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Disneyland Hotel Tour Disneyland Paris [2019] Room Tour * Breakfast * Amenities * Perks

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It’s been a busy day Goodnight and dream about Disneyland Paris Huh?? Where am I?? Hey sleepy head, wake up! We have to show the people the Disneyland Hotel! Come on, get out of bed. Hey Guys! Sorry for the sleep in, but We’re in the DISNEYLAND HOTEL!!! It’s really a dream come true to walk in to the Disneyland Hotel and be that person at the reception checking in and stay in a Disneyland Hotel room Here you can stay in some epic rooms Okay, you’ve made me curious For example, one of the smaller suites is the Tinkerbel suite It’s got a living area and a separate bedroom The Tinkerbel suite is decorated in the same style as the Disneyland Hotel But it has got some Tinkerbel details Like illustrations on the wall The view is impressive as you are looking over the back side of the Disneyland Hotel and you can see al the guests entering the park Okay, that sounds pretty good, but tell me more about most exclusive room here in the Disneyland Hotel The most spectacular suite in the Disneyland Hotel is The Sleeping Beauty suite You will have the best view possible over the Disneyland Park There is a giant dining table in the room An enormous living area with a grand piano and in the bathroom you’ll will find a whirlpool That sounds AMAZING!! It does! I’m looking forward for that whirlpool! I can imagine that you would. And to eat at that giant dining table Yeah, but… it’s not where we are staying…. We’re staying in the regular Disneyland Hotel room fortunately there is no reason for disappointment because we are sleeping in the Disneyland Hotel! And that is amazing by itself in addition of a spacious bedroom with TV and bathroom with bath we get to show you some other stuff that’s in this room Small interruption the tour that you are about to see is from our first room Disneyland Hotel room The reason why we changed rooms is also going to explained There is this cabinet with the TV the Nespresso machine and a kettle and some drawers They gave us 4 for free and if you like to use more you gan buy them in the mini bar Robes and even some slippers our view isn’t really spectacular to be honest, but who cares we will close those curtains and won’t see anything What is cool is that we are near the train station and this is the parking space of the Disneyland Hotel We are going to take a look at the bathroom The curtain of the bathroom is also a little bit different than we’re used to is it really a shower curtain? it’s really confusing It feels like normal fabric but this part is shower curtain Okay But it suits the theming well. The theming of Fantasia What I also love about the bathroom is that it has the deluxe spa bottles What I absolutely like about this bathroom is That they got a very nice mirror which depicts the seven dwarfs and Snow White Want to use the toilet? Well this button over the is very important because it’s your volume of the television (music) You can have a party on the toilet! (music) Volume up! Volume down! Volume up! (television sounds) And if you like to eat something or have an emergency you can also call the reception Is this roomservice? Do you also deliver ON the toilet?? (cricket noise) We didn’t have breakfast yet. Well, lets see what the breakfast is al about Breakfast at the California Grill!! oh my gosh!!! NICE! Well, we’ve got fresh juice apple juice Wow These are way bigger than in the other hotels lovely I’m gonna get me some of these nice And we can boil our own eggs then you have to wait here for atleast 3 minutes I chose a lot of random stuff look at my plate Fish! How can i eat that in the morning. Don’t know Pancake, blini’s Butter, cheese and lemon now I’m boiling eggs The orange one is the one we’re going for So 4 minutes Long time to go still Do I have to wait here, or can I walk around and come back? madeleines Warm?! I didn’t know that was a possibility! White beans in tomato sauce fried mushrooms sausages bacon Ahh! pre boiled eggs and scrambles eggs these are the plates of the Disneyland Hotel! What am I doing with this one?! that’s awesome! what’s this? looks like creme brûlée Creme Brûlée for breakfast? WOW! this is… .. Yakult Looks like my kind of breakfast! And on the other side we’ve got a whole arrangement of preserves Tea Nutella for on your crepes I got myself a croissant , proper sized croissant With strawberry jam and butter of corse Your boiled egg My boiled egg?!! So we can compare What a service he Some kind of pecan tart and… pancakes! So Sven, how is my boiled egg? You had it set for 4 minutes should be medium at that time I left it in for 6 ,7 minutes and ehh it’s ehhh runny, runny, runny me on the other hand I’ve got the pre boiled egg and this one is perfect It looks like this on the inside but also like this! That’s strange Crepe with Nutella “The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast” Atleast here in Disneyland Paris We’ve got our second cup of coffee and it’s just the way I like it Milk and coffee in a Disney mug that’s how I drink it at home as well! It’s perfect, I feel at home! I think I’ll never leave Because. This view!! Look at Goofy, Mickey and Minnie lying in front of the Disneyland Hotel enjoying the sunshine! what an excellent idea driving on to the Disneyland Hotel property is the same as the other Disney hotels But then you get to the main entrance, here behind me And then it’s a little bit different. Normally you would drive straight to the parking and park your car and go ahead with your own business. But this looked like valet parking and we … didn’t end up using it. We were so flabbergasted, we totally forgot about valet parking. What we should’ve done was park our car in front of the reception, ask one of the cast members about valet parking give them our key and let them park our car. They can also get your luggage and bring it to your room! we done it all ourselves so, that was a little bit silly!
