DAD JOKES BY ALASTOR / (Angel, Ashley, Kellen, Niffty) Hazbin Hotel Storyboard – AnimatedMau

Did you hear about the guy who invented
the knock-knock joke? No, How… it was a, NO BELT PRIZE! AH, JA JA JA JA Wow Ha, Ha ha, Ha… I used to hate facial hair but
then screw on me What the Fuck? Yes! i want sale my vacuum cleaner cuz it was just gathering dust that’s what they do dude what’s brown and sticky? what?… (A Stick) A STICK!!! i gonna say.. ALSO !, ALSO !, NUTELLA And that too yet Nutella´s too Ahhh… heres the cuestion Why can´t here a psychiatrist using the bathroom? Why not? because the P is silent! Ha.. Ha… Angel !, Angel ! What Kellen? whats…what does james bond do before bed? what? i dunno, i’ve never fucked him, What he do? he goes… he goes
undercover Get the fuck up of here Kellen! Oh, Ashley!… oh, uno, what? What did you get frome a pampered cow? I don’t know, what?… Spoiled milk! it’s that a dad jokes I can never
tell I think it’s helped proud of himself
Alastor sounds whenever he delivers the delivers the punchline the diluting Oh!, I have another
question for you Ashley oh, Why? can February March? i dont know No, but April
me! Ha, Ha ha ha you fucking hack! get off the stage! Angel let him tell those jokes of
makes them happy How many jokes do we need? Zero! Get out of the stage! lets.. lets do more and why a joke about paper? NO! Oh, thats fine… ITS TERRIBLE! …Its a little cheesy god dammit…

70 Replies to “DAD JOKES BY ALASTOR / (Angel, Ashley, Kellen, Niffty) Hazbin Hotel Storyboard – AnimatedMau”

  1. Noah Johnson says:

    He tells dad jokes and has no children
    He is a faux pa

  2. YuriFan #1 says:

    I laughed with Ashley.

  3. Kk Kk says:

    Angel is me when my friends do this

  4. Sunriru says:

    The first thing that popped in my head with the "what is brown and sticky?" Was the word poop

  5. Anarchette says:

    I smiled so friggin hard watching this.

  6. Ralph says:


  7. gachatuber Wayne says:

    In know the series for this says not for children but I'm 10 I understand all of it and keep up the good work I love it

  8. OakGordan says:

    OK, what are the audios from?

  9. Dominic Hess says:

    Dog I love this

  10. Cameron Sanchez says:

    "Can February March?"
    "Um…I don't know can it?"
    " N O ! But April May!"

  11. Heathenly_Aesthetic says:

    This guy is a riot. 🤣😂 ❤
    He had me wheezing and scaring the people sitting around me.

  12. Oso 4UA says:

    God damn it. Ashley's laugh and cuteness cured my depression. Now I'm motivated and have purpose. May dad jokes rain on down upon you.

  13. Ander Bach says:

    I just can't wait till you really make a series out of it

  14. Luxsnort says:

    mi aspiradora tambien esta acumuñando polvo

  15. Monroville says:

    A papa mole, a mama mole and a baby mole were tunneling in the ground in Canada.

    The papa mole stops and says “mama mole, can you smell maple syrup?”

    The mama mole says “I don’t know.. baby mole, do you smell maple syrup?”

    The baby mole says “I don’t know about maple syrup, but all I smell is molasses!”

  16. Spice _61 says:


  17. Deadly Ponys says:

    1:59 They walked right into that one!

  18. Novacraft217 says:

    The fact that this is Allaster makes me so happy XD

  19. cookie_ star says:

    Alstor: now this is entertaining

  20. Jack Strange says:

    Something about everyone just dead silent while Ashley dies of oxygen deprivation just tickles me.

  21. makitstop says:

    this is one of the most cursed things i can think of

  22. I don’t know What I’m doing says:

    Plot twist Alastor actually does this and everyone laughs because Alastor kills anyone who doesn’t laugh

  23. Mindyodamnbusiness says:

    Freaking amazing love Alistor!

  24. Arizona Tallent says:

    What did one golfer say when greeting another?

    "Putter there!"

