100 Replies to “Crazy turbulence on KLM-flight from Geneva to Amsterdam”

  1. Daily Mail says:

    Hey there! I'm from the MailOnline – we would love your permission to use this video in our web player to share to our millions of viewers.

    If you could get back to me at [email protected] to discuss this, that'd be fantastic!

    Thanks very much, all the best
    Jack W

  2. Melbin Bautista says:

    shaky airplane no problem as long im watching it on youtube

  3. oskarelias p says:


  4. Nathan Hunter says:


  5. agnostic47 says:

    That was nothing. If it's real turbulence the captain asks the cabin crew to be seated.


    Am I The Only One Here Who Likes Turbulence 😂?

  7. stephanos jacobsen says:

    I was in heavy turbulence when I was going from Brasilia to Paris, but when you have first class bed and champagne you just go sleep when the plane start dropping

  8. Chris Keller says:

    Neither Geneva nor Amsterdam is an islamic city. Still there is an islamist with a hidjab on the plane.

  9. dimmkah says:

    Man, Swiss chicks are hardcore. They're laughing about it.

  10. Ayri Feek says:

    Lol at that guy smashing his head

  11. Mami Senpai says:

    I've been flying at least four times a year for three years now. Turbulence still makes me cry lol

  12. alan jackson says:

    I remember taking off from Paris (air France) in the climb enroute to UK, we hit the some pretty bad turbulence. We were sat in the rear and this big male flight attendant left his cart and jumped in an empty seat behind us and buckled up, he had a look at of sheer panic on his face.

  13. Kurdistan Romania says:

    I'm really scared of Turbulence idk why?

  14. I'LL BE BACK ! says:

    Pray to Allah

  15. Al Pra says:

    no matter how brutal the turbulance, your plane will never crash.
    that air asia accident was another story

  16. Robbie Wong says:

    im scared of people screaming

  17. Allen Zhang says:

    I would be scared to death if i was on that plane.

  18. Jeremy Roberts says:

    voce vAI pra Brasilia do angola.

  19. D. Vanildo says:

    Hahahahahaha 😂😂😂

  20. Onthe Plane says:

    Hi there, I’m contacting you from a TV production company in the UK called Tern, where I’m working on a new Channel 4 programme whichexplores passenger behaviours in airports and aboard flights. We’d love to be able to use your video in the programme, and I wondered if you are the owner of the footage? Please email me at [email protected]

  21. theguy man says:

    God I hate turbulence. I hate flying. why is it the only way to get anywhere?

  22. Alex says:

    I hate when someone is screaming in my ear. That's the annoying part about turbulence

  23. Leif Gw Persson says:

    I understanded What they Said

  24. Ahmad Salman says:

    I hope the plane crashed it will be on the movie called "air crash investigation " 😂 LOL

  25. Jim H says:

    Proof that stewardess training of pushing grocery carts and handing out mints while riding the wooden roller-coasters, helps them during turbulent flights!

  26. chf gbp says:

    Very professional crew! I fly that route a lot.

  27. Airen Castillo says:

    Final Destination?

  28. Rxbyg Duh says:

    It’s 2016. And in my recommended. Wow.

  29. Etienne Aubert says:

    The emotional flight support (meaning: the liquor trolley) should have been by five minutes ago! I don't want to die sober, after all!

  30. Develop Prumbo says:

    That Arab women on the right should've had yelled " Alah Ak Bar!!!"

  31. Bob Warren says:

    Crazy turbulence would be people flying out of their seats and bouncing off the ceiling.

  32. Torque of the Devil says:

    All fun and games until you get a wind sheer, then you’re all dead.

  33. Adam 1740 says:


  34. ransome williams says:

    That daughter should have more faith than just to give up and say were all gonna die

    No plane in the last 60 years has crashed due to turbulence dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

  35. John Lee Bass says:

    As a former Int'l Flight Attendant, protocol is to get that damn' cart out of the aisle ASAP, sit down, and make P.A. to fasten seat belts. I don't know what the women were thinking smiling and serving.

  36. user2kffs says:

    Speed bumps are worse

  37. garryonz says:

    Wow, hear all of those men screaming !

  38. moctgaya says:


  39. PUNTLAND says:

    When you suddenly drop altitude during turbulence and you can feel it, it fucking feels horrible

  40. Ima Pseudonym says:

    So, to you, this is "crazy turbulence"?
    The flight attendants didn't even stop their service! Or hit the ceiling.
    That was nothing…

  41. Cipher says:

    "We are all going to die!"
    No. I felt something similar to that on the flight from AKL to ICN, Korean Air 2 months ago and no one was screaming.

  42. Axel’s Flight Simulation says:

    Boeing 737/ embraer 190? wtf does that mean?

  43. Vedang Trivedi says:

    oh my God…its really scary…. stewardess are really… great working during turbulence….😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍

  44. Sinplus Forever says:

    O fy.. va inte det hemskt?? Vart med om en turbulent o de va riktigt otäckt..

  45. Vladimir Putin says:

    When you piss off the wind…

  46. Dogs :D says:

    The person who said we are all gonna die I would have fainted

  47. Melvin Rondahl says:

    Vill du ha nånting att dricka eller?0:07

  48. Charles Martel says:

    This is nothing. On an Alitalia 747 flying from JFK to FCO back in the mid 1980's we hit a 15 min. Patch of turbulence, at night over the mid Atlantic. We experienced 3-4 1,000 foot drops (at least) that you felt in your gut, like a roller coaster. Things went flying. An old Italian woman behind me stsrted crying that we were all going to die, I wanted to turn around and slap her. Even though, an intelligent person knows that aircraft are designed to handle this, still can be unsettling.

