DJI Tutorials – Spark – Flight Modes

Hey, I’m Ty, and you’re
watching the DJI Spark Tutorial Video Series. With powerful flight modes,
obstacle avoidance capabilities, and a maximum flight speed
of up to 31 miles per hour, flying Spark is always
intuitive and exciting. In this tutorial we’ll take
a look at Spark’s two main flight modes, position
mode and sport mode. Pilots can choose between
position mode or sport mode depending on how they wanna fly. In position mode, obstacle
avoidance will be active and you can access intelligent
flight modes like quick shot and tap fly. The aircraft will always
be set to position mode if you fly using gestures
or a mobile device. Sport mode is also an option when flying with a remote controller. Now to enter sport mode just
toggle the sport mode switch on the front of the controller. In sport mode control
sensitivity will increase and you’ll be able to fly
much faster than in P mode. Sport mode is great for
thrill seeking pilots and amazing for FPV flight
with a pair of DJI goggles which will be compatible with Spark soon. If you’re flying in sport mode just remember to always fly safely and avoid any obstacles in your flight path manually,
as Spark’s 3D sensing system won’t be active. Try both flight modes yourself,
then join us in our next video where we’ll show you how
to update Spark’s firmware. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you next time.

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  1. Beauty Of Asia says:

    nice video

  2. MOU TO says:


  3. Alfie halish says:

    haiii=)I wish I Can Have A Spark=(…but…i cant afford any=(

  4. Kaka Ited says:

    verry helpfull videos in this channel

  5. Warwick Chuck says:

    Thanks so much. Very helpful. Now to try it out as only took delivery two days ago.

  6. STRIKERS_Official says:

    I am not able to enable intelligent mode.. it is in atti mode.. so cannot use auto quickshots.. please help me on this

  7. Nathan Mize says:

    is this guy human

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