Courtesy of the Gentleman at the Bar w/ Brad Pitt

-Oh, I’m sorry.
I didn’t order that. -Courtesy of the gentleman
at the bar. [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Whispering ] [ Laughter ] -Courtesy of the gentleman
at the table. [ Laughter ] A scorpion bowl
with a steak, medium rare, courtesy of the gentleman
at the bar. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter ] Seafood tower, courtesy of
the gentleman at the table. [ Applause ] A pyramid of Ferrero Rocher, courtesy of the gentleman
at the bar. Edible arrangement. [ Laughter and applause ] Pancakes. 30 hot dogs. [ Laughter ] Old coconut with mini hammer. [ Laughter ] A bucket of tater tots. Party sub. Red M&M. Astronaut ice cream. Calcium chews. Toothpaste with orange juice. Cheese. Hibachi shrimp. Three-tiered wedding cake. -Could I order —
-I’m sorry, sir. The kitchen is
completely out of food. -Well, I guess
it’s the check then. [ Clink ] [ Laughter ] -Courtesy of the gentleman
at the window.

100 Replies to “Courtesy of the Gentleman at the Bar w/ Brad Pitt”

  1. sebastian alegria says:

    Brad, apart from being one of the most handsome men from Hollywood, is a lucky man having worked with an Oscar winner "Leo DiCaprio" in the movie Tarantino's Once Upon Time in Hollywood, for me one of the best films he's been to.

  2. Dan Zorkot says:

    Love ❤️

  3. Renee G says:

    Rachel Greene is making him eat again🤣🤣🤣🤣. Friends anyone.. Love him in that friends episode. This was funny too..

  4. Monique west says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Brrad biting out of that edible arrangement was erotic?

  5. Kay C. says:

    This would be hilarious in real life 😂

  6. shimmeringreflection says:

    The ending fell flat for me

  7. melomailperm says:


  8. Ylva Bjarnson says:

    BRAD IS HOT, Angelina Jolie is crazy!!!!!

  9. Debbies Homemade says:

    I will take the freaking ferror rochet

  10. Monica Monteparte says:

    I never really thought of Brad Pitt as a funny guy but he's been doing some humorous stuff on talk shows the past few months.

  11. Steven Sadowski says:


  12. Евгений Нескажу says:


  13. Nobody Somebody says:

    I literally laughed so hard I started screaming 😂😂😂

  14. Adrian G. says:

    Plot twist:
    Jimmy & Brad are the same person.
    "I am Jimmy's complete lack of surprise"

  15. Laylla's Locker says:


  16. E VH says:

    What watch was Brad Pitt wearing

  17. Atl RC says:


  18. Qiaodan Lin says:


  19. Ksenija Djuric says:

    1:47 Brad eats all that food and says "could i order?" lol same

  20. Alejandro Kahn says:

    Ja ja un m&m!!!!

  21. Walquiria Souza Da Costa says:


  22. Chihuahua Life Sala says:

    Brad is like the wine gets better with the years

  23. Commander Hamilton says:

    Lmaoo omg that chocolate pyramid tho !!

  24. Marti Loeb says:

    I don't find this even remotely funny

  25. つぼまい says:

    the courtesy rally lol

  26. つぼまい says:

    omg serving Brad Pit a wedding cake, who just divorced…

  27. danny whitney says:

    Jimmy Fallon what a disgusting communist socialist pig you're a liar you're a corrupt communist socialist and I hope everybody in America quit watching you because you're nothing but corrupt slimy garbage

  28. Alexis Wojcik says:

    Excellent! (à lire en Français)

  29. Helen Boula says:

    Cute at first but then a bit too much they went overboard with it not funny

  30. Satan says:

    ya only good movie was inglorious bastards

  31. H. A. says:

    Rotten tomatoes to everyone. Curtesy of the gentleman behind the screen.

  32. Patricia Busch says:


  33. Racist Princess says:

    lol…this is funny

  34. Cat Stevens says:


  35. David Lee says:

    That’s too much of food!!

  36. mike vic says:

    Fake ass to face snake human race right here.. Speak ars smiley people.

  37. R R says:

    A legitimately funny Fallon sketch.

  38. Ken Kirchner says:

    Brad is ze best !

  39. b v says:

    Kay and peele would have nailed it though

  40. Peru Ghai says:

    Was this entire food wasted?

  41. joe wood says:

    Canibal s

  42. Jamie Carroll says:

    Is Fallon…

  43. Jean Hantman says:

    How much jimmy Fallon loves drinking

  44. RINKU DEBBARMA says:

    Hahaha love u Brad🥰🥰🥰🥰

  45. Пончик свежий says:


  46. Jules Mpc says:

    Ok…how shitty is this? Brad Pitt is an alcohoolic right?? A bar scene??? Fuck off

  47. GamersGen says:

    Starving children in africa: .

  48. Archangel Revelations says:

    Courtesy of the gentleman out of the window. Lmfao.