  49. Ian James says:

    Confident, smiling, professional cabin crew. Best thing for nervous/turbulance concerned passengers.

  50. Michiel Heinhuis says:

    Scarycats. Do you want your beverage shaken or stirred!

  51. Christopher Thorkon says:

    "What would you like? Sprite? And would you like ice with your Sprite? And would you like broken glass with your ice? And would you like broken bones with your broken glass?"

  52. Stacey Day says:

    Flight attendants are amazing!

  53. Tze Clan says:

    Hejsan svejsan

  54. MilliVanilli says:

    Damn that was NOT good

  55. Bogeyboy3010 says:

    That leg though wtf lol.

  56. When i became the sun.. says:

    8 second mark is awesome

  57. Anni Redfield says:

    That one person… "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!"


  58. RayChildsLife says:

    Haha meanwhile the crew are smiling but all the passengers think their gonna die hahaha if your gonna die your crew won’t be smiling hahaha

  59. Mr.Fodastic says:


  60. frogz says:

    lets wait until the turbulence then start serving drinks lol

  61. Will Shearer says:

    “We’re all going to die”. Shut the fuck up it’s just turbulence

  62. mikakami93 says:

    Really they carrying the food and drink during turbulence ..what an unsafe KLM

  63. clorox bleach says:

    Pussies in the comments are still crying about turbulence like the world will end 😧

  64. Steve In The Philippines says:

    People scream….the air hostess is laughing. Lol

  65. Naser Rad says:

    It must be stopped

  66. Duck Tape says:

    the attendants just keep ignoring the turbulence – lol

  67. Antonino CL says:

    Fucking islam…

  68. Brett G says:

    if the flight crew is serving drinks its not turbulent LOL

  69. Ow Jezus wat een gezeik ook weer says:

    The dutch just stand up end WORK thats our specialty

  70. Slaying Fascist says:

    I would think this would be a good time to suspend beverage service.

  71. Alan Jackson says:

    Probably still in the climb or not at max cruise level maybe, sometimes they release the cabin crew early to start the service. I was leaving Paris once and a similar thing happened to me, short period of moderate turbulence, one of the cabin crew stopped the cart and strapped into a spare seat at the back… Not funny when I was trying to stay cool in front of my hot Danish girlfriend lol.

  72. Alessandro Hernandez says:

    Uhmmm the woman is not necessarily French in Geneva we speak French

  73. Zip Zenac says:

    Are you holding on? Ha ha. I remember to my years in the Oz military when training for the Vietnam War. We'd all pile into Huey helicopters and immediately take off wiithout seatbelts and with the doors wide open. You know the meaning of 'holding on' because your ass grows teeth!

  74. Aasia Zuberi says:

    Oh God the comments passengers were making

  75. okad das says:

    Of course somebody have to shout out " we're all going to die!". Classic.

  76. Azlan Hashim says:


  77. Jinja-Ninja says:

    It’s just a little turbulence

  78. Nicole Zhang says:

    Why are they still serving drinks with that much turbulence lol

  79. KniteTrick says:

    “We’re all going to die”

  80. Chris Blackwell says:

    Classic French causing a stir

  81. Supreme Etnel says:

    I’m laughing at what’s happening but if I was on that plane I probably wouldn’t

  82. Estelle Romanova says:

    Hahaha people overestimating turbulence! Love the reaction of all
    Those scared bitches hahahah

  83. sengin says:

    Fuck the turbulance gove me some pasta bitch anahsgsgsh

  84. James Coster says:

    Alla Hu'Akhbar

  85. Duck Fuke says:

    Steve Aoki pops out of the overhead storage and screams: “WE HIT TURBELENCE.”

  86. Eric Medina says:

    I don't think turbulence is the scary thing. It's when people start to scream that turns turbulence into a nightmare.

  87. Victor says:

    Weird that they laugh. I would be scared.

  88. Peter De Jong says:

    Die stewardessen zijn waarschijnlijk wel wat gewend. Maar ik snap nooit waarom ze niet even pauze houden op momenten als deze

  89. bnat_ almaghrib says:

    2 years ago i was on a flight from Amsterdam to Dubai and we had the heaviest turbulence ever. Everything was falling food drinks. Even the flight attendants were scared. I was looking from some support from them but one of them said she also never experienced it so heavy. Well she really calmed me down..NOT. i really thougt that was my last day..

  90. Robert T says:

    Unexpected but still some dick has time to film it

  91. Luigi Mele says:


  92. dio c4n says:

    Genova not Geneva A!!

  93. Xavier Aranda Montero says:

    Plane shaking
    – Flight assistant: Do you want anything to drink?

  94. Rhea Cueno says:

    I'll be shitting myself

  95. rain51db says:

    watching these things and i’m flying next week

  96. Karl Donatella says:

    Lmao that french woman panicking causing everyone else to panic

  97. Kleine Boodschap says:

    cheap flight probably

  98. Starrycosmo says:

    Omg de är ju en svensk som filmar

  99. The Legend Kuzey says:

    Ahaha vill du nånting att dricka Amanda. Hur blir du ej rädd om jag skulle vara där skulle jag dö xd

  100. Ted Biggs says:

    The passengers were level 1 recruits
    But the flight attendants were level 1000 boss

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