Cheapest three star Michelin Restaurant in Japan – Nakashima なかしま

September 29, 2019 No Comments

Konnichiwa! Today MerRyan will visit a three-star Michelin
restaurant. So exciting! MerRyan is curious to experience how a 3 star Michelin fine
dining feels like, and I heard this restaurant is very good. Very good cost-par. Join me in my experience to try Japanese fine-dining. Nakashima
is the only three-star Michelin restaurant in Hiroshima. It is best known
for its seasonal kaiseki course. The chef diligently goes to the market to search
for the freshest ingredients of the season and prepares them for his guests.
We arrived at this unassuming place in the city.
What is this place? NA KA SHI MA…. have you heard of this place? The restaurant does not take walk-ins, so don’t just walk in okay? The chef only prepares enough for
the day. Do reserve early! We reserved through our hotel. Chef Tetsuo
Nakashima does not allow photographs of the restaurant, so I’m sorry I can’t show
you more, but he allows photographs of the food. They offer only 2 tasting
menus, and we went for this. It was recommended by the chef The utensils and plates are exquisite.
The waiters will explain the food and even the origin of the utensils. Some of
the plates are over 100 years old. The fugu was served as sashimi, and later
grilled. It was grilled to perfection in the chef’s homemade soya sauce. We
thought he gave us an orchid because he knew MerRyan is from Singapore! Whew, but he later told us he chose the flower because it was a
nicest flower in the market he bought that morning. Oh well! The food here is
simply oiishi. It is presented so nicely, with such beautiful utensils, and
really deserves a MerRyan award. The magic here we think is the dashi stock,
which the chef boils to perfection. MerRyan is not the best food expert, but the dash
of ginger and citrus in the dashi, truly makes it stands out from all the dashi
out there. We really enjoy a good time here. We really love the attention to the
little details to the serving ware. The placemat drawing is done by the chef’s
father. The server will explain the significance of each serving ware to
you. This is very thoughtful of them. And the MerRyan award goes to chef Nakashima and wife! That was quite a culinary experience. Thanks for joining me and this snippet of my
food adventure. Remember to subscribe to MerRyan for
more videos! Join me on Instagram too to see my
escapades. Mata ne! [Music]

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