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Dominican Republic Resort Questions Guest’s Account Of Assault In ‘Strange And Unusual Case’

September 27, 2019 No Comments

I’m so sorry for what has happened to you then and I’m actually sorry for what you’ve had to go through since then and we’ll get into that. But there’s a lot to your story that the public just doesn’t know. So why did you choose to talk about that now and talk about it here? Well, I wanted to really tell the story from my truth, my words. I just feel like this is a safe place to tell that story. Some people have questioned the story or not believed the story and I’ve looked at these pictures that were taken at the time. What part of this would anyone question? What’s the puzzle here? The police in Dominican and the resort have come out to say that I didn’t really have any injuries other than some bruising on my face and a broken fingernail, that I was fine, that this was my husband that did this, basically, telling everybody that we did this on purpose. That this was a scam of some sort? It was a scam.
These are some excerpts from the resort’s Twitter statement. “Showed bruises on her face “and had a broken fingernail “without presenting any other signs “of violence on her body “and still being in possession “of her purse, cell phone and other belongings, “disclosed her version of the case “four months after it happened. “There are weak points, contradictions, “still unanswered questions “in this strange and unusual case.” How’d you feel when you read that? I felt horrible, I felt nauseated because I couldn’t believe the resort would come out and say that. Their management and head of security showed up in the emergency room that I was in. The head of security wouldn’t even look at me because I was so bad. You think there may have been more than one assailant? I think so. It felt as if somebody was kicking my head on the left side but the blows felt like they were coming straight down on my face. So it just felt like there was more than one person. And I know that you were in an altered state of consciousness or unconscious, do you have a sense that you were sexually assaulted or no? When I came to in the, well I call it the hole, because that’s what it felt like, one of the things I noticed was some pain and that was unusual. So I feel that something did happen. We’re gonna take a break for a second. Tammy’s husband says he feels guilty for his wife’s brutal attack. We’re gonna meet him and find our why after the break. (audience applause)
(dramatic music) I immediately felt guilt. I started telling her I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you go. I look at her and see her physically and how well she healed but I know she’s not okay, she knows she’s not okay.

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