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Cheap CBD Restaurants under $10 | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 22

Haiya! So crowded, so hot! Don’t even have place for me to chope with my tissue. C: Don’t even have place for me to chope with my tissue.
J: Ehh! Jessica! Chiara Ferragni, what are you doing in the CBD? I got meeting just now. Ooh. Eh, it’s so crowded here, are you having lunch now? Ya, but no space! Of course no space la, now lunch time leh! I tell you what. Let me bring you to somewhere that has aircon. Aircon?! Affordable. Cheap?! And nearby okay? Let’s go. Hi! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs. I’m Chiara, and today, we have Jessica here with us. Hi! I’m so excited to be here with you guys on Eatbook today. My name is Jessica, and I’m also known as @shiberty. I used to own a bakery and cafe, and now I’m a full-time social media creative. So when I’m not creating, I am eating! Ooo So where are we going today? Today we’re going to hunt down the most value-for-money restaurant meals in the CBD area. So that our friends who work in an office can check out new places during their lunch time. Let’s go! First up, we are at Ssam Fusion Kitchen which serves Mexican and Korean food. They have rice bowls and salads, and the price depends on what kind of meat you get, but everything is under $10! First up, we’re gonna try the cilantro lime rice with chicken. It’s kind of sweet and a little bit salty. It’s very familiar tasting. I really like the chicken. It’s like that soy sauce ginger chicken that your mom cooks for you at home. Actually it tastes very very Asian right? Mm! It’s juicy and it’s tender, but it’s not of a fatty cut. Ya, I don’t like it when it has the skin layer, especially in healthy dishes like this because it doesn’t go well together. Mm. I cannot taste much of the cilantro and lime from the rice. A bit disappointing for me. We get the tanginess from something else, which I think is the salsa. But it might be a good thing because I feel like if its too herby right, some people may not like it. But that being said right, I really love the texture of the rice. It’s so fat and chewy. So you know they pickle everything in house right, let’s try how good it is. Cheers! Okay to be honest, I don’t really like cucumber. Oh. But I feel that this one tastes a bit more savoury right? It’s like saltier, and a bit like sour and really really crunchy. Do you like onions? I love onions. I love onions, but I don’t like the after effects. Don’t mind me if I have onion breath okay. I accept your onion breath. Like very interesting, it’s like it’s so pickled that it’s not really super spicy or super pungent. It’s actually really sweet and sour instead. Okay next up, we have a kimchi rice bowl with beef short ribs. It’s actually $9.50, so it’s still under the $10 range. Mmm~ The beef shouts Korean. It tastes exactly like bulgogi. It’s very tender, it’s got a good ratio of meat to fat. And although it looks dry, it’s not. It’s actually quite juicy and nice. Apparently it’s been marinated for 40 hours. 40 hours?! Okay no wonder it’s so flavourful. I really like the corn paired with the rice. Because the corn is like a bit sweet and the rice is a bit sour and spicy. So I think it goes really well together. But if you’re looking for a kimchi fried rice kind of taste, no, this is not kimchi fried rice. This is just kimchi rice. It’s like a more mellowed version. Healthy version. Don’t have that kind of like wok hei flavour. We have the last bowl, it’s the ssam crunchy salad with pork belly and shoulder. How much is it? $8.50! And pork belly is our favourite cut of meat right? Ya because we are pork belly also. So they have the same toppings: the kimchi, the relish, the cucumber, everything. So let’s see if us, unhealthy glutton, can enjoy this taste. Mmm! It’s so flavourful and on point! You know a lot of places the pork tends to be very dry and tough, this one is nothing like that. It’s really chewy, it’s succulent, it’s juicy. You know when you go eat salad in the CBD right, you get a lot of vegetables and really little toppings? It’s true. This one is the other way round. So overall Chiara, did you like the food? I love it! It’s like value-for-money, everything is under $10. They also have a tofu option for you, vegetarians. The blend of ingredients is really good. It’s like perfect for all you CBD people looking for cheap eats just around your office area. Cause like, Marina Bay Financial Centre is right above. But if you’re coming here for lunch right, make sure to come down as soon as it’s 12pm, because there are very limited seats. So from around the corner of Amoy Street Food Centre, we have Dumpling Darlings. If you are tired of our local fare right, and you just wanna try out something new, you can just take a short walk over here and it’s noodles and dumplings that await you at this very hipster and really cool restaurant. And free stuff is always good right? Every table, you’ll get a complimentary side of tau gei (bean sprouts). So over here we have fried pierogi, and it costs $8! It looks so good! But what is a pierogi? It was explained to us that a fried pierogi is actually a dumpling that you usually find in Eastern Europe. So the filling for this is really unique. It has truffled potato, bacon, cheddar, and onions! I usually like my dumplings steamed or pan-fried. Cause deep fried takes away a lot of the doughy texture. Now I know why they deep fry it. Why? Cause the filling is so silky smooth. And it’s actually really nothing like your chinese dumplings at all. It tastes very multi-dimensional, it’s not just like one flat note. And then I love the sauce that comes with it. Ya it’s so nice! This one is actually a sriracha crema. So it’s like garlicky, it’s spicy, it’s smoky and it’s creamy. Ya and it goes really well with the whole deep fried skin. So now we’re gonna try the mushroom miso noodles! Which was actually recommended to us and that’s saying quite a lot because it’s a vegetarian option. Eh it looks like atas bak chor mee to me leh. Haha ya! C: A little, a little.
