Chicago’s Best Links: The Berghoff Restaurant

(funky jazz music) – A German brat is
a Chicago staple. And there’s one legendary spot
that’s been dishing them out for over 100 years. [plates banging] – [Elliott] Peter knows
where the good stuff’s at, and if you looked
up, you would too. – [Elliott] The fact that we
have a legendary Chicago staple at the Berghoff, and a
family, a fourth generation family member with me, and
that there’s going to be brats in my future,
today’s a good day. You guys have been around since the dawn of time, it feels like. – 121 years in April. – Everybody loves a place
that’s lasted forever. – You come in here, and
it’s like it hasn’t changed from 70 years ago.
– Right. – My mom and my dad used to love to come here when I was a kid. – It’s an inviting kind
of place that’s cozy, and a place that you want to
hang out with your friends. (customers chatting) – [Elliott] This is our
sausage episode, this is our links episode, And you guys are
legends for your bratwursts. – Brat, knock, and
smoked thuringer. – That’s one of my
favorite phrases. I actually have that tattooed
just underneath my neck here. – It’s a unique sausage. It’s a veal-based sausage,
and it’s a little bit milder, but it has some
nice spice and kick to it, but it’s a very simple recipe. – So is the family recipe still being made?
– Yes. – And let me guess,
the chef’s been here like what, 85 years,
something ridiculous like that? – [Pete] Close, north
of 35, south of 40. – [Elliott] So that
guys knows how to cook a brat.
– [Pete] Oh, yeah. – I love bratwurst. – I think it’s a comfort food. – I like meat, so who doesn’t
like brat if you like meat? – It’s not real spicy,
it’s nice and smooth. – Bratwurst is
particularly delicious. – Okay. – [Man off camera]
“It’s a meat banana.” – A meat banana! – Why aren’t we
talking to that guy? (upbeat music) – So what’s first? – First, we’re going to put a
little oil in the sautée pan, let it get hot, and
then we’re gonna put our bratwurst in there. – The holy trinity, right there. – Sure is. – The sausage
maestros…the Bee Gees. All of those are amazing things, only one of them
should be cooked. Pick one! (clock ticking) – [Elliott] The Bee Gees
is the right answer. – [Matthew] Yeah, see, I grew up
with those guys, you know? – What, the brats? – These and the Bee Gees. – “Saturday Night Brat” is my
favorite German sausage movie. – All right. – It really is. ♪ Talkin’ about, all the
nights on “Brat”-way ♪ – [Female Voiceover]
Oh, brother. ♪ Talkin’ about spices, talkin’
about feeling sausages ♪ (crowd cheering) – “What the bloody hell was
that?” – What do you want
me to grab next? – We’re gonna go
with the sauerkraut. We have bacon over here, and
you’re gonna put that in here. With the brats, you can,
you know, I don’t brown them
too much, – Okay. but I’ll add some
ale, or maybe some lager. – Oh, I thought
this was for you, I thought we were gonna have
one of those kind of fun cooking segments. – It could go that route,
yeah. – This is for this.
– Right. – How many?
– We’re gonna simmer it in that. – Half the glass in
there, it’s okay. – Just half? – Yeah, I mean- – Okay, that’s fine,
that means I can drink the other half first. (sizzling) (whispers) Cam, you want some? Shhh. – All these dishes are, you
know, as simple as they are, they’re done here. Everything is done here. – I like that. – [Matthew] And then, we even
make our rye bread here. – [Elliott] Still
family owned, still cooking everything on premises. – [Matthew] Everything on
premises. – [Elliott] Kraut? – [Matthew] Yes. (pan sizzling)
– [Elliott] Some good sounds, it’s very musical in here, Matt. Not as musical, as I’ve just
noticed, Matt’s pants are. (whistles) – [Elliott] Chicken stock? – [Matthew] Half. (cup thuds) – [Matthew] Oop! (record scratches) – Still want to use
that, buddy? (chuckles) – I dropped the caraway seeds. There are worse things to drop. You’ll never catch me
dropping a beer on the show, I’ll never drop a baby
on the show, on camera. Beer, babies, and I’ll
never drop the ball. All right, back to the
show, caraway seeds. The whole thing? – [Matthew] Yeah. Everything is simmering
nice and slow now, and then we’re gonna
go to the creamed spinach. – So, what we need
to do next is plate? – Yeah. (funky music) – This is, intrinsically, what
the Berghoff is all about. A great beer inspired by
your family, a bratwurst inspired by the motherland, some sauerkraut, some spinach. – [Pete] What makes this part
of the Best in Chicago, and I was gonna say,
simple, right there. – The simplicity. – Yeah, that’s it. – Some would call
it “Plain Jane”, ’cause she’s not dressed
up, she’s not wearing her fancy garb to
go out to dinner. But you know what? She’s got more class
in her little finger than in your entire body. So, don’t you judge her
until you’ve tried her. Clink the link.
– Here’s to Jane. – All right. – It’s got such a subtle
flavor, but it’s so beautiful. And the rye bread as well,
which is baked everyday on site. It’s a meal fit for a king. – [Pete] That’s what makes
the Berghoff kind of special, it’s kind of
everybody’s everything. – This is as German, and
as beautiful as they come. – All right.
– Prost. (glasses clink) (rock music) – Hello. – This is a dangerous place
for me, there’s milkshakes, there’s fresh-cut
fries on the go, this is like my drug den. – Oh, you’re rolling? As I harassed you on camera. – Sorry, guy,
caught that pepper. – Peppers are delicious! – Oh Lord, that’ll light me
up like a Christmas tree soon. (Marley laughs)

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  1. Mr. Si Señor says:


  2. ruhelmiah10 says:

    Elliot’s accent is getting increasingly more American, this is worrying.

  3. Marina S. says:

    I really need to get back to Chicago for a visit.

  4. Ben's Views says:

    All over the 5 minute mark? wow wee.

  5. Khu NoPie says:

    4:17 Pride Month sausage bump?

  6. Veego von DOOM- Reviews! says:

    Sandwich look dry asf 🤣

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  8. John Karavitis says:

    Didn't they close down years ago??? EDIT: Also, I went there once back in the mid-1980s. The waiters were the RUDEST JERKS.

  9. Sebastian Vettel No.5 says:

    Its dry like cardboard

  10. Alu Thao says:

    Clumsy charm. 😂 lol

  11. silky johnson says:

    I love german food, I grew up eating it, pure comfort food.

  12. Bart Simpson says:

    Tbh, that doesn't look appetizing to me
    Looks so plain and colorless

  13. Dawid Gajdek says:

    Parowki 🍻

  14. Almightyz 12 says:

    People with no standards eat here

  15. Paul W Obis says:

    That is one pathetic looking sandwich.

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