Disney’s Pop Century Resort Tour – A Great Value + 3 Pools, Skyliner & Access To Art Of Animation!

Okay we’re at the Disney’s Pop Century
and we’re gonna give you a hotel tour today. This is the hotel we picked to
stay at this time. We’re only staying here three nights, essentially going to
the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party tonight. And then we’re doing like
a one-day park hopper where we’re gonna do Studios and Epcot. So here’s a TV where you can sit and watch movies while the other parent checks everybody in.
There’s a video game. A couple of video games. A couple of massage chairs. And then
where they can sit and color. So we’re gonna go over here. This is the
registration desk. As you can see it is huge. And they’ve got lots of workers.
There’s at least one, two, three, four, five, workers on staff this morning. Oh, there’s
a sixth one. This is a Guest Information board. So it gives you the hours of the park,
The park hours that they’re operating today, And there’s some great decorations in
the lobby from the different decades that are represented at Pop Century. It
shows some of the pop culture from the past decades. I Dream of Jeannie, The Beach Boys. There’s the Apollo moon program. The first moonwalk. Of course Mickey Mouse is represented in there. Just all kinds of cool memorabilia in these
display cases. So lots to look at in the lobby while you’re waiting to get
checked in. Then at the end of the lobby there’s a place where you can get your
caricature done. And then right around the corner, there is the Fast-Forward
Arcade. It’s actually a pretty nice arcade. Good sized. A big Space Invaders game. Pac-Man. Kids games and adult games. Skeeball. Just a little bit of everything.
And even massage chairs, which you might need after a hard day at the park. And coming out of the arcade there at the end of the lobby, and turning right,
is Everything Pop, Shopping and Dining. And you can walk through here to get to
the food court. To the left at the end of the lobby is where you go out to
transportation, Disney transportation. And there’s some of the buses out there
waiting to take people to the parks. That one’s going to Magic Kingdom. We’ll be
there later! So first let’s go check out the gift shop. We’re here at the end of
October, and of course they have things out for Christmas. Even a Christmas
train. I don’t think I’d get that home in my
luggage. All kinds of Disney character toys. Lots of mugs and cups. And over here are some snacks…healthy and otherwise. At this end of the gift shop, there’s some apparel. Star Wars toys. A lot of ears you can buy there. And hats. There’s Skyliner toys you can buy. We love the Skyliner. And so much Disney stuff if you need more of it. Okay, so now we’re walking into the food court. There’s Gpa having another drink of
soda! So here’s what the ceiling looks like. There’s no ceiling tiles actually on
it. You see the exposed pipes, but then they
have this cool lighting. Over here, this over here is ice cream and specialty
coffees. There’s where you fill your soda up at
the refill station right over here. Here’s where you’re going to go and this
is breakfast of course. It’s being served until 11:00. And you can get like the Mickey shaped waffles, sausage, bacon, turkey bacon.
That’s all over at this station. In every single station, there’s one, two, three,
four of them, they have something different. This one is pancakes, all kinds of pancakes. Over here is the French toast. American Platter with the bacon and eggs and hash
browns. Over here is the omelet station. There’s the bottled water. There is
alcohol over here. Fresh fruit cups, that are over here. Little bitty yogurts, puddings, grapes. Ice tea. And then this is the dessert
section. And then all kinds of danishes. These are doughnuts, all kinds of blueberry muffins.
Banana bread muffins. And then over here is cereal. That lane right there’s for
cash and credit card only. So you cannot use your Dining Plan at that
particular register. But that makes it go faster. Okay we’ll show you now where the dining room is where you can actually go and eat. And then this is the dining hall. And you just have to drop in napkin and
they pick it up right behind you. They’re real good at cleaning up. And we’re gonna
go take a walk outside. And this is the front entrance to the food court. You can
enter through the gift shop, but there’s also this front entrance right where it
says Pop! Coming out that entrance right here is the Hippy-Dippy Pool. And over
here to the right is Petals. Petals is a poolside bar. It’s not open yet. It’s
about 9:00 in the morning. Here’s the Hippy-Dippy Pool. It’s nice and big.
There’s some life jackets that are free to use there. And it has some big flowers
