5 Replies to “Deadly Motel Shooting Suspect Caught”

  1. The One Who Knocks. says:


  2. Dion Afeworki says:

    Latinos 70% in downey😅😅

  3. Hard working gun toting black guy 3 says:

    Deport illegals 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  4. Jeanette Garcia says:

    I had passed by when the after math happened. Their was a guy in handcuffs, a couple smoking there talking to a police officer and the dead guy laying down on the floor. Looks like he got shot in the head because their was a huge puddle of blood chunky too. It was scary because u dont see that in Downey. Sucks this is happening here. Keep that shit in the ghetto.

  5. Athena Hearn says:

    Rest in peace to my two cousins Jimmy and Ivan

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