Don’t Pay for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck | Get One of These Credit Cards Instead!

Getting Global Entry and TSA PreCheck is one
of the easiest ways to upgrade your travel experience. Though paying $100 for Global
Entry may seem expensive, especially if you don’t travel internationally very often.
Which is why I recommend looking for ways to offset the cost. Hey, how’s it going everyone? It’s Ernest
from Trip Astute. In this video, I’m going to run through how you can get yourself or
someone you care about Global Entry or TSA PreCheck through a credit card. The other day I was at work talking to some
of my coworkers. The topic of Global Entry came up, and one of my coworkers was complaining
that he wished he didn’t have to pay $100 for it. I mentioned that he should consider
getting a credit card to offset the fee, but his response to me was “I don’t want to
pay for the American Express Platinum card.” It got me thinking about how this card benefit
is available on so many different cards. And while we often associate the benefit with
more premium travel credit cards, there are actually a lot of cards with modest annual
fees that offer this benefit. So I thought I’d do a quick video on some popular cards
to consider that offer a $100 Global Entry or TSA PreCheck credit. In case you’re wondering what is Global
Entry or TSA PreCheck, I recommend that you first check out our video on the topic. I
go into much more detail on the program and process for enrollment. Also, while all the cards that I’ll review
today offer a $100 credit, they typically restrict you from using if every four to five
years. This is important to know since both Global Entry and TSA PreCheck last five years,
so theoretically, if you keep a card account open over a four year period, you would only
be able to use it once during that time period. You would then have to wait another four or
five years for the benefit to be available again, or get another card that offers that
same benefit. So, let’s review the cards in my list. I’m
grouping them into three different categories. We’ll start with the premium travel cards,
which include cards that have an annual fee of $400 or more. We’ll then look at credit
cards with annual fees less than $100. Finally, we’ll review cards that have no annual fee
in the first year. This list isn’t meant to include every possible card out there.
But I tried to focus on cards that are widely available and somewhat popular in the travel
rewards space. We’ll start with the premium cards. When
we look at the premium travel credit card space, you can see that this is a common benefit
across the board. American Express offers this perk on their Platinum card and Marriott
Bonvoy Brilliant card. Chase offers it on their Sapphire Reserve card. Citi has several
cards that offer it including the Citi Prestige and AAdvantage Executive World Elite. US Bank’s
Altitude Reserve provides the credit as well. There are other premium cards that offer it
too, but some of these cards are a bit difficult to get so I didn’t want to clutter the list.
For example, the City National Bank Crystal card offers a lot of premium benefits including
a credit for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck. However, you have to be near a City National
Bank branch since you have to apply in-person. Another thing that I want to point out is
that all of the cards in this category offer this benefit every four years, with the exception
of the Citi card which is five years. That shouldn’t make much of a difference, but
it’s just something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about applying. Of all the choices in this list, I personally
would go with American Express or Chase. While I know a lot of people like the Citi Prestige,
I’m not sure it’s the best choice for travelers since Citi removed most of the travel
benefits on the card. Though if you’re into American Airlines miles, then the Citi AAdvantage
Executive World Elite could be a card to get at some point if you’re able to maximize
the benefits on the card. The US Bank Altitude Reserve is also a card to consider, though
it’s a pain to get, which is why I’m not recommending it. I think for most people,
you’re probably better off sticking with a premium card from one of the two main issuers.
If you’re wondering why Chase and American Express seem to dominate the premium card
space, check out our video on the topic. The next category of cards are the sub-$100
annual fee cards. These are cards that have a much lower annual fee than the previous
group. The three cards in this list are the Bank of America Premium Rewards, the US Bank
FlexPerks Gold American Express, and the Chase IHG Rewards Club Premier. As you can see from
the chart, the annual fees range from $85 to $95, and the benefit refreshes every four
years on all the cards. Of this group, I would personally recommend
the Chase IHG Rewards Club Premier. That’s because the card is a hotel card that includes
a free annual night every year as part of your annual fee. That means that you’re
essentially getting a hotel stay for only $89, which is easy to maximize under the hotel
brands included in IHG. Also, if you’re invested in the Chase Ultimate Rewards ecosystem,
then you can transfer points from Chase to IHG for bookings since they are a travel partner.
It’s usually not the best travel partner to use since IHG points aren’t generally
worth as much as other hotel brands like Hyatt. Though it’s nice knowing that you can top
off your account if you’re short on IHG points when booking. Of course, if you’re not someone who stays
at hotels or prefers to book more budget options, then this won’t be useful. Both the US Bank
FlexPerks Gold and Bank of American Premium Rewards are interesting cards and maybe a
better fit. Though, there are other options — which leads me to the last group of cards. These are cards that do not charge an annual
fee in the first year. This means that if you are approved for these cards, you can
earn the welcome offer and start using the benefits, like the Global Entry and TSA PreCheck
credit, before you are even charged the annual fee. Two cards that I think might be worth
checking out in this category are the Capital One Venture Rewards and Chase United Explorer.
Both cards have an annual fee of $95 that starts after your first year of membership. I think both of these cards are great, but
for different reasons. The Capital One Venture Rewards works for folks that don’t want
to deal with the hassle of a multi-card flexible points set-up. Instead, it acts like a 2%
flat-rate card that allows you to apply your earned cashback toward travel purchases or
point transfer to select travel partners. It also includes travel benefits and no foreign
transaction fees. The card consistently offers a lucrative welcome offer as well after meeting
the minimum spend requirement. The Chase United Explorer card is a card that
I currently have but rarely use. Though I keep it because it gives me free check-in
bags, two United lounge passes, priority boarding, and access to additional award seats. The
priority boarding and additional award seats are valuable to me. The welcome offer on the
card fluctuates throughout the year, so keep that in mind. However, if you don’t ever
fly on United, then this card may not be useful to you. Like the other categories, there are several
other cards in this category like the SunTrust Travel Rewards. This card has no annual fee