that shoot water out. And right over there is also a splash pad for kids. And
the pool is surrounded by blocks of rooms. Ask for a preferred room to get you
near the pool and get you near the food court. There’s tables out here where you
can eat you can bring your food out from the food court & eat outside. And there’s these handy directories all around the property so you know where you’re at
right now and where you might want to go. That even shows where the Skyliner
station is here. And there’s not just one pool, there’s three! There are some of the ’50’s rooms here. There’s the Tramp so of course over there is Lady. And right
here is the Bowling Pin Pool. Complete with bowling balls. As you’re walking out
from the food court, the Hippy-Dippy Pool is right in front of you. Walking to
the right gets you to the Bowling Pin Pool. And then walking to the left as you
come out of the main food court door, is another pool. So we’re gonna go see that
one. We went to the ’50’s, this is the ’60’s. Now we’re heading on to the 70’s and the
80’s. They do have the Hippy Dippy Pool open. They did not have the Bowling Pin
open, so we’ll see if the other pool is open yet this morning. Or maybe it’s so
quiet they only have lifeguards for this one. There’s like a Play-Doh
can over hear. Then over on this side we have Baloo the Bear and Mowgli. He is big! Look at him…he’s bigger than the building. He’s really tall! The big giant yo-yo. There’s actually a set of stairs inside
there. So this over here, Stan, I’d say that’s the 70’s. Look at the disco shoes,
mood rings, Bicentennial. And I was just saying look at this giant 8-track tape.
Says Bubble Gum Greats, 70’s Pop, Boogie Man Records. It says, “1976 America celebrates its
Bicentennial. Barbara Walters joins ABC News as the first woman to co-host the
Network News. What a pretty picture this morning of Hourglass Lake. Look at those
irises – they’re still blooming. And now we’re coming into the 80’s. I see Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head up there. There they are. The perfect couple…made for each other.
And you can unmake them…anytime you want to. And it’s cool how they have all the
trivia facts about the different decades around the resort as you walk along the
paths. Some big Rubix cubes. I never got mine solved so it looked like that. And
Pac-Man. And they have little words and phrases that were popular during those
decades. Preppie. Breakdance. Awesome. There’s a Sony Sports Walkman FM with
headphones. And here is the other pool, down here in the 80’s and 90’s area.
There’s Roger Rabbit with his worst enemy…turpentine. And this pool would normally just be a nice quiet pool area. Not too busy. It’s the smallest of the
three pools, but nice very nice. Honey, say for sure. For sure. Say awesome. Awesome! And they have a lift to help handicapped guests get in the pool. And here is a nice big QWERTY keyboard from a computer you can play on. That there’s a huge Big Wheel here. And right next to it is a big foosball game. And a giant Mickey phone. That’s a big Mickey. Definitely not a Hidden Mickey. We’re gonna go ride the
Skyliner now. And there’s Classic Hall, we’re out in front of that. So we’re
gonna go straight out this way past the Hippy Dippy Pool, and to the Generation
Gap Bridge which connects you to the Art of Animation Resort. And the Skyliner platform is about halfway across the Generation Gap Bridge. It’s the only
floating Skyliner station. Pop Century is a very cool resort. It opened in December of 2003 and it’s really one of our favorite resorts we always like to
come back to. Very reasonably priced. They have their own dedicated bus
transportation just for this resort. Whereas like the other ones, other value
resorts, which are All-Star Movie, Music, and Sports, they all have to share
one bus. Or a Little Mermaid which has to share it with all the Suites.This is my choice. Plus it’s near the gondola station. Yeah. Which is where
we’re going next. Yes. We love Pop Century.

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  2. TripN With Red says:

    We love this Resort. The Skyliner makes Pop Century even better. Great review. Thanks for taking us along with you on your journey. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Sam Clark says:

    Was our favorite hotel by miles. Now we simply can't stay there because the gondolas are taking away from bus service. We're terrified of exactly those kind of heights situations if that makes sense. Now bus service is reduced and it's already a nightmare, and we were told bus service will be discontinued there all together within a year. So unbelievably disappointed. We are All-Star bound now 😫.

  4. David Lewis says:

    Do u know how much the caricature drawings were?

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