Chicago’s Best Haunted Restaurants: The Inn at Aberdeen

most you guys know I’m a huge Halloween
horror and ghost nut and somehow I managed to convince my producer Randall
to let us stay the night one of the most haunted spots in the Midwest and do a
ghost hunt with Enid Aberdeen and Valparaiso hey I’m gonna go check in check again yeah three and a friend
is this your first time with us it is yeah hopefully not lost I guess you’re
the best person to speak about the history this place right I am why you
guys Chicago is best for most haunted it’s felt that we are cohabitated with a
ghost and her name is angel children have said that they’re talking to a girl
and we looked and we got the haunted house back down but you’re an in your a
bed-and-breakfast so clearly you serve food and we do okay so we’ll serve
breakfast oh great one of my favorite meals of the day well-known dish servers
is a sausage and pancake if I get up in the morning can I make that with you
absolutely because that’d be kind of my reward for surviving the night
absolutely and the ghosts speaking of which I need to go meet some some guys
we’re gonna do some ghost-hunting helping me to see if I can get in touch
with the other side is Mike from chaos haunted and historical tours Mike yeah
I’m Eliot hey Don oh nice Smith where’s your proton packs
well you know that’s not what we use as ghost hunters at least not since
ghostbusters okay hey mo you guys have done go stunning here
before yes have you got any any documented evidence sure right here
behind me there’s a stairway and guests at night have reported seeing a little
girl and a nightgown when our team was here a number of years back we were able
to hear quite audibly a loud creak on stairs as we were standing right next to
it sounds like the perfect place to see my very first real-life ghost but first
a little reassurance for my producer Randall by the way guys Randall is
really excited about this whole thing okay
Sanna dog Kona cinder cone you’ll be fine okay let’s go find that Ghost my
name is Chris I’m here with some friends but communicate with anyone that is here
please tell us your name that’s definitely not ghost that’s
someone’s ringtone yeah take two if you are angel we are here to listen can you
show us that you’re here can you make a noise phones again maybe Randall and I
will have better luck in the comfort of our own rooms look tonight okay I’ll see
you after breakfast 6:15 okay cool okay sleep well morning Val morning Eliot how’d you
sleep I’m actually wondering how round on my
producer slaps it might have some concerns
Tony breakfast I built up an appetite sausage in the bottom mm-hmm pancakes on
the top while Val finishes up I’m headed to the dining room to see if Randall
heard any bumps that was fun last night right how did
you sleep kind of hurt some noises slept like a
log though but this I’m really excited about this this breakfast is what I’ve
been waiting for clink it boom sticky and gooey on top with the sauce poured
over breakfast of champions right there I know we’re only scheduled to be here
one night what if we were to stay a second I’d do more investigating we’re
getting out of here some people just can’t handle that check please

9 Replies to “Chicago’s Best Haunted Restaurants: The Inn at Aberdeen”

  1. Rizky Isrofani says:

    "breakfast of a champion here" that's a prison food

  2. Eddie C says:

    Can anyone please tell me what the point of this show is, if every place they go to they say they love it and it's the best??

  3. Mr. Si Señor says:

    Cool man.

  4. Bob Billings says:

    The two ghost hunters with Elliot the host are Chris Lincoln and Mike McDowell, two well known paranormal investigators from Northwest Indiana

  5. The Trailer Master says:

    Elliot you are a such a doush bag

  6. Toastmasters from Northwest Indiana says:

    Mike – you didn't mention that you belong to Calumet Toastmasters in Munster! We have heard many of your ghost adventures and they are A-mazing!

  7. LelooseTV says:

    The producer is sexy

  8. creamybisque says:

    Hahah clinker

  9. MakoRuu says:

    Is this a tv show, or something?

    Why are these videos only four minutes?

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