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Butter Chicken Recipe 2 – Butter Chicken – Restaurant Recipes – By VahChef @

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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today in the morning
while I was checking my mails this there was a request from this young lady named Vijaya asking me to make butter chicken immediately and wrote back Vijaya! What about your recipes and in next one hour she posted two recipes and then she wrote back to me Sanjay,
i did my bargain and I posted my recipes and now it is to you to keep your promise so I had to open the studio immediately
shoot this recipe for her so please take that example this site is not mine
the site is yours I if you post more recipes more people can benefit from them you know the other day one young lady posted egg plant and poppy seed recipe we call it Vankai gasagasalu it’s a wonderful recipe I’m going to try
that recipe also on the show so today we will learn how to make this famous butter chicken see this butter chicken is made many ways i’m going to show you
at least two three ways how to make the butter chicken maybe next time when i make i’ll make it
a two minute butter chicken for this what did I cut chicken into nice strips because we don’t want the big pieces of chicken for butter chicken usually we use
tandoori chicken and remove the boneless pieces of it and then make the gravy and
add into it so we’re going to duplicate that just I added a little bit ginger garlic paste to this i’m going to add a little bit of
chili powder and a little bit of coriander powder and little bit of salt
see what we’re going to do we’re going to fry this chicken if you want you can put it in the oven
also otherwise you know i’m going to fry in little oil and i’m going to make the
gravy also in that once your pan is hot add some oil we’re going to put this up chicken
pieces I’m not cooking the chicken fully I’m
just sauteeing little bit and giving a texture so when i add it to the gravy it’s taste even more beautiful there
are two reasons why I cook the chicken like this before i added to the gravy
see if you add raw chicken to your gravy the chicken oozes out lot of water and
that gives a totally different texture and not to ooze out any water from the raw chicken we cook the chicken first and then we
make the gravy and then add the chicken to the gravy remove this cooked chicken separately you should see this pan has got all the
brown masala that is stuck to we’re going to use that in making the
sauce what we’re gonna do we’re going to add some cumin seeds and then add onions and a little bit of ginger garlic paste we are going to take this masala that is
stuck lightly Brown in this by adding a little
bit water you know a lot of times when they
make sauces for the steaks and all the things they grill the meat and then they add some nice butter and everything and then they extract all them little bit
slightly browned particles because they consist lot of flavor so that is what we are going to do not
know if you see all this brownie mixture that was sticking at the bottom came up easy like coriander powder and add
some pieces of cashew nuts to this and little bit of red chilli powder and add kasturi methi that is the fenugreek leaves powder just make it a
little bit powder like this and add it I love to have add little bit green chilli
if you want to add, add it because anyway green chilli is going to disappear
into the gravy add all the tomatoes now after adding Tomatoes you know this is very flavorful but what
we’re going to do we want to make a nice paste out of this so what we’re going to do is we’re going to cover it up and then we’re going to cook slowly see the reason why we need to cook these
Tomatoes very well done because when i blend it and make a fine
paste you don’t want to see the traces of tomato or onion in it so cook it really good when I make a paste should blend very nicely ok now I think i boiled them enough
so what I’m going to do I’m going to make a very fine paste of this now I want i’m going to put this in my
blender who friends remember one thing I poured hot
liquid in this do not switch on right away because we can burstinto steam and you can burn yourself let it cool down actually in the pan little bit and then add to this and then blend it and then you know add some butter to a
hot pan the chicken if there is any water that was oozed out we’re going add that and to this we’re going to add the tomato puree after we add this paste you know make it
little bit thinner because once we add some more cream to this it’ll get little bit thicker we’re going to make it little bit thinner see you want your butter sauce to very silky and it should not be thick also it should be
medium consistency so keep little water on the side and adjust the consistency
add some salt it’s already tasting that makhani taste now look at the sauce it is beautiful silky but what is missing
is our nice makhani sauce color you know just by tomatoes you cannot
get that color by tomatoes you usually get a little bit slightly mild orange if you don’t want to add color you don’t
but i want to give that restaurant effect so I’m going to add two drops at a time
ok and mix it oh now i get this beautiful makhani color lot of you may not know but in the hotels and the restaurants we add a little bit of
sugar to our makhani sauce don’t add too much very little bit of
sugar and that gives that nice sweety taste that a lot of this butter chicken that
you eat in the restaurants have you know i want to tell you one little secret that lot of chefs in US and England i’ve seen in lot of these restaurants
but I haven’t seen this chefs using in India but here they had and I see the
test even more better and it gives a very nice texture to butter chicken that
is they add little bit of tomato ketchup ok you watch this don’t evertell anybody that Chef Thumma or Vahchef as shown you this okay you can just add a little bit of tomato ketchup not much very little it gives that tangy and nice flavor ok now you know our
butter chicken gravy is ready what we’re going to do we’re going to
add half a cup of cream ok once you add cream the color gets little milder i’m going to finish it off by adding the chicken oooo…..yamma yama you can see this butter chicken is beautiful you can see the pieces very well cooked
in the sauce don’t finish it off in a hurry taste it
two three times this butter chicken you need to give that finishing tasty
touch and when everything is done just add a little garam masala powder if your kids are eating don’t add too much garam masala you know because kids love this preparation because it’s got nice buttery taste and it’s nicely sweet
little bit sour and you know don’t try to get this color right away from tomatoes
because when you try that you know the butter chicken will become
very sour and it’s not good you want a very sourness and mild
sweetness with nice kasuri methi and the butter flavor is coming out ok now look at the thickness of the sauce also the sauce texture has to be nice silky and beautiful and really
really hot. This sauce will be so tasty that you dip your naan into this
little bit of the sauce and you eat it it’s oh.. I hope you all enjoyed learning
to cook this butter chicken with your VahChef and i’m sure many of you will try
this and trust me if you make this right as i showed your kids we go
crazy and they want this many times in a week and also i want to tell vijaya that I rest order this butter chicken just for you use put the recipe to the
morning by evening i put this video up so I
request you all to post your recipes at so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you

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