in the first year, then has an $89 annual fee starting in year two. The only catch is
that it’s hard to get if you don’t live in a location where SunTrust has a bank. As
of this video, if you don’t already bank with SunTrust, you can still apply for the
card if you live in the following states. Also, the PenFed Pathfinder offers a Global
Entry credit and has no annual fee. That’s right, no annual fee ever! You have to join
the credit union, which isn’t necessarily hard. Though as of this video, PenFed is not
accepting new applications for the card. It looks like they are going to be re-releasing
it sometime in early 2020, so you may want to keep an eye out if you’re looking for
a credit card that offers the Global Entry and TSA PreCheck credit with no annual fee. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that there
is a card with a $199 annual fee that includes the credit. It’s the Barclaycard AAdvantage
Aviator Silver. However, as of this video, the card is only available through a product
change from the AAdvantage Aviator Red card. It’s really a card geared for those that
are loyal to American Airlines and want to maximize miles with their program. But I thought
I’d mention it in case you happen to be in that group. Finally, I wanted to share some quick tips
for those looking to get Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. 1. Get Global Entry over TSA PreCheck: If
you’re debating between the two programs, I would suggest getting Global Entry since
it includes TSA PreCheck. Even if you only travel abroad occasionally, you’re still
better off getting the Global Entry, especially if your credit card pays for it. To me, the only reason to consider TSA PreCheck
over Global Entry is that it is easier to get and less expensive. The background check
is supposedly less thorough, and the process is much easier. Again, for more information on the Global
Entry, make sure to check out our previous video on it. We go through a lot more details
on the program and the application process. 2. Consider helping family members or friends
get Global Entry or TSA PreCheck: In order to use the credits on your credit card, you
just have to use the card as your payment method when applying for Global Entry or TSA
PreCheck. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t share the love with others. If
you have a family member or friend that you could use a membership, and you happen to
have a card that offers the credit, you might consider gifting it to them. They would have
to use your card when paying for the application, but I think it’s thoughtful thing to do,
especially if you have multiple cards with the credit. 3. Factor in the welcome offer and long-term
viability of the card: While it may be tempting just to get a card based solely on this benefit
and the welcome offer, I would encourage you to factor in the long term benefit of having
the card. For example, earlier in the video I recommended the Chase IHG card since it’s
card that you’ll probably keep in the long term because of the annual hotel night reward
stay. That perk is easily worth more than the annual fee, so it’s a card that you’ll
likely want to keep, even if you’re not using it for your everyday purchases. For more information on looking beyond the
welcome offer, check out our video on the topic. I truly believe that there is a balance
between pursuing welcome offers and cards that bring you long term value. 4. If you have a large family that travels
internationally, consider Mobile Passport instead: If you have a large family, you may
be surprised to learn that everyone needs to have their own Global Entry account to
use the service when traveling together. This can be pricey! That’s why I recommend checking
out Mobile Passport if you’re in this situation. It used to be completely free, but the app
now costs $15. However, I know a lot of folks that love using it. I even know a few people
with Global Entry that use since the Mobile Passport line is sometimes shorter. 5. Don’t overlook business credit cards:
We focused primarily on personal cards, but there are business cards that also include
this benefit. Examples are the American Express Business Platinum, Captial One Spark Miles
for Business, and Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business card. If you’re eligible
for business credit cards, then you’ll definitely want to consider these options. 6. Consider CLEAR if you’re a frequent traveler:
We did a video a while back on the CLEAR program and how it works with TSA PreCheck in case
you’re interested. Also, since that video, the American Express Green Card was refreshed
and now offers a credit toward the program. CLEAR isn’t a replacement for TSA PreCheck,
but it can be useful if you’re someone who experiences long lines at airport security,
even when you have TSA PreCheck. This is especially the case if you’re a business traveler who
tends to fly during peak hours during the week. Have you paid for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck?
If so, did you use a credit card with this benefit? Also, what cards do you recommend
for those looking to apply for these programs? If you’re interested in applying for a new
credit card, we would love it if you used our link in the video description or on our
website. It’s an easy way to support our channel, especially if you’ve found our
content to be valuable and helpful. Also, if you need any help with picking the right
credit card or developing a card strategy, sign-up for our free card consultation service.
You basically fill out a questionnaire and schedule a 15-minute video or audio call with
me to review your recommendation. We hope you enjoyed the video and found it
useful. If so, please give us a thumbs up and consider sharing the video with others.
It may not seem like much, but it really helps us with growing our channel and community.
As always, we appreciate you checking out our channel and video. Until next time, travel
safe and travel smart.

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    Do you have to buy your ticket with the United card to get the benefits or just having it is enough. I am talking first bag free, priority boarding etc.

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    I currently have the Amex Platinum and the Chase Ritz Carlton cards. I used the Ritz Carlton benefit to pay for the Global Entry for myself and my fiance at that time because I utilized the free extra card holder I get with this card getting this done for $200.00 FREE. Also I have the new Penfed Visa Signature Pathfinder card. I got this card when it was the Penfed Amex Pathfinder card. As you said it offers Global Entry also. I didn't get this card for Global Entry obviously. I got it for the $100.00 travel credit with the no annual fee. A no brainer keeper card. And I heard the new benefits being added on makes this card a very good travel card at NO ANNUAL FEE!!!

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    Problem is how LONG it takes for the Global Entry application to even get reviewed! I submitted my complete application on December 2, 2019, and it's now 3 MONTHS later and it still hasn't even been looked at! Status is still listed as pending on the website. I think it'll take at least 8 months for approval, if not a whole year, based on other forums I've read. Ridiculous.

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