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DJI GO – Intelligent Flight Mode: Waypoints

September 29, 2019 No Comments

thank you for watching this DJI tutorial about intelligent flight modes in this tutorial will introduce the waypoints mode first what does the waypoints mode do waypoints is the intelligent flight mode that lets you record waypoints to create a mission when you run the mission the aircraft will autonomously travel between the recorded waypoints this is how you turn on waypoints mode power on the aircraft and connect your mobile device to the remote controller open the DJI Go app and tap enter camera view to connect to the aircraft take off the aircraft in pgps mode and toggle the switch to ethno a notification asking you if you want to enable multiple flight modes will pop up tap to confirm choose waypoints mode another notification will pop up saying select an existing route or begin to record a new one we will now record the waypoints for our first mission tap new mission and a notification will ask you to report the waypoints max radius 500 meters max path length 5,000 meters unlike the phantom 2 Vision+ ground station app the waypoints mode in the DJI Go app can record the real-time location of the aircraft fly your aircraft to the first Waypoint and tap record c1 and the app will record the first location and the heading of the aircraft navigate the aircraft to the next location and set it as the second Waypoint the distance between neighboring waypoints should be more than 5 meters please set appropriate aircraft speed to avoid crash you can tap the delete’ situ to delete previously set waypoints when you have finished setting all the waypoints tap Done the app will pop up a notification saying fly the aircraft to the first Waypoint before starting the mission you can choose between three modes for the aircraft’s heading while it is running through the mission consistent with record consistent with route and free you can also set what the aircraft will do after finishing the mission hover or return to home the slider can be used to set the speed of the aircraft press apply after flying the aircraft to the first Waypoint or confirming that there are no obstacles between the aircraft and the first Waypoint the app will pop up a notification saying the aircraft will return to the home point if low-battery rth is triggered set a suitable return to home altitude to safeguard your aircraft and set the default return to home altitude to 30 meters you can set the return to home altitude according to the surroundings and activate the mission by tapping apply the aircraft will fly to the first Waypoint and start the mission you can push the right stick up or down to adjust cruise speed you can also tap pause to halt the aircraft after completing the mission the aircraft will hover or return to home according to our prior configuration tap the star to save the mission to your favorite missions we use the flight mode switch on the remote controller to exit the intelligent flight mode thanks for watching you

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