Cockpit Flight Challenge – Paro to Kathmandu over Himalayas

I’m in the airport and I just want to show
you how beautiful this check in counter is. Every check in counter is decorated with what
I believe is the local art here. Look at all of this! Incredible! These have to be the most unique airport check
in counters. [Woman speaks quietly] [Sam] Thank you – bye bye. This is actually a cool airport. You can just walk on the tarmac and board
your plane. [Sam] Hi there, hello.
[Man] Hello. Can I help you with the bags, sir? [Sam] Yeah, please. Thank you very much. – Good morning, sir. [Sam] Good morning. – Would you like a hot towel?
– Thank you. [Over public speaker] About two minutes ago,
we just crossed the border between Nepal and India and passengers on the right, if you
look now you will be able to see Kangchenjunga which is the third highest mountain on Earth. Mountain Kangchenjunga is 8,586 metres or
28,150 feet above sea level. [Indistinct chatter on radio] [Pilot] One hour confirmed? [Radio Reply Indistinct]… Depending on the availability of… [Pilot] Oh, roger that, we would request that we can pick up in the taxi ways until parking becomes available. [Indistinct reply on Radio] [Pilot] We would
appreciate that… [Indistinct] Thank you. [Pilot] One, two, three traffic ahead of us. [Sam] Three. [Pilot] Yep, that’s it. [Sam] We are already through 43 minutes – in
fifty more minutes, we will be approaching Kathmandu. [Pilot Announcing] Ladies and gentlemen, the
captain from the flight deck. We are at this point in time… about fifty kilometres south of the Kathmandu valley… being held due
to traffic congestion and a parking space being unavailable for us to land in. We are being told to hold – we have been given
a tentative time of about 35 minutes from now but I have requested for another approach
and I will keep you informed should we get delayed more than 30 minutes or so – if there
is a further delay of that sort, I will keep you updated. Otherwise, the weather at Kathmandu is still
fine and six kilometers visibility and light winds from… …The temperature at this point in time is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The Kathmandu viewer is a non-precision approach
and the required visibility at Kathmandu should be a minimum of 3000 feet or more. So, the only time we will be able to shoot
the Kathmandu viewer approach… So, during the winter season, starting from
December until mid-February, we have a lot of this radiation in Kathmandu valley. So, the visibility really reduces and a lot
of airlines suffer because if you just stick with the viewer approach, visibility stays
at about 1000 to 1500 metres until midday and a lot of operations are disrupted. So we, with Paro restrictions on top of the
Kathmandu restrictions are… [Indistinct]. But with the RNP approach, what they do is… It’s an approach by itself but we can do it… It’s quite like a precision approach. We can come down to a lower altitude with
low visibility so that we can make this approach. For example, with Kathmandu, for a non-precision
approach, the viewer’s required visibility is 2,800 metres. For the RNP, we just need 1,000 metres of
visibility. So that is a lot better and it’s almost like
a precision approach on the RNP and then we do the AR, so it’s an even better approach
in that sense. It takes a little longer, the RNP approach
as opposed to the viewer approach but it’s a precision approach, so it’s much better. [Sam] In clear weather days or generally good
conditions? [Pilot] If you just do the viewer approach
or you can even ask for a visual approach if they give it to us, yeah but now, with
so much traffic in to Kathmandu, we are holding right now just for parking space so… [Sam] They are also holding you fifty miles
outside. [Pilot] Yeah, we are south of the valley. [Sam] South of the valley? [Pilot] Yeah. So, along the valley, on the periphery, there
are mountains, yeah. So, we are just past that south of the mountains,
so we are holding about fifty kilometres south of Kathmandu at this time. [Pilot] This is a VOR. [Sam] VOR, yes. [Pilot] So… This is the map, this is the let down, yeah. And this is the RNP. [Sam] Ah, I see. So, like a step landing. [Pilot] Yeah. [Sam] Step approach. [Pilot talks over radio] These are the heights
of the mountains. The white ones are the low ground. This is a valley. You know, we went in to the Kathmandu valley
so the RNP follows the valley, yeah. [Computer] Minimum. 200. 50, 40, 30, 20. Retard, retard, retard!

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    Where was the external camera located on this plane!? I mean at takeoff.

    Shame on Nepal for the lack of facilities. Horrible runway as well.

  2. Mr Sporty says:

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  3. rhad Ybanez says:

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  4. Krishna Sagar Pandit says:

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  5. Journey begin says:

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  6. vtdl88 says:

    Sam. Do they fly in/out of Paro Airport at night or in bad weather?

