alone.” “Separation from you
is as good as a death for me.” “My life is filled with sorrows.” “My heart is experiencing solitude.” “I’m dying day by day.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You were mine.
You were more than my life.” “I had adorned my life for you.” “Why did you marry someone else?” “Why did you marry someone else?” “You..” Mr. Kumar! Mr. Kumar! Dilip! – Leave me, Doctor. Leave me. Dilip! – Every thing placed
here will make me go mad. You’ll regain your
memory at this place. No, doctor.
– Think, Dilip. – No, doctor. You had sang this song here, Dilip. You had sang this song.
Think, Dilip. Think.. You must think, Dilip.
You must think. Inspector Kaur, please explain sir. Sorry to say, doctor.
But you’ve still not succeeded.. ..in bringing back his memory. Still you want to stop Mr.
Kumar here? Why? What’s the secret? – Nothing. Then let him go. – Yes. I’ll be able to arrest that
girl if he’d recover fast. – Yes. And who will pay my loss? I’ll pay you. How much you want? Ten thousand or twenty thousand? Or one lac? And I tell you, sir.
Legally, I can stop Dilip. Doctor. If I’m the
cause of so many troubles.. ..then I’d prefer to leave. Dilip?! – I don’t want
to disturb you anymore. Please, doctor. Let me go. C’mon, son. Let’s go. Thank you, doctor. You tried your best
to get my memory back. You always kept smiling. And now when I’m leaving,
you’re sad? Dilip! When you’ve decided.
I won’t stop you. But I’ve only one desire. Before, you leave
for foreign country.. ..I want to give a farewell
party in your honour. I’m sorry.
I was lost in some thoughts. Where’s Dr. Ashok? – He’s at home.
I’ve come to pick you up. You please sit. I’ll go and change. Will you drink something?
– Coffee. – Coffee? Dilip?! What are you doing, Dilip? What are you doing? Leave it. Leave me. – Don’t be so mad, Dilip. I want to die. Leave me. What are you doing, Dilip? Move from here.
Move! – Leave the gun, Dilip. Come to your senses, Dilip.
– I want to die. I want to die. Leave it. I’ve regained my memory. I’ve regained my memory. I’m recollecting everything. I’m recollecting everything. Mala! Mala! I’ve recollected everything, Mala. I’ve recollected everything. My.. Ashok and you?! You and Ashok? God, what have I done? I’ll never be able
to forgive myself. I’ll never be able
to forgive myself. I’m sorry, Dilip.
Destiny was really partial with you. No, Mala. It’s my mistake
that I tried to change my destiny. In the desire of obtaining you,
I burnt my own hands. Ashok is not only
my friend but my brother. We’re two bodies and one soul. Promise me, Mala. Promise me that you’ll
always make him happy. And you’ll never tell
him anything about your past. “Rising sun is for you.” “Never remember the fading flame.” “I’m your past now.” “I’m your past now.” “Never shed a tear for me.” “Rising sun is for you.” “For you..
for the desire to obtain you.. ..I’ve gone through a lot.” “Why would you miss me?” “Why would you miss me?” “I’m leaving a pleasant
morning for you.” “One, who always
wants you to be happy.” “One, who always
wants you to be happy.” “Never become sad
and disappoint him.” “Rising sun is for you.” “Everybody has bent at time.” “Time never bent for anybody.” “Life runs speedily.” “Life runs speedily.
Nobody waits for other.” “So what if a flower
is plucked from a garden?” “So what if a flower
is plucked from a garden?” “Flourish your world
with a new one.” “Rising sun is for you.” “Whenever somebody
dies on the earth.” “Whenever somebody
dies on the earth.” “Up above the sky, stars never cry.” “When a boat sinks in the storm.” “The shores never cry after it.” “The shores never cry after it.” “I’m a rocking boat,
never mind if it sinks.” “I’m a rocking boat,
never mind if it sinks.” “You’re a shore, never complain.” “Rising sun is for you.” “It’s for you.” “It’s for you.” “It’s for you.” “It’s for you.” “It’s for you.” I can’t tolerate it anymore. I want to tell you everything true. The girl you’re
searching for is.. – You. You know this? Yes. The day I saw this painting,
I saw this necklace.. ..and understood that she
could be none other than you. Why didn’t you tell me this before? I was sure that one
day you’d come and tell me. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. – Mala! You’re still an idol
of truth in front of me. Trust me. I had nothing else in my mind.,. ..other than getting
Dilip’s memory back. And even today I’ve
no other intentions. I regret that I’m the
cause of my friend’s ruin. I snatched away everything from him. His happiness,
peace of mind and his love. Everything. I wish I could get his memory back. He has regained memory. What are you saying, Mala?
Is this really true? – Yes. Has he really regained
memory? – Yes. But.. but why didn’t Dilip tell me? He’s intentionally doing this. He wants to go away from you. No, Mala.
Now I’ll never let him go. Never. I’ll bring prosperity in his life. I’ll ruin myself
for his happiness, Mala. I’ll ruin myself. ‘Now I’ll never let him go. Never.’ ‘I’ll ruin myself
for his happiness, Mala’. ‘I’ll ruin myself.’ “Once you smile for me!” “Once you smile for me!” “Once you smile for me!”

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  1. Md Sadab Alam says:

    Sadab alam

  2. Abid Hussain says:


  3. Mudassar Hadi says:

    This is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen
    In whole movie 3 songs are good but story is great

    Mot aya to din phiran galib
    Zindagi na to mar dala ha

  4. The Puppy Twins says:

    Tanuja is fresh looking . One of her few sober roles in movies . usually shes prancing and bubbly. Her mother Shobana too comes for a few minutes . Deb tries to imitate shammi kapoor . nice family movie .

  5. Abhirav Shetty says:

    A complete family film by Mukherjee and Samarth. Produced by Shomu Mukherji (Kajol's father), leading lady Tanuja (Kajol's mother), Directed by Ram Mukherji (Rani Mukherjee's father), Shobana Samarath (Kajol's maternal grandmother), Joy Mukherjee (Kajol, Rani and Ayan's paternal uncle) and Deb Mukherjee (Ayan Mukherjee's father).

  6. Arti Rani supar says:

    This is the best movie

  7. S. R. S. Ali says:

    Ware. Good… And.. Batter…….. SAYYED. Rashid. Ali… Shajapur. M. P. 99779793725

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