Đavolja varoš, Kopaonik, Vrnjačka Banja/The Devil’s Town, Kopaonik and Vrnjacka Spa

Do you believe there’s a place at the end of the world? Did you know there’s a stream that should not be stepped on? Where is the most stunning viewpoint? Is there a wine that can boost your mood? Is there a bridge where you can lock your love forever? Can you make your worries disappear forever? If it’s true for you, come with us and follow the paths of legends and mysteries. Get to know Serbia! Our adventure begins in this beautiful city in the south of the country packed with extraordinary historical and cultural treasures. In the Roman Era, the city was called Ad Fines, which meant ‘ a place at the end of the world’. Welcome to Kurshumlija! I’m standing at the place where the founder of the Nemanjic Dynasty erected his first endowment, The Monastery of St. Nicholas. He also restored this old Byzantine Church of the Blessed Virgin, which remains stand not far from here. Because these lead church roofs had reflected glaring light on sunny days, people named the place White Churches during the reign of the king Stefan Nemanja. Today’s name Kurshumlija got from the Ottoman era. These old churches hadn’t survived the ravages of time, unlike these two hundred and two natural stone sculptures, situated about thirty kilometers east of the city. These natural stone formations are actually a group of petrified wedding guests, or at least, that’s what an old legend says. These high stone formations are actually a very rare natural phenomenon which was a nominee in the New Seven Wonders of Nature campaign! Our guide Branko, the expert on this matter, answered all our questions gladly. But, nevertheless, there is much more to be explored and explained about this place that science has no answer yet. Science or mistery, that is the question! Welcome to the Devil’s Town! There are many legends about the origin of these stone formations, and all of them are rather interesting to hear. Also, there are many interesting beliefs in the area. One of them says that if you tie a paper tissue around a piece of wood in front of the Church of St. Petka, all your worries will disappear! According to another one, you should never step into the Devil’s stream because you’ll be bewitched. I dared to do so and have survived! This wonderful area is known for its mines, so the whole mountain was named after the ore mining – Kopaonik. This is where we’ll spend the night. After breakfast, we go for a walk in the thick coniferous forests, full of endemic species of plants, and almost two hundred species of mushrooms and herbs! This time, we’re after another legend, which says that Serbian hero, prince Marko, had thrown a stone over the mountain. to hit the Turkish soldiers, but he overthrew it, and the stone fell right here, where today we enjoy a stunning view from! After visiting the Devil’s Town and Kopaonik mountain, we are about to taste full body wines from the winery run by the family Nikolić. There is another legend saying that only a few sips of this white wine can boost your mood, and lift your spirit. That’s s why it is called the Stubborn. Don’t you miss to taste this fabulous wine, or to enjoy incredibly delicious local specialties. Believe me, you won’t regret! On the contrary, you’ll have time of your life just as we had! French people say that a day without a glass of wine is a day wasted. I agree with them! A wasted day is also a day not spent in this beautiful nature. So, book your own tour on the Serbia Adventures website. After leaving the winery Nikolić, we arrive at the Vrnjcka Spa, the queen among all spas in Serbia. Welcome to Vrnjačka Banja, This is a health resort very popular for its hot springs of mineral water with extremely healthy features. There is also a beautiful promenade very much liked by Serbian famous actor Dragan Nikolić, to whom a monument was erected on the promenade. The city is also well-known for its Bridge of Love, where young couples lock their love with padlocks. Desanka Maksimović, the Serbian famous poetess, wrote beautiful verses about the bridge. How the legend was made, you’ll find out when you arrive at this amazing place. If you liked this video, join us! Explore Serbia and discover it’s natural gems with us! Book your own tour on the Serbian Adventures website. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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