Cairo/ Giza: Local transport | Hotels | offline Maps | Tourist Hassles in Egypt (2018)

It’s almost 3 PM. I have arrived at Giza. Came in the bus behind me. Had left from Alexandria at 12:30 PM. My bus ticket costed 60 Egyptian Pounds. The journey takes about 2 to 3 hours. The road is quite scenic on the way. Only until reaching Giza, it get’s a bit weird. Now I have to go to my booked hotel near the Pyramids. I have understood how to reach my destination. From there I can get a bus. In two to three Pounds, I can reach my hotel near the Pyramids. On one side of the Nile River is Giza and on the other side is Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Probably this is the main road, from where I’ll get the bus. Dangerous traffic!! This looks like a bus terminal. Probably, I’ll get the bus from here. Since college, this is the first time that I’m sitting on the last seat and travelling in public transport. It’s 3:30 PM right now. And in India, 7 PM. I so wished to eat the corn, no wonder how much is it for! Will reach in 10 minutes! This is a small bus, called the mini-bus here in Giza. So if you’re exploring the city in these buses, the fare ran range from 1 to 4 Egyptian Pounds. As per the gentleman sitting beside me, Vodafone works well here. My primary usage is of that of internet to stay connected on WhatsApp and Facebook. The Pyramids!! I have been recommended Vodafone. Let’s see how it goes with me. That was also a public bus, a bigger one. Fare ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 Egyptian Pounds. There are the Pyramids! My hotel is 570 meters from here. The application that I’m using is It’s an offline map application. Had downloaded it before reaching Egypt. I had just entered the name of the hotel and it has indicated the location. From here probably, half a kilometer. Will go by walking. Pyramids!! And this is the traffic jam of Giza! Need to be careful here in Egypt. People insist a lot. This man was troubling me! Here, there are Pyramids Inn Motel and Pyramids Hotel. I had booked the Motel. But a few people are constantly trying to take me to the hotel. This is a weird place. Four different names around the same building. So much confusion! These are the stairs. Came up through them. This is the corridor and this is my room. In Bali, I was staying in a resort. This time, I am not staying in a hostel. I’ll tell you why in some time. This room costed me 1,200 Indian Rupees. I have to pay downstairs. I have booked this only for 1 night. You can see the Pyramids from here. Had booked via A basic room with all the necessary requirements. For the first night, I wanted to stay in a hotel. Then from the next few days, I’ll stay in hostels.Won’t be preferring couchsurfing on this trip. I’m on the terrace. Had seen some nice pictures on of this hotel and the surroundings and the reviews were good too. The Egyptian Pyramids! Probably that’s another hotel. A lot of hostels, guesthouses and hotels around here. The 1,200 that I’m paying also includes the breakfast. It’s 11 AM and my second day in Egypt. Here’s my review of the hotel. Had booked it for 1,100 Indian Rupees through Have checked out from here. Going to another place. Will be staying in Giza for today also. A few problems that’s why I’m shifting. WiFi was very poor. I couldn’t even see the comments on YouTube. Apart from that, I had to come to the reception for every small thing. And everyone was smoking! A very small bathroom, not at all good! The only good thing, it’s on the main road. It has a very nice view from the roof-top! A very bad thing, when I was making the payment yesterday, out of the 320 Egyptian Pounds that I paid, I was being given 20 back. And then being forced that I should give good ratings. Now I understand how this place earned a good rating on the website in spite of the poor services. Always remember that if something like this happens with you, do not listen to the people. Your reviews and ratings should be unbiased to help fellow travellers. They are not to please the hotel staff and the owners. How do I get away from this kid? Almost 1.1 kilometers from my last hotel. That man scolded the boy, so he ran away. A similar thing needs to be done when you see somebody troubling a foreign tourist in India. This looks so much like Rajasthan! This is the place where I’ll be staying today. This is the rooftop. Can see the Pyramids clearly! A lot of tourists here. My room is being arranged. I was interacting with a French tourist and hearing his Indian experiences. He is here from the last 5 days. Sit here, relax and interact with people from different countries and walks of life. He can speak Hindi! 100 Egyptian Pounds for 1.5 GB data & 150 Pounds for 3.5 GB data, Vodafone SIM. A bit salty, but it’s good. Since I am a foreigner, the rate for me is 120 Egyptian Pounds. For the locals, it is 10 Egyptian Pounds. He was happy to hear that I’m an Indian!

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  1. World Future says:

    Love from Pakistan. Bhai buhat achi video banayee

  2. VR Boss Bharti news says:

    वाह वाह क्या बात है भाई हर जगह घूम रहे हो हमें भी ले चलो कभी

  3. VR Boss Bharti news says:

    भाई 7 दिन कैसे रुक गए इतनी घटिया सिटी में pyramid देखना था आपको देखकर वापस हो जाते Yahan Ke Log bahut irritate कर रहे हैं बहुत घटिया लोग हैं ना

  4. A K says:

    Hats off to your honesty sir.. you told truth about your motel ratings..

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  6. Megu ayanyang kuyang says:

    Indian is better than egypt……but regarding scams…both are same….must change

  7. Megu ayanyang kuyang says:

    Mumbai mai meko 10 bacche neh preshaan kiya tah paise maang maang ke…

  8. Raisa Salim says:

    Looks like and under developed country.

  9. JOSCOINDIAN says:

    16:21 यह छत प्रिंस ऑफ पर्सिया गेम में देखा था ।यार कमाल है।👍👍
    पर वो ईरान में है।

  10. Hungama Updates says:

    bhai aapna kaise yea kathor nath aur aanjana duniya guma. kise na mardiya hotha tho

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    Background music is also fantastic!!!