  25. MusicalArtist25 says:

    Is it bad that I want Alistor to do this in the next episode?

  26. Gregthehedgehog09 says:

    This is why I think Alastor is better XD

  27. Kubase123 says:

    the james bond joke fucking killed me

  28. LORD of griffins says:


    .а ты гей

  29. Myracle Woodford says:

    Angell Dust tho🤣

  30. Flip Flop says:

    What’s the voice changer that Al uses?

  31. goldensniper4you says:

    This is how i learned about hazbin hotel

  32. Elder Fire says:

    This one

    I like this one

  33. Redway bull says:

    Alastor : Did you hear about the man who lost his left arm and his left leg?

    Ashley between fits of laughter : No

    Alastor : Well no matter he's all right now.

    Angel oblivious that it was even meant to be a joke : What about his other left arm? Did he lose that'n too?

  34. Mr Fidget says:

    These dad jokes are for those with real life xperience and its actually relatable do more its real good and tickles my serotonin levels to high

  35. Amanda Elizabeth says:

    The James Bond one killed me

    “I dunno, I never fucked him”

  36. Mettatonyx says:

    I love you

  37. The Creeper King says:

    “Also Nutella!”

  38. Cave's In The Lab says:

    I used all of these and got literally the same responses.
    One person laughs super hard
    One despises me and wants me to die
    The other is completely unimpressed

  39. AzafTazarden says:

    I can't wait for a whole season of Alastor

  40. Lucario2K6™ says:

    so HAPPY that, while being Italian, i can still laugh at this jokes XD

  41. ravager0292 says:

    Please so more jokes it's so funny I love it ….. Also have angel tell a few I know that will get a rise from some people XD

  42. Toxic_Tomb123 4 says:

    I know alot of jokes about skeletons If it exists i probably know it ihave a problem there all just stuck in my skull Haha help me

  43. val Temirov says:

    Do you hear the November rain outside

    No I don't hear Axl Rose

  44. I drowned says:

    Angel is just so done

  45. kirara2516 says:

    "Can February March? No, but April May." – I legit laughed at that. I've never heard that one before.

  46. Lunar Templar says:

    Alastor is a gift

  47. PaulTiger says:

    Alastor: *makes a joke*

    Ashley: *WHEEEEZEE*

  48. T R D J says:

    "idk i never fucked him, wat he do?"
    nice one

  49. XAnonAdviserX says:

    yeah, im using this jokes when i become a dad

  50. Lord of KAOS 83 says:

    I can already smell the incoming toxic fanbase, this show never stood a chance

  51. Grognak The 3rd says:

    that bat is so cute

  52. Mylee Huff says:

    I’m Angel Dust if you’ve ever seen me

  53. Scotty says:

    genuine helpless laughter

  54. Deadly Ponys says:

    Guys, Guys guys guys….. 1:02 Why is no one talking about Al's derp face?!

  55. NERF обзор says:

    Я не хуя не понял

  56. I love the Moon says:

    StOp Me I'm LaUgHiNg To DeAtH

  57. mr lol says:

    Me seeing end of the video: oh…. So Alastor and Angel dust canon

  58. Coco'sBluePeace says:

    This is amazing! I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off my bed! XD

  59. Kelsey M. says:

    Okay a bitch genuinely laughed. This was funny 🤣

  60. max brandin says:

    This is my first vid to see for u and it is so fucking funny I already subscribed

  61. WhispR says:

    What did Batman tell Robin before they got in the batmobile?

    Robin, get in the batmobile.

  62. Night Burning the sun says:

    Hey wanted to here something, the stock market crash of 1929

  63. springtrap wolf demon says:

    What does James Bond do when he's in bed he goes undercover XD

  64. Josie Bianchi says:

    Alastor has the same level of satisfaction delivering the punchline as Joke Yoda

  65. naruhina & sasusaku forever and always says:

    "I don't know I never fucked him before. What does he do?"

    Angel oh my jeez I can't breathe-

  66. diesel7268 says:

    What do you call a magic owl?


  67. C. G. says:

    "There are no accidents." -Master Oogway

  68. Maphisto_2028 says:

    Must know
    The name of song

  69. The Fangrell says:

    1:02 look at Al's face lol

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