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Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort Walking Tour 2019

September 27, 2019 No Comments

Morning everybody! I’m here at Disney’s
Port Orleans Riverside resort let’s go ahead and check this place out. This is the entrance of Port Orleans
Riverside . You can see the covered porch up here. Let’s go inside take a look. So very impressive Lobby nice high
ceilings really cool woodwork. Check that out! Just to the right as you come in the
lobby is this check-in area. You can see all the different check-in desks, concierge, and all
that good stuff located here. Up above you can kind of see the names
of different southern towns. There’s some Hidden Mickeys up at the top of those arches. They’ve got this really cool, weird, fan
thing. I don’t know how effective it is at actually changing the temperature of
the room but it’s cool. Really neat chandelier. I have to say this is a
pretty cool check-in area. Back in the main lobby to the left is Fulton’s, that’s the store. Here’s River Rouge that’s where Yehaa Bob performs. To the right there’s
a hallway that will take you to the restaurants & food court. Let’s rent in
Fulton’s. This display is cool. I love Mickey Mouse cutting board I like that. Lots of candy and nice things to eat over here. You know I’ll be checking it out. Some resort themed merch if you
want some t-shirts or a picture or mugs. I like these little guys. I know they’re not
really animatronics but still they’re fun. They have a lot of clothing items in
here and just general Walt Disney World branded merchandise here. They do have the charm bins. You can see they’ve got some on both sides. My girls love these things in 2009 when we came. If you look down here they still have the
Sorcerer Mickey hat so may be gone from Hollywood Studios but you can still find
the charm. This is Boatwrights. This is the main
restaurant here. It’s not open right now I came back down to the food board it’s
not nearly as crowded as it was a just a little while ago when I was in here for
breakfast. I’ll put a link up above for that video. Let’s go check out see what
they’ve got going on for lunch. Over to the left there is a ton of
different food stands. Again they have the really high ceilings in here. It’s just really nice theming. Bakery over to the left. And then these
stands….actually it like they still have some breakfast items going on. Hasn’t completely transferred over to lunch yet. So there’s a lot of really cool things
here in this food court. They’ve got burgers, they’ve got sandwiches, pizzas
and flat breads, build your own salad station, entree stations, all kinds of good things. Over to the right you can kind of see at
grab-and-go with sodas, drinks and what have you. See up by the register they’ve got
baskets that have got chips and different snack items. Then out in the center
they’ve got this other thing that’s kind of like that. Baskets for different
snacks and things and down at the bottom there’s the refillable mugs. So if you want
a refillable mug, there they are. This is one of the dining areas here and over in the middle of the drink station. Kind of the same on both sides. Ice and water down here. You’ve got sodas and tea coffee all kind of stuff
all the way down this island. So if you get your refillable bug this is where you go to fill it back up. Down here around the corner is the
condiments They still have the breakfast stuff out. But this is where you come for your ketchup, mustard or Mayo all the good stuff to gussy up whatever food items
you went with. There’s some of the other dining areas
over here this morning I was over against that far window there.
So now I’m back outside. This is kind of the central courtyard area to the
left is the lobby over to the right a little bit is Boatwrights. And then if we
keep panning around you’ll see the food court again. This is the entrance to the
food court if you’re coming from your room you just go right here and go
straight into it. That bridge goes over to old man Island we’ll go there next. And over here is the boat dock. The boat dock will take you to the French Quarter or to Disney Springs. That’s really cool. Heyy speaking of a boat here comes one
right now. One of my favorite things about the
Wilderness Lodge was the boat so I like seeing the boats here. I don’t know why, I just enjoy them. Heading over to Old Man Island. You can see straight ahead of me that
giant tree in the background that’s old man oak it’s a really cool story of
behind how that tree got here. If you ever wanna just spend some time learning some Disney stuff you should google that. They moved it from the other side of property and it just they brought it here and kind of built oh man Island around it.
They’ve been doing some work today so you may hear some chainsaws from time to time they were clearing out a tree behind that one. Just turned around from where I was. You can see Riverside mill over there. This is the main pool over here on old
man Island. it hasn’t opened yet it’s getting ready to open here in a couple
of minutes. You can see lots of s eating areas over here some picnic tables. This is
where they’re working they’re taking the tree down behind old man oak.
Restrooms back over here. Nice covered area for watching the kids
there’s a playground in the back so this is just a really cool spot for mom and
dad to come hang out have a snack while the kids are swimming. Okay so this right here…we’re coming
here this summer I have a feeling I’m gonna be using these hammocks!
Really cool-looking pool. Gonna walk around to the other side and see if we can see some more the pool area. It’s a gorgeous day out today. I see the lifeguards are getting ready to open things up here. So the slide is kind of over to the
right so you can get a better shot. Little kiddie pool and you can see the slide behind it And you can see this river goes all the way round old man Island. I’m over in alligator Bayou now. this resort is divided into two areas Alligator Bayou Magnolia Bend and in each one has a
different theme. I’m gonna take a look at alligator Bayou first. Now the cool thing
about alligator Bayou is if you have a bigger family so you’ve got three kids, a
lot of the Disney resorts can’t accommodate that but alligator Bayou can. So it’s got a trundle bed that will pull out and you can have room to sleep five
folks without having to get an extra room so that’s really handy. So if you’ve
got a bigger family this is a great option for you. I really like the theming back here. I’ve kind of gone back and forth of which
part of the resort to request when we come and stay and of course your requests aren’t guaranteed but you know I’m really diggin alligator Bayou I like the
look of it. I like how it kind of has that swamp feel to it, but in a safe
family-friendly sorta way. Which is not to say I recommend waiting to cross that
little pond…there’s no telling what’s in there. But I just like the look of this
this is really cool back here. It feels very relaxed it’s quiet, aside from me rambling on. You really can’t hear a lot except the occasional chainsaw of course. But that’s a rare thing This is the bridge I came over a little
while ago from old man Island. Check out some of the things in Magnolia Bend. We’re going to start up here in Acadian house and see what that looks like. Moved on down to the next section. Love this patio or walkway . This is really cool with the lamps above. We’re in the Magnolia Terrace section now. Very elegant-looking. Here comes another boat. I just love this part of this resort. I don’t know it’s just really cool I’ll take this bridge back over Back across the bridge. So here at the
levy you’ve got these really cool towers that have the name of the resort on it
and you can rent these Surrey bikes so you drive around with your family or
they have the individual bike so you can bike around the resort and you do your
own little tour that’s pretty cool I think. And here of course is the river
cruise entrance and like I said before there’s two places you can go from here
one is to the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort which is actually where
I’m getting ready to go now to do another little tour check that place out
so we’ll be posting that at some point. And the other place you can go is down
to Disney Springs you can actually get on the boat here it’ll take you all the
way down to Disney Springs so I have a feeling I’ll probably wind up there
before too terribly long. I like the copper they put on top of the posts. That’s cool. Boat coming in now so we shouldn’t have
to wait too long. So there you have it. All in all, a great
resort. I wouldn’t mind staying here a bit. The rooms look really nice
from the outside anyway like the pool great food court nice gift shop love the
lobby the theming here is just amazing. So definitely highly recommend it. Looking at it online and the vlogs you can tell it’s pretty spread out but actually
wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be it’s really didn’t seem like it was any
more walking around then what I had to do when I stayed at Pop Century. So I
definitely recommend this place. That’s gonna do it for me. Thanks for watching guys have a great week take care y’all.

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