Chiang Mai Apartment Tour + Life Update 2019

Hi guys, so it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and filmed one of these kind of videos But this one is very exciting because it’s sort of like a life update slash apartment tour of our new place here in Chiang Mai Thailand So even though I know on YouTube you’ve been seeing videos still from Indonesia We’ve actually left Indonesia went to Malaysia and now have arrived in Chiang Mai about a week ago So unfortunately because I post once a week the video is a little bit laggedd so it’s not like real time update Which brings me to the next very important point… I really really genuinely appreciate all the people that watches my videos that says hi in the comments and even reach out further to Support me on another level and give a huge shout out and thank you to all my patreon supporters Okay. Thank you Charles for your very generous support Happy platypus Justin Lindy Mitch my OG patreon, I think you were like one of the first people Paul thank you Vic oh I hope I’m saying that correctly and lastly the newest patron which is Sebastian are just knowing that there’s people that not only watched my video but also clicked on external links to support me further that really makes me feel like I’m on the right path and that I Am doing the right thing by doing what I love if you’re interested in becoming a supporter on patron There’s a link here or maybe here somewhere here And also I will link it in the description box below as well And if you select one of the higher tiers, I actually send you a postcard handwritten postcard Directly to you to your address wherever you are in the world, so that’s kind of a nice perk as well All right So without further ado Let’s jump into the apartment tour of our new place here in Chiang Mai. See you guys in a little bit All right guys, so here is our new apartment It’s I wouldn’t say small it’s honestly the perfect size I think so We come over here. There’s a little bit of a kitchenette area Got some coffee maker, toaster Water boiler and wine – my favorite Tea, noodles, glasses comes with a microwave Want to see what’s in our fridge? I know y’all curious This was from the Airbnb host she left some Packets of some McDonald’s and some chili pepper Not too much going on She left the eggs as well Have some mangosteen my favorite fruit ever And this is from the night market yesterday It’s some green mangoes with like spices and stuff. I couldn’t finish it so decided to save it for snack today Okay, and then here is a little dining area Got a TV Cool little fake plant and they vaporizer for like essential oils and stuff And I think the TV used to be mounted over there, but she moved it over here Which I think is quite nice actually and there’s my little working area which I spend most of my time at during the day there’s a little balcony and Couch. now my favorite thing in this whole place air conditioning lifesaver. So the bathroom is over there show you I Try to clean up a little bit I hello again There All and this is the bedroom So it’s got a door but it’s also got a glass window I guess so to speak which is quite nice It just feels a little bit more spacious and open Yes, we won this little guy named Waffles we won her from one of those grabby machines and Quite proud of the achievement because you know, it’s impossible to win those things Got our little kitty cat set up Some lavender soap from South of France and my little Skincare products and my mom gave me tiger balm for those itchy mosquito bites And that’s pretty much it about the bedroom and I’ve also got an AC here as well and so there you have it I’ve just completed our apartment tour here in Chiang Mai. So basically we pay about Almost 400 USD a month. I actually found this place through Airbnb We looked at several apartments in the area in the Niemen area. But in the end I settled on this place because Since it’s an Airbnb, it’s already got some of the essential necessities inside I don’t have to go and find new things like cups and you know a coffee machine or anything like that and she has it Decorated really cute. So props to the Airbnb host. This place has already got a really Zen vibe Also, we had an agreement where the usage of Wi-Fi and utilities comes with the rent price So that’s good as well because we had no idea how much we would spend a month on air conditioning water, etc And when you rent from when you rent yourself I suppose you would just know that let’s say it cost 5 baht per unit of electricity or 8 baht per unit of electricity, and I don’t know how much we would’ve ended up spending In the end at the end of the month. So this way I know that with the price we pay monthly It’s already all included and it’s just nice to know the set price I hope you guys enjoy the apartment tour today I decided to do this quick update as I mentioned before because a lot has changed and even though you guys are still watching Videos from Indonesia. We’ve actually travelled through Malaysia and ended up in Thailand So this video when I post it will actually be quite up-to-date That was the laundry timer I’m doing a lot of things today. Ok? So basically I work all day Inside and then at night we’ve been checking out different night markets here in Chiang Mai every single night of the week So there’s gonna be a fun little night market tour coming up as well I feel good to just settle down in this comfy and cozy space and just try to work a little bit harder and get myself on a more steady schedule so that way I can continue to grow my business and hopefully keep me on the road for a longer and that leads me to you guys and Every time you watch my video every time you give a thumbs up and leave a comment It really is a huge way to support me and what I do, so I really appreciate it and I want to say a huge. Thank you and again If you’re interested in supporting me further taking it to another level There’s links down below in the description that I’ll share with you guys and if you Would like please give this video a big thumbs up Click the button somewhere here and also the subscribe button if it is your first time I really hope you enjoyed this video today and to know a little bit of what I’ve been up to I will see you in the next episode. Bye

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  1. Keezy TV says:


  2. thinkabout says:

    i was hoping you would say " wish you were here " then i'd be right over 😊 usa 👍 🎆🎇🔆🌻 🦋

  3. mitch b says:

    Your apartment is sweet!! 400 isn't bad, honestly I was a bit sad to see a near empty fridge tho. Great vid tho!! OG lol

  4. Angelo Napoli says:

    Nice place.!!..👍
    Thanks for sharing !!🙂

  5. Food and Footprints- Greg and Jumi says:

    Nice place! Keep grinding and doing your thing

  6. Matt NA says:

    Thanks for the tour 🙂 I always enjoy your videos ☀️

  7. Kennedy Gray - Music says:

    Hey Dia, awesome apartment:) Very cool, nice update 👍Hey waffle 👋

  8. Greg Gerstenberger says:

    Nice pad. Enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai..Never been. Too far from the ocean for me but I hear its beautiful.

