Dhonnai Biryani – Bangalore – Shivaji Military Hotel

Hey Guys!! We are now in Shivaji Military hotel, This place is known for Dhonnai Biryani. So we came here to try it. We got the permission for taking video, We struggled a lot to get permission, But then we got the permission. Usually, this place will be fully packed I mean people stand in ques and get their food. But today it is not, because it is Ram Navami today [HINDU WILL NOT EAT ANY NON VEG IN THIS PARTICULAR DAY] It is going to be easy for us to shoot this place. [IRFAN SPEAKS IN ENGLISH AS HE IS EXCITED] [IRFAN’S VIEW’S INTRO MUSIC] [FOOD] [MUSIC] I will add the link of this place in the below description. There will be my website, I will add the exact location of this place. I want you guys to watch my website, for that sake, I am doing all this. [MUSIC] We need a perfect place so that we can shoot perfectly. We are waiting for that. I am with a special one today. VIJAY: Hi Vijay is here with us today, Without this guy, it might be very difficult for us to shoot this particular place. We don’t know the Kannada language, and these people don’t know my mother tongue [TAMIL] We might ask Video, They might say no. We might have gone without shooting this place. But Vijay didn’t leave the manager till he says okay. VIJAY: You must try this place bro, that the only reason. I really appreciate, Thank you so much bro. He came from Australia, And did this biggest favour. VIJAY: That’s okay bro. [MUSIC] Three people have come from Coimbatore, TamilNadu. MAN 1: No I reside in Bangalore. He is the one who is from Coimbatore. How was the food, sir? MAN 1: It was good, we will get typical Karnataka taste in here, What is your favorite here? Biryani or Chicken masala or Mutton masala? MAN 1: Chicken was good, we didn’t have mutton. Sarvajith what was your favorite here? SARVAJITH: I liked biryani and that Red colored one… Chicken fry? You liked that both? Very good. Sir, for you? SIR: Biryani. So almost everyone liked the Biryani. Thank you so much. [MUSIC] We’ve bought Chicken biryani as well as Mutton Biryani. And also chicken fry, chicken leg, mutton fry, and liver, paya. I’ve never had this type of biryani before. I mean Bangalore style biryani, This is the first time. I am very excited. [MUSIC] This is mutton biryani, It has Mutton in it, [MUSIC] Wow!!!! How will I describe this biryani! I had this kind of biryani somewhere, It has that taste, The flavor of the mutton is there, Flavorful biryani, I feel the salt is little bit high. But the taste ignored all the negativity, It has that Jeera Samba rice’s biryani. But not the exact taste of it. It is the authentic taste of Karnataka, Bangalore. Some say the origin is from here. Chicken Fry. This place has very limited varieties The kitchen was very clean, they’ve made everything in big quantities. I thought of taking a video of the kitchen. But already we faced difficulties on getting permission to shoot this place itself. So that is impossible. Look how it breaks!! Well cooked. I had a chicken fry when I went to Ahmedabad, It has that same taste in it. I said that was the best chicken at that time, That same taste I can feel in this dish. That masala was like half cooked, It is to some other extent [VERA LEVEL] Mouthwatering so don’t mind my language. It is ultimate. I don’t how well this fry will go with biryani but It will go very well with white rice. Liver [MUSIC] They’ve added rich masala in this liver, It has a rich aroma, It has the flavor of the liver as well as the masala. Masala and liver didn’t disturb each other’s taste, It is perfect. They will add poppy seeds I guess. It was good. Chicken soup, Wow!! It is thick, Sheep’s leg paaya is there. Let us try it. [MUSIC] My expectation has gone wrong about this place. My thought was like South Indian food is the best. South India is in the sense of Tamil Nadu. If we go upper like Karnataka or Andhra we won’t like their food, This was my thought when I left Tamil Nadu. But here every dishes is good. Particularly this place is amazing. They are just rocking up with Non-Veg foods, Tasty like something. They are serving the biryani with a lemon, I think we should add it while eating, It looks beautiful when they serve on Dhonnai [DRIED LEAF] It is Dhonnai. They will give this in temples, Dhonnai biryani started from here, Let us try the Chicken Biryani, Almost the same, Chicken has been replaced in the place of Mutton. They’ve made it seperately, I can feel the differentiation, The same Masala has been used for both the biryani, It is similar. Let us try it with lemon. You may think it is a stupidity, But they’ve given so I must try it. It is good, When I added the lemon it has totally elevated the biryani to some other extent. They’ve gone to top gear and uplifted the food. Different masala for this one, But it is good. It is spicy, Spicy as well as nice, It has pickle taste in it, They are adding more cucumber in Raitha, The reason why I didn’t touch the mutton is It looks Beautiful, So I am telling my mind that “I am saving best for the last”, I can smell the raw smell in every masala in here, Raw is in the sense masala has not perfectly cooked, But that tastes awesome, It is like mutton sukka, it has a strong aroma of chili, It is the toppest food, Paaya is a dish which I like but I don’t adore it, Because it is the dish which has heavy stuff, But here they have done it perfectly, Paaya is like up to its point. We can have that soup seperately, I am satisfied. [MUSIC] You have card facilities, right? So, guys, we are done with the place. Amazing Food in here. My thought was we won’t get a proper taste of biryani anywhere except TamilNadu. So I didn’t have any expectation before entering this place. But I’ve got a very good biryani at this place. In biryani itself how many varieties are there!! We are living in a place and we say this place alone serves extraordinary biryani. But this biryani was also good. That is the speciality. The taste differs in each place but the name is same. Their making process is totally different. It gives the taste of Jeera samba rice. The lemon I must say. It elevates the whole dish to some other extent. Not only the biryani but also the other dishes. It was also good. They are making it in large quantities whether that’s the reason behind that taste, Or I don’t knaow. Let it be Chicken masala and that chicken leg, As I said the masalas were a little bit raw, It has the raw aroma of chilly. Comparatively the Mutton fry was not that much good. The pieces were not a good one. That was only one drawback in here. It has bones in it and Also fatty pieces were there, So there were not a proper pieces in it. Masala was good. Overall I got an unforgettable experience today. I’ve got a very good lunch on my first day itself. I am very happy for that. If you guys come to Bangalore from anywhere, You must try this restaurant. If you like Non-veg. If you live Bangalore and may not know this place, I am ordering you to come and try this place. And tell it on my comments if you tried this place. And mention what was your favorite dish? How was the food bro? VIVEK: It was awesome. VIVEK: Chicken Gravy. That was good. Biryani was also good, I had this taste somewhere before but I couldn’t remember the place. All the dishes were good. This man is a Vegetarian. So he couldn’t have his lunch here. I am a little bit worried he showed us the place but he couldn’t have lunch. VIJAY: You must eat bro. VIJAY: If you eat it is equal that I am eating. If you like the video do like, Share it, Vijay said subscribe my channel so do it right now. I don’t want it, I am scared. Shall I? So we had it in upstairs. Car.