  7. Hartistco Id says:

    Paro is so dangeroues I am so scard

  8. Vandana Dutt says:

    Can you please try air India first class

  9. H & A says:

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  10. Akiko M. says:

    The view from the airplane is so beautiful. And the cockpit is so cool. ✈️

  11. System 86 says:

    45min too much

  12. We love Traveling says:

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  13. Alaska to Africa says:

    Quality video. Really enjoyed it. Cheers!

  14. Dave Lau says:

    Hey Sam, You are featured at Stephen Colbert Late Show 4:58

  15. Scorpio Rose says:

    are we going to ignore the fact that the pilot even allow Sam to install his go pro on the front desk of the cockpit? Im impressed! 😊😍😍😍

  16. vasily202 says:

    Wow! One hour holding? I have flown a lot (nothing compared to Sam) but I have never heard of 1 hour holding…

  17. Bader H 2005 says:

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  19. Bjorn says:

    wow airport in paro is so beautiful,our airport in kathmandu is a complete shithole

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  21. Tom Nylund says:

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  22. black knight says:

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  36. Xingjian Jiang says:

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    Thanks Sam for sharing, kudos for all your hard work to make alll these happen!!
    I also found that the capitain seemed to leave their APU on during the departure, unusual bu very intersting.

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  49. sailaab says:

    the first officer and Captain Sir, throughout ascent and final descent, landing looked more relaxed than a baby who just pooped in her/his diaper.
    hats off to their level of expertise and calm.

    sorry about the bad anology but they were completely in command yet pretty relaxed.
    the PA /tone of voice and then the communication with ATC without any headset (trying to expedite holding/ reducing wait time) ..all showed that it was all familiar territory and he knows everything like the back of his palm.

  50. Alwi Husin Assegaf Musician says:

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  51. Sano Ray says:

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  52. Sriv says:

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  53. S K says:

    Kathmandu is definitely the worst international airport in South Asia
    Such an embarrassment
    Sorry for the inconvenience

  54. Bismat Shrestha says:

    Far better than Nepal’s TIA

  55. Bsth sth says:

    Two International Airports are under construction in Nepal which will be completed within two years. This will reduce the traffic congestion of Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu. Extension of parking Areas has also been completed and now 12 International Airplanes can be parked in this airport. About the bumpy concrete runway, it is under construction that is why airport these days only opens for 12-14 hours a day and construction in undergoing at night shift which will be completed within 3 months from the starting date of construction.
    Talking about the bumpy ride, not only Kathmandu Airport, you can also see a bumpy ride in Paro Airport while taking off. You can give advice but should not only concentrate to raise negativity about only one airport while comparing two airports of two different countries. And also there are so many international flights in Kathmandu Airport which began to start its operation in 1950, there is no comaprison with the Paro Airport as the international flights are very less. That is why there is no traffic congestion in Paro Airport comparing to Kathmandu Airport while Paro Airport is very small than Kathmandu Airport.
    Can Sam Chui be with the cabin crew to take a video and held a discussion with them for a personal vlog while airplane is in the air, neglecting the safety of passenger? is the biggest concern here than traffic congestion of Kathmandu Airport.

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  64. zapfanzapfan says:

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  67. Lobo das Estepes says:

    Nice video, great work. Congratulations to Sam, and to the flightcrew.

    I would like to know the soundtrack name on the begin of the video, until 2:33. Someone can tel me?

    Thanks in advance.

  68. Renato Maccagni says:

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  69. Tanvir Anik says:

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    In my opinion, Kathmandu should have been at the forefront of aviation in SE Asia…especially due to the challenges that Nepali Aviators faced then…..and are still facing now. Despite Bhutan's very recent induction into aviation ( Give or take 15 to 20 plus years )…..they have made substantial gains.

  72. mero maya beylght ko khaire ho ra bolamaya amar 6 says:

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    TIA runway is very thirdworld to say the least. I can almost hear my balls cracking.

  75. Sjn says:

    We would like to apologize to every foreigners suffering the delays because of our money minded and corrupted government officials who give zero damn about the nation.

    So many years have passed and this poor airport does not get upgraded with proper facilities. I have no words to describe the pathetic and filthy acts of these officials that are running the airport…

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    Btw, we had a free upgrade to business class because we were the first to check in for the flight. The flight attendants were very polite and caring.

  78. Minimalist says:

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