  9. Jan Koning says:

    I really enjoy watching your videos and I am also learning English from your talking 🙂

  10. Elyse Chronique says:

    In what field do you work ?

  11. yorkymc says:

    Dia this is a very nice apartment lovely video ,I would like to help you but i live on a low pension sorry,but you help me in your journeys and videos this makes me sad that you help and i cant ,any life is for living not moaning about money ,oh hope the man is doing good and aslo that you had a nice time with mom,god bless and take care smiles

  12. Peter and Yen says:

    Aw nice! We're planning on going Chiang Mai next year, looking forward to it. I like your cute lil working spot hehe 🙂 Thanks for sharing! – Yen

  13. Scot Kuyekendall says:

    Keep living the dream! I love appointment videos especially SEA! thanks again!

  14. song weeb says:

    Mau snap chat prmisi

  15. chrondle says:

    Thank you for sharing Dia! Enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai.

  16. wondering manc says:

    Hello Dia , nice video ! I am think of spending some time in Chiang Mai and an air b and b seems the perfect option.

  17. wanderer wanderess says:

    Your in Chiang Mai! My mom lives there, and my brother is currently visiting there too. Let me know if you need a tour guide 😅 also dont forget to check out the sticky waterfall and doi suthep while your there 😁

  18. Graeme Bellis says:

    Dia I love your journey. By now you will have tried the Sai ua (ไส้อั่ว – sai ooah). Walked Wailkimng Street and visited a bunch of temples. There is also Doi Ithanon Park and wonderful mountains around there. Probably don't need to go into any caves though … 555

  19. Jimmy Zhang says:

    Your new apartment seems cozy. I am curious that what do you do for living or the expenditure of the adventure?

  20. william gehring says:

    You keep using the word "We and Our" are you travelling with someone or by yourself? you are doing so much at a young age. I will hopefully begin my travels next year. Great job!

  21. Franken Pedaleur Cycling Lifestyle says:

    Chiang Mai is one of the best places I ever visited. Made also some (amateur) videos 😉

  22. Benjamin Bigwood says:

    Awesome work! Keep living the dream Dia

  23. Yaaseen Adventure says:

    Cool as always

  24. SALIM86 says:

    Waffle is so lucky

  25. janaysage says:

    Such a cute place! Thanks for sharing 💗 can’t wait to see more videos!

  26. Davis Harris says:

    Looks like you travel all over Asia..Apts in Asia are quite different than those in US..I lived in 3 different ones in Shanghai and biggest thing in China is bathrooms and kitchens are quite small..Not to mention most places there have washing machines in the bathrooms and rarely will you find a place that has a dryer machine..Since Chinese normally don't use a dryer..They hang all their clothes, towels and sheets out to dry..I found that to be difficult to do during my 1st winter there so I bought a stack-able dryer..Davis from US

  27. Davis Harris says:

    What kind of a lease did you have to sign in Thailand? 6 months or a year? Is it expensive to rent an Apt there? Shanghai prices very depending on which part of the city you live in..Jing An, People's Square or Xuhui are quite expensive areas to live in, but its because they're in downtown areas..Rents can go from $800 to $1500 or more a month depending on the age of the building..I paid $600 a month for my 1st place there, which was on the top floor of a 5 floor building..The rule used to be if the building has 6 floors or less an elevator isn't required..Not easy to carry lots of groceries up 5 flights of stairs…Davis

  28. Kevin Lemoing Pucci says:

    Chiang Mai is a really cool city with a lot of Condos Options!
    Mango sticks 😋
    Your appartement looks nice and confy I like it 😁

  29. Voodoo Child says:

    Sooooooo sexy


    your Beautiful💐!!!

  31. busapassion says:

    You are a beautiful lady. Have fun stay safe.

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  33. Dan Rowley says:

    Interesting. I would never have been put together your making videos as a way to stay grounded. Good thinking. I'd say you've been successful! ✌️

  34. Jjacques Normandie says:

    sawsdee krap!! ok toklong bhaan !! may paeng!!! pom ja pay cnx november!!!

  35. Brian Johnson says:

    Do you still have a place in LA to pay rent for? That could be expensive. Watch out for the fire season if you stay a long time. Bad pollution. Otherwise, a lot of foreigners to chat with in Chiangmai. That is a good area you moved to.

  36. ParagonSmile says:

    Great video!

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