J: Without the bak (meat) la. Don’t forget to give it a good toss, you know. Coat every single strand with their miso sauce. Oh you know when it first came right, I was so amazed by how much fried shallots they put on top. Ya I love shallots eh! Same! Because like I’m big on flavour and texture Ya, and it really gives that extra depth to the- Oh my god! Maverick! Okay cheers! Even though it’s called miso mushroom right, surprisingly the first thing that hits you is how sweet it is. Mmm ya! I thought it’s gonna be a savoury dish, but no eh. And I think it’s from the braised mushrooms, which I really love eh. The texture is so soft and juicy. And it’s got a really nice mouthfeel. I love how the consistency of the sauce, is so smooth and thin that it coats every single strand of noodle right? And then even after you leave it for awhile, it won’t clump together. I don’t usually like yellow noodles, I’m a fan of like tang hoon, bee hoon that sort of noodles right? But this is quite nice cause it’s not like overly eggy in a way. I feel like it’s got a really nice springy bite to it. And I also love how there’s no alkaline taste at all. If you need an extra boost of protein, you can add $1.50 for the hanjuku egg. Cheers. Don’t cheers all the time la! People will be thinking, why do they cheers their food?! I wanted to cheers… So the egg is worth the $1.50 because it’s salty, it’s a nice contrast as compared to the sweet noodles. Ya, I would totally order it. In fact, I might just get 2 because I’m greedy like that. J: It’s damn nice what, right?
C: Yeah. Next up, we’re trying- Yay, next noodles! the braised pork noodles. It looks similar to the miso mushroom but the difference is they give you a huge amount of braised pork. And I also noticed that it’s lighter in colour, like less sauce, and like a bit dryer. But let’s see if the taste is still good. I feel that the pork is neither very stiff nor tender. It’s kind of like in between. It tastes exactly like how it looks like. Still on the drier side but I guess that what braised pork and pulled pork is like. It’s like the fat is meant to render for flavour. Let’s try if the porky flavours have went into the noodles instead. First impression is that it’s sweet again. J: Do you get it?
