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Celebrating Moments in 2018: My Place Hotels Year in Review

The new additions that we’ve had in last
year affected the brand and improved the brand in that each new person that comes
along brings a new perspective. I think over the last few years as we’ve grown
from a few people to quite a few people now, what everyone has come to accept
it’s a new person’s perspective as they come in they’re always a little bit of
time where the person has to prove himself first and that at some point
everybody seems to be able to adopt what they have to add to the team and I think
that’s where the company ultimately finds growth In the six years since we built the very
first My Place, My Place hasn’t changed that much. We were one of the first
brands to promote a straightforward rate-tier that hasn’t changed with nightly,
weekly, and monthly rates. And our amenities haven’t changed much either.
Everything has really only improved and refined. Our processes have become more eloquent. Our team, more colorful and bright and they’re there with more team members and increased
bandwidth, happier and productive and able to see a full impact from their work. Remembering back a few years when Hotel Management first announced that they
would be recognizing women in the industry. I had taken a screenshot of
this recognition and let Ryan know our CEO that it was my personal goal for our
brand to be recognized for the industry and I remember it like it was yesterday.
It was a Wednesday afternoon and I received notice that I would be
recognized and one of Hotel Management’s 2018 Most Influential Women in the
industry, which was a very, very humbling experience for me. I really contribute it to the team of people I get to work with and to our franchisees and their operations team that we get to work with each and every day. I think I look forward most to the growth. It’s exciting because we’ve got 40-some locations. We’re looking at 100 more in this amount of time. Even though we’re growing fast, I think we’ve kept a handle on the smaller feel. We can quickly communicate with all the departments and get an answer today. Every day is a stand-out day here at My Place because we continue to grow and every
day there’s new opportunities that are presented. Whether it’s locations,
prospective franchisees, we never think of it in terms of anything rather than
another great day and another great opportunity to continue to grow this brand. We’ve grown tremendously since I first started Being here four years, we’ve learned a lot along the way. It transformed us into the brand we are continuing working with the company to
see where we go. I look forward to seeing where we’re at 5, 10 years down the road. What we often don’t recognize about
ourselves or the place that we live is how unique we are. Often times you look out
and see other places where people live see bigger cities and you see more
infrastructure and lots of business going on there’s so many different types
of people so many different demographics that they look at where we live here: small
town in the middle of the country, flyover state, whatever you want to call
it and you think wow you know working with missing out on but when people come
here and everybody after spending a day or two here as they leave they say wow
this place is so unique it’s such a different environment.
What a great setting for business. What a great setting for living and even
though it’s cold out in the winter, it’s a great place to be. I think as we stuck
today with 44 hotels opened in 21 states, as we look to 2019 with our pipeline
sitting where it is. We’re certainly looking forward to breaking
through to that 60 and 70 hotel mark during the course of this coming year
and the many new franchisees that will continue to be joining us

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