Clown Motel 360

I’m here in uh Tonopah…and I’m here in Tonopah, Nevada and we stayed last night at a fairly infamous motel A place called the Clown Motel and here it is It’s a little bit hard to capture with standard photos so I thought I would try to use this 360 camera… …what you can’t see right now is the old miner’s cemetery just off to the right of me. Each room comes supplied with clown portraits. Catering to bikers, truckers and other long haul travelers the Clown Motel is final port of call before another long stretch of unbroken desert. The check-in room we are approaching has over 700 clowns in it The entire office is covered in shelves and bookcases full of dolls, statues, and stuffed clowns. A full sized clown sits in the corner. It is a mirthful menagerie staring down at you from every angle. Remarkably, there are not many stories, horror or otherwise about the Clown Motel It is possible that this paucity of history is because is simply arose, fully formed from the dark parts of the American subconscious… Or it could be because so few have made it out alive…

25 Replies to “Clown Motel 360”

  1. Laura Schlueter says:

    Between IT and Poltergeist I'm thinking that isn't the place for me. 🙂

  2. Melih UÇAN says:


  3. Joseph Neigh says:

    I was wondering where you've been! Glad to see you post another video. WE'VE MISSED YOU!!

  4. Michael Cook says:

    The only reason there aren't stories of horror is because the haven't found the bodies yet.

  5. chonky rattso says:

    I love his smile

  6. Carbonated Agua says:

    Great Video!

  7. thrillhouse.vanhouten says:

    Cool 360 Video! Half the fun was watching Dylan's reactions to the absurd number of clowns

  8. Me Auntie Nora says:

    Aw, give clowns a break. All they want to do is entertain people!

    …And make breakfast cereal out of children's teeth.

  9. IsmaelMata says:

    Looks exactly like the cod map

  10. Patrick Nottingham says:

    JFC make it stop! Burn it. Burn it all now. 👹

  11. manukenkun says:

    good to see you again- even if you are probably about to be hacked to tiny pieces by the clowns

  12. Frank Drebbin says:

    No Gacy?

  13. Exonestist says:

    To anyone who doesn't know, turn on subtitles there's more information than what he says in it

  14. James Madden says:

    That was the first time clowns were creepy to me.

  15. John Matthias says:

    Ronald McDonald alone has killed thousands with happy meals. Is there any part left of the American subconscious that isn't dark?

  16. Lovely Kay says:

    Discovered this channel today!

  17. lonestarrider says:

    Very Cool 360!

  18. legna20v says:

    that is so awesome … i didnt know you could do 360 videos in youtube

  19. Gill T says:

    FAR OUT!

  20. Gill T says:

    I literally just caught myself spinning in my chair, with my mini out in front of me… Too Damn Cool!

  21. ScarisGargoyle121 says:

    I saw the ghost adventures episode

  22. lazerman121 says:

    What are you using to film this ?

  23. Tricia C says:

    No thanks!

  24. SkyLimited says:

    0:12 did you see the truck parking over the line and parking in a no parking zone

  25. RedWings Girl says:

    That's a hell no!!

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