C: Yes. Actually I quite like a bit of sweetness in my food, so I don’t mind it. But I can imagine some people will not like it. Overall, I enjoyed the food over here. Like I really love the fried pierogi, cause it’s unique, it’s special, it’s novel. And it’s really delicious. And this one is really surprisingly sweet and savoury. And it’s $5 only! It’s like Amoy Street Food Centre price. I love bak chor mee ah, but if I’m feeling like bak chor mee but something different, I will come and eat this. And I feel like the ambience here, is really cosy cause it’s like quite dim. The reason why we’re sitting out here and not in the aircon right is cause it’s too dark inside to film la. But like, it’s very comfortable and I think it’s a good place to sort of like escape the heat. Our final location of the day is Chirashi King Kong, and it’s located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. So they sell really cheap Japanese rice bowls here. The cheapest is $7.90. And you know when we stepped in right, the first thing that hit us was the truffle smell! Oh ya sia, it was like super strong, it was like a punch to the face! But in a good way. Their rice right, they don’t serve plain white rice, no no no. They serve like truffle-infused rice. What eggs are these ah? Tobiko! Oh! And there’s also mushroom [in the rice]. We have 3 really popular dons here, which is the tuna don, the salmon don, and the salmon mentaiko don! And they offer light and regular sizes. [The light one] comes with 5 piece of sashimi, and then if you want to go for regular, it comes with 8. They also serve miso soup at a dollar! Eh that’s really really cheap! First bowl we’re gonna try is the salmon mentaiko bowl! Oh my gosh, I can’t wait eh! And this mentaiko sauce looks particular bright pink, I hope this means that it has a very strong flavour, and not just gonna taste like 80% mayo. They make [the mentaiko sauce] in-house, which is great. Because they kind of control the level of mayo they added. And I also like how they give the wakame (seaweed), the pickled ginger and also the jellyfish! And this bowl only costs $9.90! Under $10? Hell yes! It so soft, it’s almost as soft as the mentaiko sauce itself. Mmm! So it’s like totally melting in your mouth in a burst of flavours. It’s so good, oh my god. J: Eh Chiara, look there.
C: Huh what? Eh nooo! I like that it’s torched, because if it’s not torched then the mentaiko flavour would not be as nice without that smokiness. And actually I feel that it’s so much that it needs to go with the rice, because it’s very very strong. I really love the rice, I feel like it ticks all the right boxes for me. There’s the truffle taste, and then the rice is almost like a glutinous rice kind of texture. And then after that, you can taste the taste of mushroom and tobiko. I feel like this jellyfish and the seaweed really adds a needed sort of like texture and that kind of tartness to the dish right? It’s like a bit sour cause it’s pickled. Okay, if you like something more light, something au naturel (all natural), you can get their salmon rice bowl. It’s quite fresh, very sweet right actually. Even though it’s not the fatty cut, I still really taste the very nice salmon flavour. And the layer is very thick. And for $7.90? It’s probably the cheapest salmon sashimi don I have ever heard of. Right now, we’re gonna try the tuna rice bowl. Actually right, I was expecting it to be a bit tough, like chewy, but it’s very soft eh! Mm. I don’t remember tuna being this soft. Ya! Like usually I don’t like eating tuna also because it really reminds me of the cooked tuna which is very like flaky and fibrous. But this one is soft. It’s quite palatable for someone who does not eat tuna like me. Eh eh eh, don’t forget about the $1 miso soup! C: Come on!
J: Eh I wanna try leh. I heard that they use three different kinds of miso, for their miso soup. And there’s even a floating piece of salmon belly there! Wow. Very very good bang for your buck. Ooh! There is tofu, and seaweed, and also, I think onions? Gosh, I tried the salmon belly, it’s so good. It’s so soft! J: Now I really wanna try.
C: It’s almost as soft as the mentaiko salmon. And it’s so flavoured that it kinda tastes like it’s teriyaki salmon. Eh ya! Right? At first I was thinking, eh such a waste! Such a good salmon belly in the soup?! But when you try it, no it’s not wasted. Eh you try the soup. Very different from normal miso soup. It tastes slightly seafoody because of the fish. I feel like it’s a nice balance between sweet and salty. Okay. Ya sometimes miso soup is overly salty. J: Ya eh that’s true, that’s true.
C: This one is right smack in the middle. You know, I’m really impressed how you can find this place. Chirashi King Kong?! Hidden in this less appealing looking shopping mall as compared to the concrete jungle around eh. When I stepped in, I was like “chirashi here, sure bo?” Ya! But then ya, it really impressed me. I really love their truffle rice, I feel like it’s very mind blowing, from the taste to the unique texture itself. And I feel that overall it’s just really great value for money. So Jessica, what were your favourites? My favourite was without a doubt, Chirashi King Kong. Because that salmon mentaiko don with the truffle rice combo was so damn good! Yeah! Really blew me away. How ’bout yours? For me would be, Dumpling Darlings. Because it’s like $5++ for a bowl of noodles. And the ambience is so me! It’s so chill and so cool, from the neon dumpling sign to the little pig decals. It’s so cute! All in all, I think we visited 3 really good places today. Yeah, thanks for bringing me along! Of course, anytime! Ya, so thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs! If you like this video, or even if you didn’t like this video, there are tons of other awesome videos over here! Yes, and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye!

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