Community health center earns an award from HRSA

September 28, 2019 No Comments

I’m Eric Hargan
Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services. I’m here at Mary’s Center
in Washington, D.C. to help present Quality
Improvement Award to Mary’s Center for all the
great work that they do in the community. Congratulations to you. Yep. Thank you. Getting an award like this
for us is just very powerful. I’m Maria Gomez, President
and CEO of Mary’s Center. This is their third year
in a row winning the Quality Improvement
Award from HRSA, at HHS. And it came along
with $200,000 for infrastructure
of our IT system. The grants are very
important to support the the community health centers
achieve their goals. I’m George Sigounas, the
Administrator for Health Resources and Services Administration. And the partnership with
HRSA also allows for HRSA to learn what is working,
what is problematic and what else can they be
looking for the future. Communities are changing. And it’s amazing because
so many different kinds of care are addressed here. It is not just primary
care but also dentistry, a pharmacy as well as a
school and as well as an array of social services. So it’s really a model of
coordinated care which is a particular area
of my passion. HHS and HRSA have always,
I have been here 30 years, and have always been
partners with community health centers we can’t
do it without that partnership.

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