  13. hafiz abdulali says:

    Love you from balochistan pak

  14. Kal or Aaj says:

    yaaq ketna bora hai abhi chand din phaly turkey gai thi..ab ya video isliy dekh rahi thi k next yahan aaongi..laykin ab nahi..

  15. Ritu Satmukhi says:

    Big fan of yours

  16. united states of Islam says:

    india jaisa hai 😂😂😂😂 egypt

  17. Nasid Mustaq says:

    peoples, buildings, streets everything very similar to India

  18. Amghannam says:

    How expensive is public transportation and accommodation in India, compared to Egypt?
    Also am I the only Egyptian watching this? lol

  19. Ayushi Parekh says:

    Heyyy, I'm already in Egypt with my brother. Currently I'm in Alexandria. Can you please suggest me to visit Cairo, Giza on my own or through a travel agent ? Is it convenient to travel on own ?

  20. Bhawani Singh says:

    Sir very good ur gerat yeah tone baut achi kya name sir

  21. Jaideep singh Singh says:

    Ye dislike wale pta nahi kyu…. Eisa to kuch bhi nahi hai… Bahut hi achi intresting video hai.. Thank you bhai..

  22. My Thoughts says:

    Egyptian are wrost peoples in the world

  23. Sridharan M says:

    Bgm from Pirates of the Caribbean!

  24. Rahul Malhotra says:

    Bhiya hi me students Hu ap apki HR video dekhta Hu or Delhi se Hu jank Puri se

  25. Arindam Manna says:

    Thanks to you.. For video🎥

  26. ATG says:

    U didn't tell what happened in hostel that u took hotel this time

  27. Akshay kapoor says:

    News aaegi ek din

  28. Surya Dubey says:

    I just love the way you talk…. 😍

  29. G MAX gamer says:

    Bkar si jagha h Egypt🇪🇬

  30. Akash Potdar says:

    background music kya hai janab?

  31. Diah Fahma says:

    How to get egypt card for cellphone and get internet access

  32. p.k. Chikade says:

    At 18:2 wooh i saw auto…hamara india ka auto

  33. S SN QN says:

    I have to say some of your videos have been good where you truly get along with locals, but this video is a bit cringeworthy. It appears you are attempting to make it appear as if you don't mind speaking with locals but in reality it's more like you're just bothering local Egyptian people on the street with directions and forcing them to speak English when they don't want to. The fact that you ask them a quick question and then proceed to face the camera speaking Hindi is a bit rude. You'll realize that most travel vloggers immerse themselves in the culture but you on the other hand care only for your Indian Hindi speaking audience. You'll ask an Egyptian a quick question in English and then immediately after start speaking Hindi to the camera. The people you spoke to feel used.

  34. Parth Sharma says:

    while watching This Egypt trip i was continuously afraid that something wrong will happen to you. coz all the people look scammers here

  35. The Ranting Kaur says:

    I have an opportunity of taking up a one month long externship in egypt. Do u think it's worth going there? Is the environment similar to India? Or better?

  36. hikmat says:

    That kid is offering woman to varun, and he doesn't understand at all, sounds funny to me lol

  37. samina patel says:

    Yahan k loag helpful bohot hain…

  38. samina patel says:

    Abb prices bhar gaey hain minimum 5 egp hay abb

  39. samina patel says:

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  41. Amazing videos videos says:

    Varun You are all videos too good bro

  42. HEMANT MEENA says:

    Real tourister .. great

  43. Quy Phan says:

    Egypt's tourist is very bad. We have to pay a lot more cost & fee & tip and cheats from local grocery vendor from Giza to Luxor. Cost of spending & traveling in Egypt is very expensive, eventhough thân cost to travel to US or Europe or Japan.

  44. SIRAJ Shaikh says:

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  45. Aman Pop says:

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  46. Singh Vlogs says:

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  48. Primer Timer says:

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    The country looks so scary and creepy to travel alone like that.

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    you have to know that in arabic countries kissing each other is a way of saying hello to each other.

  53. Dr Raman Sharma says:

    even in bollywood they follow it but not in western countries

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    Kindly make the video regarding philpions traveling. Because u speak clear and regarding traveling.thank yu.
    I m from himachal pardesh.
    I have not seen yur philpions videos.

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    Achi jaga nehi hai. Bacha is chakar mein tha kai gopro ley ker bhag jai.

  57. Dong Johnson says:

    Would a white American be safe there? I see the groupon and want to get it but don't know if it's safe

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    Got addicted to your videos sir absolutely loving it .Egypt looks just like india😂

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    2:45, These Kind Of Buses Reminds Me Of Miramar Map In PUBG…. 😂😂

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    I like to explore places on my own like you do.. Sri lanka is the one i did on my own.. Awesome experience

  68. Smart Faheem Ansari Exclusive says:


  69. J R says:

    Did you have to register with Tourist Police or something when you arrived in Egypt? The information about it is very unclear and confusing

  70. Omprakash Kumar says:

    France ka trip kab karenge?

  71. Good Boy says:

    can female stay in hostel

  72. Blazing Heads says:

    Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure are the names of the Pharaohs who built these Pyramids.

  73. Bir Singh says:

    Yeh monhinjdaro lag raha hai

  74. Nagesh Naidu says:


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    Hi Varun, your videos are so lucid and informative.

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