11 Replies to “Eagle Flight Trailer: Multiplayer VR Gameplay – E3 2016 [NA]”

  1. Piss Poor Sniper says:


  2. six sides says:

    Looks pretty cool

  3. Ludo Somnus says:

    can the blue and red trails be turned off?

  4. GERALD THOMAS says:

    Birds, really?Come on .$399.00+ VR bundle(Cluster F) .Don't think so.I'll wait. 42 yrs of gaming.Got a New Atari for B-Day Seamless arcadic precision ever sense.Spectacular evolutionary moment in video gaming history, and yall listened to the "bird guy". I guess you must crawl before you can walk,Right ? Flying ,(A++) So there's still hope yet.Come on Ubi.

  5. Danogot516 says:

    This and Grow Up are on my list

  6. Den Dan says:

    So i take it all the vr games are gonna look like early prototype style, the details and graphics look like a nintendo wii game.

  7. Changren says:

    This will be so insane in vr! I can't wait to try it!

  8. Dat Thanh says:

    love the music, can anyone give me the soundtrack

  9. speciesofpositive says:

    Do all VR games look really shitty?

  10. antdude says:

    How about fights like attack, poop, etc.? 😛

  11. Jamtoad says:

    All the dislikes are for the graphics…. really….

    Its not about graphics its about gameplay and to me this game looks extremely fun. I am totally gonna by me a copy.

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