– Now we know what to do next time will there be a next time? Of course there will be a next time! Guys, we wanted to show you the swimming pool. Where here in the gardens of the Disneyland Hotel We really wanted to show you the swimming pool, but it’s a bit awkward to go inside and film everybody who’s swimming overthere. But we’re here early in the morning and no one is using the swimming pool I even think it’s closed right now. So we can film from outside have a sneak peak. As you can see there’s a Jacuzzi and there are some beds where you van lay down and relax. The swimming pool is not so big I think, if the entire hotel would like to use the swimming pool at ones, I don’t think you cab swim anywhere. You will feel like sardines in a can. The crocodiles from the Fantasia
movie are guarding the entrance to the Disneyland Hotel pool and health club. But there’s more than just a swimming pool and a spa, there’s even an arcade. The Madhatter’s game arcade, well it’s probably a bit crazy over here. You know the name of this game?
– Yes, it’s called air hockey But in the PacMan theming What’s this for a giant beast? Typhoon! Oh a racing game It looks a bit like Star Wars
– I wanna go pot racing And, here’s a Mario Cart game.
Pretty nice And here we’ve got some things for..
– Oh! Real American Whac-A-Mole But we don’t have any coins.
– How much is it? It’s one token, you need tokens Where do we get tokens?
Oh here, here’s the token machine. So, let’s see Two euros is one token.
So, if you want to play one game, you have to pay 2 euros. We don’t have any cash, so we can’t try it. Okay, let’s see what else they’ve got. Hit the creepy clowns in the back.
Native American Clowns. Different colors. Different colors, hmm…
– Well, they look very creepy. And overhere is also a typical American game, isn’t it? – Yeah
Iceball Is it called Ice Ball? I thought it had a different name?
– Ski Ball? Skiball? Hmmm… This is also a Whac-A-Mole kind of game. Push the buttons and then … I’m not good at this haha. Luckily for us, we don’t cary any cash at the moment.
– I’m very lucky, because I would lose definitely So, let’s go and find other stuff
here in the Disneyland Hotel Well, I see a nursery. And Duffy’s in the window display And here at the Minnie Club is a giant Hippo from the Fantasia movie, welcoming you to the club. Can you here that soothing music? It’s go get you in the right mood
for your spa treatment. Hmmm So if you are looking for a very relaxing treatment, these are the prices for everything that they offer. Are you going to use all these extra’s? No, of course not!
You’ll be out in the park and the Disneyland Hotel is perfect for it because There’s no security when you want to enter the park. That’s because technically you
are already inside the park Leaving you room, going to the exit of the hotel all you need to do is going through
the Disneyland Park gate and you’re in! This is where we’re staying guys, I cannot believe it. Oh man, it’s finally happening. So, we’re not going to take THAT exit.
– No way! We don’t even have to take our car to drive to our hotel. Or walk all the way through Disney Village to Sequoia Lodge or New Port Bay or Cheyenne or Santa Fé
– No way, that’s to far we’re doing that! No, we are staying here. Well, somewhere up here. And probably way over there in the outer wing. We won’t stay in one of the suites with the view on the castle, but … I’m happy nevertheless to be staying in the PINK hotel PINK hotel PINK hotel At this moment we are in our second
hotel room, here in the Disneyland Hotel, yes, our second because .. we could here every train and every announcement that was shouted out over the platform. In the first place we asked for a quiet room. So we went down to the reception
and we got another room. It’s in the other wing, so we’re now in the west wing overlooking the
front of the Disneyland Hotel with the fountains. – Soft Disney music is playing – But also here was a small problem … with the sinks.
The water wouldn’t drain. So this morning we left a note for
housekeeping that the drains were blocked. and well, we came back from a long
day in the parks and guess what … It’s fixed! – knock knock knock knock- Yes? Turn down service
– Oh, that’s nice But not by me haha Two maids asked if we wanted turn down service and we said, uhh yes. No idea what turn down service is
actually like, but here is the result. So what they actually did was … Rearrange the pillows and open up the duvet, and left a chocolate, and the well wishes for a good night Opposite of the restaurants that
are in the center of the Disneyland Hotel Is café Fantasia You probably know this café from many of our videos because it’s our life saver. Cold weather?
– Coffee at Café Fantasia Grumpy and hungry?
– Café Fantasia Late night drink?
– Café Fantasia Because café Fantasia is very close to Inventions, which is a character dining experience it’s very common you run into some Disney Characters. Hey Guys!
Hello! Hey Goofy!
Hello! Wow, they are on their way to California Grill. We almost forgot to show you this beautiful
shop here at the Disneyland Hotel. Yes, exactly
– Well, we’ve been here before so
if you know our videos you know that uhh You know this shop. So, we’re getting our stuff from yesterday, we left some things in the Disneyland park and we’re going to pick it up know in our, in our beautiful hotel. Here it comes
– Yeah! So if you want to check inside Yes Yes, yes perfect. If you’re staying in a Disneyland hotel
you can shop in the parks and have it delivered to your hotel. This caught our attention,
we thought it was very funny. It’s the helmet of Boba Fett, in glitter. Gem packed really, with gem’s. And a bullet hole in there
– At least a dent I think it’s awesome. Yeah, it’s awesome!
– It’s really cool. And it’s about 7000 euros. Well guys, this was the end of our room tour. We hope you liked this video. Please give
it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button. And maybe next time we’ll … see you in Main Street!
BYE! Bye guys!
– Bye!
– Doei! Well Elise It’s time to leave huh? Yeah I’m pretty sad about it you know We’ll be back. Not as a guest but, we will be back
– I’ll be back Here we go You’re still here? It’s over.
Go home Go! BOUNT BOUNT…(chickachicka)

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