  49. Cintia M says:

    Jajajjaa it would be so cringe in real life

  50. Dudu Painter says:

    what is the name of the book does brad reading ?

  51. U2MQU2 says:

    The best late show of the world!! ❤🤣🇧🇷

  52. Eunice Brown2 says:

    They are the best and can't stop watching my two favorite friends 😊😍❤❤

  53. Samin Siddiquee says:

    Wasn't that funny. It was a waste of Brad Pitt's talent. Could have been way funnier

  54. Mabi Mogavi says:

    Get a room guys! 😃! 😚😉!

  55. Andries Van Der Walt says:

    He was worn out by that woman adopting kids.around the world

  56. GeetMann says:

    Anoyone that can see or knows what kind of watch Brad is wearing in the video?

  57. Patricia Garza says:

    Brad 😍😍😍

  58. R.W. angerwurzel says:

    Two men go in, one man comes out .🤣👌😎

  59. Deynis Ormeno says:

    Is't funny😹

  60. rhonda rae Lawrence says:

    The funnest thing iv seen in awhile txs

  61. Dan Miller says:

    If there's a cooler Hollywood dude than Brad Pitt, I'd like to know who it is.

  62. Michael Horner says:

    How low brad pitt has tumbled,, he,s clowning around with hacks now,, # SAD

  63. Mary Soundgarden says:

    Ferrero Rocher!!❤❤❤ Buonissimi!

  64. Manuel Troncoso Toro says:

    Jajaja jajajajajaja, very good…..

  65. Psyched Life says:

    What book was brad reading

  66. English Alive says:


  67. Deborah Cornell says:

    1:17 Tickled me the way Jimmy yanked the poor waiter's arm. I only noticed that on the 2nd viewing. 1st time around I only had eyes for Brad & when he wasn't on screen I still had stars in them.💙

  68. anton ruiz says:

    Jajaja ojalá me pagarían la cuenta

  69. leonard chiarini jr says:

    TRUMP 2020🇱🇷

  70. From Tailors With Love says:

    This feels like something from Police Squad

  71. Savannah west says:

    I don't even like Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon I prefer dr. Phil and Steve Harvey there better Duo than this piece of crap

  72. panito58 says:

    -BRAD Its Great to make you laugh ♥️🖐️😄

  73. Henrik Christensen says:

    Hahahaha go humor ✌😂👍 🎄

  74. Heidi Oller says:

    Brad is such a genuinely good guy. He looks healthy, happy and he has an awesome sense of humor. Happy Belated Birthday Brad!

  75. Celtic Moon Hutcheson says:

    “Red M&M” 🤣

  76. WisGuy4 says:

    Fallon: most innocuous man on television, the kind of guy who could be close friends with Justin Timberlake.

    Note to Fallon fans: this was not a compliment.

  77. Will Burnham says:

    In Jimmys defense Brad started it.

  78. Josh Klein says:

    So brad will do this…whatever this was, with fallon…..but won't do an armchair expert with dax.

  79. Zak Thanos says:

    What a handsome beautiful guy and Jimmy. Scorpion bowl 😂🇺🇸❤️👌

  80. MudgateBronn says:

    Plot twist: they are actually the same person…

  81. AC81 says:

    One thing that neither of these 2 will ever do is have sticker shock at the $$$ hill amount

  82. Igor Fitness says:

    Really funny

  83. stevmaister says: Amazing !!!! 😀 😀

  84. Jesus Guerra says:

    Best Brad comedy in decades.

  85. John Buick says:

    What's with the click bait title. That's Fallon, not Kimmel

  86. Marianieves Miguel bravo says:

    😅😅😅😅😅👍great brad and fallom

  87. AMJH 4LAH says:

    I fucking love Brad Pitt.

  88. Lidija Cullen says:

    Pitt started it.

  89. The Preacher says:

    The beautiful people! Are the most disgusting people.

  90. Di Fi says:

    These are no gentlemen…they’re hollyweirdos.

  91. Ligia Fariño says:

    Jajaja. Ya parece a la serie Mr Bean

  92. EVH says:

    'World hunger'. Courtesy from the people and government that do not give a shit😕

  93. Sherdils PAF says:

    Damn he's still hot and humble.
    💘 Brad Pitt your still the one I kiss goodnight 💋

  94. missee doodle says:

    I never thought my degree of love could grow for either Brad or Jimmy…but, yeah…love them both more after this silly skit!! Ü. Hee-hee-hee! Y'all are so frickin hilÁrious! 🤣😂🙌🏽! Thank you for flippin' my frown…you know? Upside down! 😃.


  95. CKG 1130 says:

    how jimmy did pay all of this

  96. Jakub Rokicki says:

    My christmas looked like that yhis year. Kill him. 😜

  97. Libra says:

    , i feel they is sqme, Brand Pitt = Chris Hemsworth ,, ha hahaha

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