Costa Adeje Tenerife Spain: Tour of beach and resort

Hi and welcome to this video. In this video I want to give you a look around
the Costa Adeje in Tenerife. If you have already been here, a great way
to see it all again. If you are planning a holiday here, a great
way to see what to expect. In the next few minutes I will give you a
full tour of the beaches, restaurants, shops,… and everything else there is to see here in
the Costa Adeje. So here i am driving to the Playa del Duque,
my favorite beach here in the area, from there I will be biking back past all the beaches
this resort has to offer. Here you can see the Playa del Duque behind
me, this is really one of the nicest beaches here in
the area. Here I am moving over to the next beach, the
Playa Fanabe or Fanabe beach. This is also a great beach, much more touristy
tho, but that offers also many more bars and restaurants next to it to choose from. So as you can see a lot more touristy and
much bigger, busier. Some people might prefer this, it really depends
on what you like. This is the ending of the Fanabe beach, there
is one more beach I wanna show you here in Costa Adeje, Playa La Pinta, I am biking over
there now. So here behind me is the Playa La Pinta. There are many restaurants and bars to explore
here, also look a bit in the back and in the higher levels here, they of course are somewhat
cheaper than the ones direct on the front line. Here is the harbour of Costa Adeje, from here
you can do a lot of water sports as well as go dolphin and whale watching and many more
excursions. If you enjoyed this video, then feel free
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39 Replies to “Costa Adeje Tenerife Spain: Tour of beach and resort”

  1. Benjamin Brierley says:


  2. Jason C says:

    Thanks we are heading here on Sunday can't wait!

  3. Tiberiu Visan says:

    how much for a sun bed on fanabe beach or el duque??

  4. steve stokes says:

    A mate of mine went to Tenerife caught a horrific dose of the crabs. I told him that the best cure for the crabs is sugar, it rots their teeth.

  5. 1952mclean says:

    Thank you for introducing Coat Adaje to me . I live in the The North part of the Island , but never been there. I will have to go see it now.

  6. Acuacid Gaming says:

    1:53 my hotel 😀

  7. Acuacid Gaming says:

    Also my favorite beach

  8. Spikiemike01 Gaming says:

    Great vid can't wait to visit there

  9. Benjamin Igwe says:

    Just booked 2 weeks at the Panoramica heights in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. It better be good or i'll come and find ya. lol.

  10. Juan Manuel E says:

    Excelent your video👌

  11. jay #1 says:

    What is the beach called with the clear blue water???

  12. Ella_Mae says:

    Going tomorrow very excited ! Thanks for the great video love the music choices aswell 💗👍🏼👍🏼

  13. Jamie Rayner says:

    For YOGA in a truly breathtaking location in the south of Tenerife check out

  14. Daisy 18 says:

    what is the name of the beach at 4:43 ? thanks.

  15. Maria Carmen González says:

    Beautiful Tenerife!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Doreen Tarry says:

    Love Tenerife my favourite place. A great video thank you.

  17. michelob81 says:

    going there tomorrow and this has made me realize how much i missed out on last year. will head over to fanabe this time for sure. cheers for the vid

  18. rosa angeli says:

    Just came from Tenerife, my mum lives there! I love it 🙂

  19. jasmine DL says:

    Too commercial

  20. ewa evi says:

    I was here in February, I feel in love with this place

  21. MegaMissfitz says:

    Morning sweet cheeks! Try not to work too hard! & Whats the name of ur regular haunt in tenerife? 🌞🌞🌞

  22. ken reay says:

    Sorry but this hurts my eyes. Looks fantastic,the bits I can see.

  23. Nic Nak says:

    Excellent insight in to what the resort is like thanks for posting :o)

  24. Peter Cross says:

    Off out there again, end of January, really nice place

  25. aln74 says:

    Blackpool in the sun 🤔

  26. Denise Bucknall says:

    Great video 👍👍
    All these beaches look lovely but first one I think looks nicest 👍

  27. James Smith says:

    Just spent Christmas and New year in Torviscas loved it thanks for posting this video.

  28. HITSLIKECHROME Der Boss says:

    Ive got a deja vu as i have Seen the Hotel where i have slept. Such a nice Country

  29. cardensdriving says:

    Myself and wife are visiting next week, staying in the Gran Hotel. We didn't really know what to expect, but do now. We're getting excited! Many thanks for posting your great video.

  30. Aqua Vision says:

    Went last year going in April this year☺️☺️

  31. Eva Ber says:

    I was there in hotel called iberostar į loved the kids club

  32. Jim Aston says:

    What a great video. Thank you.

  33. Steve Guy says:

    Just come back to the UK after my first visit to adeje, stayed at the Gran Costa Hotel and what a great place and such lovely people.

  34. geraldos24de says:

    Sehr schön! Da macht man dann sehr schön gerne lange Urlaub.:-)))))) Verhungern muss man jedenfalls nicht, oder? Und überall die ganzen netten Strandurlauber. Einfach genial. Pauschal auch unterwegs? So 8 Tage mit las tui fight? 🙂

  35. RunnerRB says:

    0:12 i was there 😀

  36. Anthony Keaveney says:

    Shit camera work couldn't see hardly anything it just gave me a headache

  37. dolans smiles says:

    i have literally just came home from here. i stayed in the sunset harbour club hotel. it was amazing.

  38. Ben Haggitt says:

    Stayjng at iberostar selection sabila next week cant wait

  39. Fish Man says:

    Thinking of going here for 5 days in February.

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