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  1. Shariq Saifi says:

    Do they serve halal meat or non Halal?

  2. Boss A says:

    U can try hyderabad biriyani

  3. apps and others tamil updates says:

    Super bublu

  4. Sachin Rao says:

    I don't speak Tamil, but I understood most of it through your expressions. Awesome bro 👍

  5. a a says:

    You will try empire hotel Koramangala

  6. Be Unique says:

    They treat customers like beggars . Don't go

  7. Ajay Mugilan says:

    bro address

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    Check out ananda dum briyani hoskote 6 am briyani

  9. pradev king says:

    Poda dhadiya

  10. Mahadev J says:

    l irfon.welcome to Bangalore. oldest Military Hotel in Bangalore may be 200 years back in British perid .open.this. hotel. three generation. Maratha style.service. non.veg.itam.foumas.we.love.so.much.. thanks.

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    Le dummy first speak n learn kannada in karnataka …

  12. Indiadreams says:

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  13. abi sundar says:

    Review Mani's dum biryani in Bellandur, Bangalore…The best biryani around that area bro…Must try… especially fish biryani

  14. Steve raj says:

    Bro i am worried i dint meet you, and u dint even respond to my comments, are u still in bang or moved???

  15. Prakash S says:

    Eating style is not good

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    உங்களுக்கு வவுத்து வலி கன்பாமுங்க
    வாயில எச்சி ஊறுது

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    Bangalore biryani is sidiq biryani is best irfan

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    Dai gundu paiya verupethathada
    Saptu saptu verupethranathiriye irukku

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