Chicken Chow Mein Restaurant Recipe | Chowmein Restaurant | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan

Food Studio Chicken Chow mein Restaurant Recipe Add cooking oil 2 tablespoon Cabbage julienne cutting 1 cup julienne carrot half cup julienne green capsicum half cup julienne cutting green chilli 4 Stir fry for 3 minutes After 3 minutes add garlic paste 1 tablespoon After stir fry add chicken stock or you can add water Dont overcook vegetables Oyster sauce 2 table spoon Soya sauce 1 tablespoon Half teaspoon salt half teaspoon white pepper and half teaspoon sugar Cook for 1 minute Add fried chicken Chicken fry with black pepper and white pepper and maida flour and egg Add chicken stock or you can water Add boiled noodles Now our chowmein is ready for serving

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